Why LeadPlayer is The Best Video Player for Bloggers – And How to Win A Copy

By Daniel Scocco - 4 minute read

A few months ago I started hearing about a new video player for bloggers and website owners looking to grow their audiences. It’s called LeadPlayer.

First I saw Pat Flynn (from Smart Passive Income) blogging about LeadPlayer and why he started using it to play all of his videos. Then I saw Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing saying that he was moving his 184 videos as well, and a bunch of other bloggers and marketers followed.

Then I discovered that my friend Clay Collins was behind the product, and we started exchaing emails about it. Long story short we decided to run a contest here on DailyBlogTips. Clay will be giving away two licenses to LeadPlayer plus two HD video cameras (i.e., two lucky winners will get both the player and the camera). If you are interested, read on.

Here’s Why LeadPlayer Works

LeadPlayer is a video player with dozens of integrated features that help you generate more leads and convert more people into subscribers. For instance, you can easily add an opt-in box to all your videos and require people to go through it before they can access the videos. You can also easily insert calls to action, and if you already have videos on YouTube you can integrate them with LeadPlayer.

Clay created a bunch of tutorial videos explaining how you can use and benefit from LeadPlayer, here are some of them:

1. Increasing sales conversions
2. Increasing opt-in conversions and growing your list
3. Sending traffic to webinars, sales and promotions
4. Leveraging other people’s videos to build your list
5. Growing your business without being pushy

If you visit the LeadPlayer website you’ll see that people are having great results with it. For instance, some people have increase their conversion rate fivefold, others even increased page views and reduced bounce rate after installing the player (check the reviews page to see other testimonials).

Winners of the contest: I want to congratulate Nick Kizirnis and Satish Achar for winning LeadPlayer. We’ll be contacting you with information on how to pick up your prize.

How to Get A Free Video “One-Hour Video Blogging” Course

I’m sharing LeadPlayer with you because I think that — if you’re using video, or planning to — LeadPlayer would be a great investment. And to give you some extra incentive, I’ve asked Clay if there was something he could offer to people who purchase LeadPlayer after reading this post.

Well, Clay decided to hook it up, in a huge way.

Clay has developed a video blogging course called “One-Hour Video Blogging”, that teaches you how to create a professionally edited video blog post… in 1 hour.

His course includes…

  • How to get a bumper created for your show for $5
  • How to find and add music to your show
  • Exactly which equipment you should use (stuff you can afford!)
  • How to incorporate (and cut between) live action, screen capture, motion graphics, and presentation graphics for MAXIMUM ENGAGEMENT
  • How to create videos that get YouTube viewers — and website visitors! — to subscribe to your list
  • Plus some extra info about YouTube video optimization, for good measure

Clay is giving this entire course away as a free bonus for anyone who joins the LeadPlayer family before midnight on Friday.

Interested? Click here to grab LeadPlayer and claim your bonuses.

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33 Responses to “Why LeadPlayer is The Best Video Player for Bloggers – And How to Win A Copy”

  • Edgar

    It sucks!! I love the idea but it dosent work on iPhone or iPad. Couldn’t even watch the promo video on my iPad

  • Semmy Henry

    The following features make Leadplayer attractive to me:

    Great cost saving: unlike most other video players, there is no hosting cost involved in setting up one.

    Great time saving: Uploading video files is a breeze, and there is no need to convert content to MP4 first before uploading on you tube. Leadplayer takes care of all that

    Great ease of use: It allows one to seamlessly add call to actions on the video even with clickable links. This is rare in many video marketing applications

    Great opt-in interface; The opt-in area is cool. It lends a professional touch to the work of anyone using Leadplayer for video marketing

  • Shonda

    Q: “Why is LeadPlayer the perfect video player for building your list and increasing sales with video?”

    A: I am starting to do more product reviews on my blog and I would like to make it simplier for subscribers to stay in contact with me. As I see it Lead Player will & is making this happen. I hope I am chosen as the winner! Thank you and good luck!

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