Where Do You Host Your Site, And How Do You Like It?

By Daniel Scocco

Choosing the right web hosting company for your blog/website is quite important, as if you go with a not-so-reliable one you might end up with slow loading times, frequent hacks, software problems and so on.

But how exactly do you evaluate hosting companies? Trusting information you see around the web is tricky, as most people are affiliates for one company or another, and they want you to sign-up so they can earn a commission.

That is why I figured it could be useful to get the opinions directly from the people hosting blogs and websites (i.e., our readers), where no affiliate commissions are involved.

So here’s my question for you: Where do you host your site or blog, and how do you like it? Please answer it with a comment below.

I’ll compile the answers in a list and publish the results over the coming weeks. Thanks in advance for everyone who will participate.


87 Responses to “Where Do You Host Your Site, And How Do You Like It?”

  • Doug

    I’ve been using 1and1 for 5+ years. not the best customer support. but their stuff doesn’t break. when it is something on their end. they’re on top of it.

  • Pd3244

    I host @ Dreamhost … solid uptime and I’ve had fantastic responce from tech support each time I contacted them (only 2 or 3 times in the last 3 years ). Only negative was I let my account lapse and I felt they held my domain registries hostage until I paid for more hosting. Wish access to domain management was more separate… beat great host. Wouldrecomend to others.

  • Jerry

    I use HostGator and love it – awesome customer support and solid uptime make them a no-brainer imo

  • John

    I’ve used over recent years, Site 5, Dreamhost, and Hostgator all of which have been quite good.

    Site 5 had a 24 hour downtime a few years ago when a server died, but otherwise no problems at all. Nice and fast load time.

    Dreamhost is perhaps a little slow loading some sites, but otherwise solid hosting. The only time I had to user customer service, it was fast and helped me greatly. I can also run RoR 3.1 on shared with a bit of tweaking, which is good for me.

    Hostgator is new to the party for me, but so far no issues at all. Everything works as it should. RoR however, is still in 2.n land.

  • Marija

    I am hosting my site with AtlasHosting. I am very satisfied with their service and customer support. It takes them minutes to solve an issue, at least that has been the case so far. However, it is pricey!

  • Ankur

    Hostgator – Full marks to them for friendly customer support, almost 100% uptime. Highly recommended.

    Dreamhost – Rude customer support. Heavy downtime. Stay away from them.

    (I track all my sites using a monitoring service. )

  • Abhinav Sonkar

    I have been using Doreo Web Hosting since over 2 years now and I am completely satisfied with their services. Downtime is almost NIL. The price level is also comfortable for most users.

    Earlier I had been on FutureQuest for over an year and that was good as well, though a bit costly for its services.

    I had moved to Fused Network prior to Doreo but had a very bad experience with them. I have detailed it here: http://www.abhinavsonkar.com/2008/09/29/shifted-to-doreo-web-hosting-fused-network-sucks/


  • Abhijeet Mukherjee

    I use Knownhost VPS and been very satisfied with them so far. I have used Hostgator in the past and they weren’t bad either. However, in the 5-6 hosts I have used in the last few years, Knownhost has the best customer support.

  • Stephanie Watson

    I use Mom webs. They are really awesome mostly because of their excellent customer service. I don’t know how Scott does it but I’ve actually had him answer my panicked emails at 2am when I accidentally deleted my own website. He fixed it back in no time from a server back up. He’s very helpful.

    I also use Hostgator, but I get far and better service from Momwebs. It’s the kind of old fashioned service we all used to get before off-shoring of call centers and customer service functions. Every time I’ve gotten issues resolved within hours via email and typically issues I have are my own and not the company at all.

    I wish all hosting companies could have this kind of customer service.

  • Jon Arve

    I have a Norwegian blog and rely on a dedicated server from hetzner.de. Super bang for the bucks if you can administer your own server.

  • Raghu

    I was with dream host for 3.5 years and moved to vps.net 4 months back.

    Litespeed with APC, w3tc and auto server scaling had uptime of 99.88%. Which is less than 1 hour downtime in 30 days.

    Also I wanted to learn some web server admin functions.

  • Jackie Sheeler

    Dreamhost for a few years now, and I love them. the two WORST hosts I ever dealt with were Hostway & Network Solutions. run screaming from those losers.

  • Ruth Callejas

    I host my site at Dot5hosting. Until a few months ago, I was very happy with their service. Now I am seriously thinking about moving to another hosting company. Why? In a word everything has slowed down, longer load time for website, longer time for support to answer. In short the hosting company I was very happy with has now become almost usless.

  • Brad

    Been using Bluehost for years and have never had a problem with anything.

  • John Pope

    I use Hostgator’s VPS service. It’s running OK most of the time and I’m OK with their support too.

    From the hosting companies I’ve tried up until now I love Dreamhost the most, but I hate their custom cPanel.

  • James

    I have been with Dreamhost since 2006, host several domains/sites with them and have had a great service experience and very a important point have experienced no downtime. Their support response time is as advertised and i have always received answers that work with my services related questions. Everything just works and they keep their apps and software tools current. I have no qualms recommending them to others.

  • Bonnie

    I’ve used Hostmonster for years. My background is customer service and their support is amazing. Both in chat and in 24 hour phone calls to real people who assist with both the mundane and the panic moments. Downtime has been minimal. I host numerous sites with them and have never thought of changing. I’d been with 1&1, Go Daddy, Network Solutions over the years and was never satisfied with the response time/quality.

  • Amy Schmittauer

    I have been with Site 5 for two of my websites since last September and I love them! I have never experienced downtime (although I’m sure it happens) and the loading time for my website is great. They are more than helpful when I need to take care of stuff on the backend and usually when I get to the point of utter frustration, they just do it for me. It’s great to know they are there to support me when I need it and the price I pay every month is minimal and worth every penny!

  • Irfan

    I use hostgator – why? Not because they are paying well with its affiliate but the service they provide is awesome, 24 hour customer support makes solve everything in seconds. Highly recommend!

  • Knup

    I host my site(s) at both hostgator and hostmonster. I used to have a dedicated server but it seemed like overkill. So scaled back a shared solution and have been very happy. Less headaches and performance still seems there. Hostgator is getter then hostmonster in my opinion.

  • Kang Yudiono

    I have been using Doreo since January 2011. I like Doreo because fast loading and great up time. Unfortunately, their cost is not cheap.

  • ES

    Of course, the linked blog is on Blogger – No doubt its too good 🙂 But a couple of my other blogs are on Bluehost. Both the service and their customer support is quite good.

  • Modern Saver

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned BlueHost yet. I have been hosting my sites there for years. They provide a ton of value for the price, including good customer support.

  • Nancy Hendrickson

    I use a smaller company AlphaOmegaHosting.com. They are incredibly good – fast response – always get any issue fixed within a couple of hours or sooner. I like dealing with a company with outstanding customer service.

  • Prisqua

    I was using Servage for over 4 years, then one day, my blogs crashed and I realized that the only way I could get in touch with them was by email. They always have been pretty quick to answer so obviously in the 4 years I was with them it was not a big issue until a big incident happened and all my sites were down for over 48hrs.

    So I got half of my blogs hosted on IX. I absolutely love their customer support. I am in the UK at the moment and since I have a USA subscription on Skype, every-time I have had an issue on my blogs, I have called them and their support is by far the best. But the up time of my sites was really not impressive and my sites crashed a few times.

    After reading 100s of reviews about hosting companies and asking my friends, I decided to try Hostgator with my second best blog and I have been pretty happy with them except I think their customer support sucks. I called them a few times but I find the online chat to be more helpful though it depends on who you chat with.

  • Dr. Bob Clarke

    Host Gator — very reliable and the support is excellent.

  • THomas


    *$10 per month for unlimited hosting.
    *Great Customer Support

    One time I crashed my website. Well one quick call to Hostgator and they restored the files in a day. Yes it cost me $15 but that was well worth it as the website alone took weeks to build.

  • Lesa Dale

    I use Mom Webs. They are really awesome. $10 month and Scott is always there to answer any silly question or solve any panic moment. I have multiple sites hosted on my account. I’ve been with them for 5 years and would not go with anyone else!

  • John

    I’m the oddball who hosts on his own ubuntu server at home. It’s “free” (still pay for electricity), but risky because it’s subject to the whims of my own hardware and internet connection. But my blog is just for family stuff, not monetary, so it suits my needs.

  • Bob Stanke

    I use Squarespace – excellent platform for quick blog implementation.

  • Kristoffer

    Now I understand that I am not supposed to participate in this, but I’ll do it anyway. The reason being I’m a provider myself. I find that WebHostingTalk is a very good forum, where you can get an honest host recommendation because they do not allow affiliate links there, and they have a very active moderator team that validate the reviews and so on.

    Where you should host your site really depends on your requirements. If it just is a wordpress blog with not too many visitors, shared hosting would be fine. There are many shared hosts that generally get good reviews on WHT. MDD Hosting, HawkHost, StableHost is just a few.

    I have personally tried RailsPlayground’s developer hosting (shared hosting), which has been a fantastic experience for me.

    I tend to avoid unlimited hosts simply because I believe in knowing how much I can use – not some hidden limit.

  • jibran

    well i use webhosting buzz and its good
    i wonder nobody above mentioned webhosting buzz

  • Javier

    I’ve been using Awardspace for the last 3+ years. Good customer support but I have to deal with some downtimes. Anyway is a good hosting 🙂

  • Aurelia Williams

    I use Mom webs and couldnt be happier! They are reasonably prices, offer great services and their customer service is top notch! They are really reliable and I have never had an issue with them at all and have been with them for years! They have solid uptime and did I mention their awesome customer service (smile)

  • deric

    wiredtree here. they are not the best but get’s the job done when you need them.

  • Josh Surber

    I have been on nearlyfreespeech.net for a few months now, since I grew tired of 1&1 (who’s shared hosting sucks). NFSN is a great host for a small blog; they are pretty fast and reliable, and inexpensive if you don’t have a lot of stuff. Rather than charging by the month, though, they charge by usage, so if you use several GB of bandwidth or drive space, you may find it quite expensive.

    They also require familiarity with *nix, so if you are used to pretty online control panels, they aren’t for you. But they are the best host I’ve ever had.

  • Sarvanshu

    Well I currently host my 3 main blogs on shared Hostgator hosting as my blogs get only 500-1k hits per day , as the load is low its fine for me now. I hope the load gets high and I will move to a VPN hosting.

  • Alice Elliott

    I use JustHost.com because they use Fantastico for WordPress.org set up and they are very good at responding to questions and sorting out problems. I am very happy to recommend them to anybody.

  • Jaan Kanellis

    I love HostGator.

  • neo

    I use serverfreak so far that company rock, good customer support, lightning fast technical team. for non techie guy like me what they provide so far is the best

  • Bill

    Hostgator. Great customer support. Their online help is extremely responsive. They had suggestions that worked for me when I was getting spammed enough that caused them concern. They notified me and we worked out the solutions.

    They don’t bug you with a bunch of frilly stuff or try to trick you into buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need, unlike a domain registrar that rhymes with “No Paddy”.

    I’ve had billing issues that were my fault and they were proactive in contacting me to resolve.

    I have not run into any speed issues with them. They did suggest using a couple speed tools for testing but I can’t remember the name of them right now.

    So, I’m a happy Hostgator camper.

  • Paula Mooney

    I’ve used Dreamhost since 2007 to host nearly 30 websites.

    I moved to private servers on Dreamhost when my sites traffic grew a lot. I still like them pretty much, because they are almost all I know.

    I also have another Dreamhost account — and then I have a new website on Bluehost.

    The thing about Bluehost that made me angry was that not only do you pay $10 or whatever for the dot com name, but also another $10 if you want the registrant information to remain private, and not list your home address and stuff.

    Dreamhost gives you all that for free! For just $10, that is. You don’t have to pay 20 bucks for one site if you don’t want your website registrant info lists.

    So Bluehost might be great, yet when you’re talking webmasters with 200 niche sites, that cost adds up. But at least it’s all tax deductible.

  • Grant Hughes

    Hostgator. As mentioned previously the customer service is top rated and the uptime is great. They may be more expensive for some things such as VPS but you know your websites are in good hands.

  • John Soares

    Hostgator. I’ve had no problems with them, and the few times I did call, I got a knowledgeable and friendly person in Texas who gave me great help.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    I host my blog on Securesignup.net and I use them due to the quality of the service they offer. They are also super responsive and they have the best customer service experience I have ever seen.

  • Matt Gio

    I’ve used several hosting companies in the past including IPower, StartLogic and Rackspace, but Hostgator is the one I use now. I must say that Hostgator has been the best for normal use, like starting a blog. I also deal with Rackspace for a larger web application and there customer service is top-notch, but you get what you pay for.

    I highly recommend hostgator especially if you are hosting a wordpress site. It’s extremely quick and the price is right.

  • Tammi Kibler

    I have hosting with HostGator and GoDaddy.

    I am extremely happy with HG. Fantastico on the control panel is very user friendly, and the two or three times I have had an issue I got great customer service.

    I had an unhappy experience with GD last month. The first representative basically told me to read my own code and solve my own problem. I called back, and the second rep was much more helpful. We solved my problem in less than five minutes. In general, the user interface is less friendly than Fantastico IMO.

  • Sridhar Katakam

    Used to host at HostGator. Switched to Hostable when they started offering 3 yrs free hosting. Once the 3 yr deal is over, will switch to HostGator.

  • Laura

    I host all sites through BlueHost and have been very happy with performance and tech support. Their pricing seems favorable as well.

  • Brian

    I use Hostmonster and have found them pretty fantastic — US-based tech support that actually answers the phone, and they put up with my 20k visit/day hog on my $7/month account. No real downtime to speak of.

    Nothing but great experiences with them. Hear great things from fellow bloggers about Hostgator and Dreamhost.

  • doug_eike

    HostGator has been excellent, expecially their live chat. You can reach a live representative in less than a minute, and the answers are informed and accurate. The price is right, as well.

  • Eating in Bed

    I currently use Bluehost and have yet to have any problems, their customer service is great, when the Amazon Associates plugin crashed after they canceled the program in LA my site went down and Bluehost had it back up within the hour with a full error report and solutions. I also enjoy their awstats, but I wish their email was better.

  • steve

    Surpasshosting, Knownhost VPS and Dreamhost! Nothing but great experiences with them!

  • Lynda

    My website is hosted by Godaddy and it’s never gone down in the 3-1/2 years I’ve had it. Very happy with them, although formatting text isn’t the easiest. My blog is hosted by WordPress, and so far I’m really happy with them, but I’ve only had it for about a month.

  • Larry Mosher

    I use hostgator. HostGator works flawlessly with WordPress. Their customer support is second to none. They are fast to answer the phone and the live chat is as close to no waiting I suspect it can get. I host several websites with hostgator for years, no complaints come to mind.

  • Darryl Burma

    I host all of my blogs with a company that is owned by a long time friend of mine. I couldn’t imagine hosting my sites anywhere else. I use ultra fast and reliable dedicated servers only and if there are ever any technical issues, no matter what time of day it is, tech support staff is always easy to reach 24/7.

    I get a descent price plan too and have unlimited everything, that includes bandwidth, emails, databases the list goes on and on.

  • Paul Odtaa

    I used to use Doreo from your recommendation quite a few years ago. They were pretty good – the uptime was good, and sites load very fast, (I think they use an upgraded Apache server – Litespeed), – the support very helpful.

    Main problem was that every now and then I’d trip their security and all the sites on my reseller got blocked. This process has been improved and you can reset it yourself.

    I decided to move as the webspace and bandwidth is fairly low compared to some others hosts. The other reason I moved is that they stopped their affiliate scheme and I wanted to be hosted by a company I could recommend and make some cash off.


    I’ve probably had a worse experience than most. I had my sites down twice for maintenance and I experienced slow loading now and then for a period of two months. I suspected that I may have been on a server with a different high activity host.

    Things seem to be getting better and I probably will use them as an affiliate.

    One thing their support is excellent and the response is fast and very thorough.

    One niggle, which I never get around to reporting to support, is that they do not allow you to have an email address that is the default forwarder. So I used to have a system where say I subscribe to a newsletter eg technewsletter dailyblogtips I would subscribe as @technewsletter @dailyblogtips etc so if I didn’t like technewsletter I could automatically delete it – this process also allowed me to identify newsletters that give me email address to other users and spammers. I can then easily block them.

    As a result I have kept one site on doreo until I can work out a deal with Hostgator.


    This is a relatively cheap UK host. The email support service is reasonably good.

    They have their own system, rather than use cpanel, which offers a wide range of free software, similar to other systems, but sometimes the configuration is non-standard.

    Also their security system was a bit irritating.


    If Doreo gave more webspace and bandwidth and had an affiliate service I would go back to them. Now I’ll probably stay with Hostgator if the service stays reliabel.

  • Courtney Engle

    Hostgator, and love their service. Great tech support, easy to navigate dashboard, wind-powered facility, and no sleazy marketing. Also – no upsells.

  • wally

    Blue Mile VPS … NO down time and fast speed.

  • Leonidas

    I use 1and1.com
    and I like it

    I have had no downtime for my site of any of my blogs

  • Marya | Writing Happiness

    I use dream host and their support is pretty good – something I often need as I am quite technically challenged. Can’t compare to anything else though as these guys are the only ones I have been with.

  • Anthony

    I am using hostgator for a couple of years now, great customer support. super cheap price for a great service.

    When I started blogging I used lunarpages but that was a nightmare my blog is down 2 to 3 times a week. They say that my site is a resource hog. Resource hog? I only have 2 plugins and has only 20 visits a day. What’s crazy is that I already transferred my site to hostgator and removed my files a couple of days and they still continue to mail me that my site is eating too much resources.

  • Harrison Li

    Hostgator definitely, support is the most important, plus it can be about technical stuff like how to set up a ftp or why wordpress something doesn’t work, they’ll still help you ahaha easy peasy help

  • Doug Wojtczak

    I have been using Hostgator since 2006. I have had very little downtime and the two problems that I had, in the last five years, were resolved within 15 minutes of opening a support ticket.

  • James

    I have used a variety of different hosting providers and have switched about every 6 – 12 months. I love where I am hosting now and will continue to do so for some time to come.

    I currently host my sites with Amazon EC2. I love to have complete control over the server software and to design the custom configuration from the ground up. My web site has never been faster loading than it is now, and I think Amazon’s network has played a big part in that. I am in the process of a redesign utilizing Drupal and configuring the server for even better performance.

  • Rohit Sharma

    I have been using Netfirms!

    Though it gets down for maintenances once in a blue which they intimate in advance.

    In the nutshell I am quite happy about the service they provide 🙂

  • Meraj Khattak

    I have used DreamHost and some others in the past years.

    Now I have been using Netfirms from the last 2.5 years. I am pretty much satisfied with them.

    In a hosting company I look for QoS and Support. I believe after QoS, Support is very crucial. In case I am having some issues, I expect the hosting provider to provide me a quick response / solution.

  • Sabrina

    I use HostGator. I think that they are a great hosting company. They’re inexpensive and they have good customer service.

  • Umesh

    I used to use Godaddy. Sever is really slow and it’s almost impossible for nontech users to navigate through Godaddy control panel. Customer support is bad.

    Then I switched to HostGator. So far so good. Fast server and almost 99% uptime and customer support is excellent.

    +1 HostGator

  • Vijay Sharma

    I use VPS.net’s Virtual servers with Nginx running as reverse proxy while Apache does the heavy lifting with help of W3TC and Memcache. I am pretty happy with the performance I am getting.

  • Tuan

    I’ve been using both JustHost and HostGator and they both provide great service. I am satisfied with both of them and don’t intend to change hosting service at the moment.

  • Ahmad

    I use Hostgator for my personal sites and also have Justhost reseller plan.

  • Adriano Geek


  • jorge jacobo

    Hi! I wasn’t going to comment but then I thought why not! Have you guys ever heard of 3ix ? Well you can get hosting for one site for just one dollar a month.

    Out of 5 websites, 1 is still with them.

    It works, but the ftp service is terrible. You have to try like 10 times, ha ha.

    Anyways, I use Hostgator , so far I am ok.

  • Dionne White

    I use a local provider, Firm Software Solutions. They are located within 15kms of my business. Was trying to sort something out with an Australian national provider but they were hopeless and I kept getting passed around and confused and their customer service in set up was non existant.
    Firm Software Solutions are brilliant, always at the end of the phone and even turned up at my business to help with really tricky stuff when I was just starting out with this online malarky. He is not cheap but is worth every cent I pay.

  • Stylo

    I have Hostgator Reseller from last over 4 Years.. Working cool for me.. I’m Web Designer All my clients sites are up there.

  • Movie Mantra

    i have few sites with various hosts.

    i will give 5/5 to Liquidweb,Known Host,Stable Host.
    4/5 to Hawk Host,Hostgator

  • Raj @ Social Media Guide

    I am using HostMonster from last 2 years and quite happy with their services, I recommend them to my visitors..

  • Lalit

    My site is hosted at zoom webhosts and it is hosted there for lasy 7 months. Although it is quite good and I will rate them as 4/5. Recommend them.

  • Neil Johnson

    I use 2 hosts and one is definitely better than the other for some things but lags behind on others.

    There are multiple domains on Hostgator, which can sometimes be a little slow, but the customer service is superb.

    I have another with TSOhost and I would recommend these if you are only going to have a single domain attached as the space and bandwidth limits can be a little frustrating for the medium package, but it is tremendous value.

  • Mikey Chlanda

    I use hostgator – great service, fast responses to problems, haven’t noticed any significant downtime.

  • kamel

    I used 1and1 for the last 2 years. It was my first web hosting, it went all Great……until they have decided to increase my plan from £10/month to £15/month!!! Of course they added some extra features……useless for me! So i have switched to Hostgator. No regrets up to now! 🙂

  • Exabytes

    I host my website and my blog with Exabytes.SG which is a hosting provider from Singapore.
    i having an e-commerce store and a blog as my primary income with that host.
    Currently i using Linux VPS. What i concern with a hosting provider are:
    1) 99.9 percent uptime
    2) good customer service
    3) nice follow up from customer service
    4) professional technical service
    5) reasonable price

    Usually the hosting provider cause me feel comfortable with every good service and efficient solution provided .
    So i feel that my current hosting provider is reliable enough.

  • Jeff Goins

    Site5 – It’s OK, but I’ve had a few bumps in the road.

  • Drew

    Have been hosting our church website at BlueHost with no visible down time over the past 4 years. Reasonable update (mysql, php…) cycle. Excellent customer support and forum. SSH is standard along with Cpanel services. Currently migrating the site from CMSMS to WordPress with no issues.

  • Micheal Pope

    I have hosting with HostGator and GoDaddy.

    I love HostGator

  • blonok

    Hostgator – Full marks to them for friendly customer support, almost 100% uptime. Highly recommended.

    Dreamhost – Rude customer support. Heavy downtime. Stay away from them.

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