Where to Find Images for Your Blog

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

“Where do you find images for your blog?” That is a question that I get asked quite often, therefore I decided to write about it.


The interesting thing is that the quality and sophistication of the images that I use grew gradually with my blogging experience. When I started blogging, I would just use Google Image Search. Some of those images were really awful, and some were even copyrighted. I used them nevertheless, thinking that both my readers and the authors would not care that much…

Over the time I discovered better places to find images. Royalty-free ones, which is more important. Below you will find 3 sources that I use often.


I started using iStockphoto (referral link) only recently because I was reluctant to pay for images. “There are free resources out there, why should I pay then?” That was my reasoning, but I changed my mind after taking a look at the quality and variety of their database.

For most blogs the small format will suffice, and they cost $1 a pop. I think that is a reasonable price, specially if you consider that the quality of the images can separate your blog from the pack.


Burst offers free stock photos for everyone. Unlike other platforms that claim photos are free but impose hidden restrictions (on commercial use for example), Burst is different. Burst was designed with business owners in mind. Powered by Shopify, Burst offers users 1000’s of attribution-free photos, which means you aren’t required to credit Burst or the photographer. Use their high-quality images for any personal or commercial project, whether it’s images on your website, blog, online store, school projects, social media campaigns, client work, and beyond.


While I like iStockphoto, I also like to save money. Most of the times before going to their site I will check some free resources to see if I can find a suitable image. My favorite one is Stock.Xchng.

The site has a smaller database, but the quality of the images is good enough. Another benefit is that you don’t need to register up (unless you want special image formats), just right click and “Save image as.”


Yotophoto is a search engine that will look for royaly-free images on several places around the Internet (including Stock.Xchng, Flickr, Wikipedia, Morguefile and others).

The quality of the images is not so good, but it can be useful if you are looking for something very specific.

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  • Giuseppe

    Please note that Royalty Free does not mean free. It means that you have to pay for a licence to use them and, within that licence, you are free to use it for any commercial or non commercial applications as opposite to RM (Rights Managed) where licence price depends on declared usage. So, again, those photos are not free to use and you are not allowed to borrow them from othr sites which licenced them.

  • Amrish SIngh

    You have mentioned here about different sources bout instead of these you can use Flickr creative common images also

  • Andy

    Re my last comment: Oh, they show up when I disable Ad Block plus.

  • Andy

    So where is the image in this post?

  • Umesh

    I got this link from your newest post. Loved iStockPhoto. Thanks for posting.

  • Andrew Bogart

    THANK YOU! This question has been on my mind for months now, glad you could sum it up for me, thanks again!

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