Announcing Writing Clinic: Get Your Posts Edited (Completely Free)

Ali Luke

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Could your writing use a little extra work?

Here on DailyBlogTips, I’ll be editing one post every Friday, so we can all learn from each other … both what’s working well, and what needs a little extra attention.

If you’d like a chance of having your post edited, just send it to me ( with the words “Writing Clinic” somewhere in the subject line.

We prefer it if your post isn’t already published, as you’ll (hopefully!) make changes as a result of my edits, but we will consider published posts.

Each Friday, I’ll put the text of one post on the blog, along with comments on aspects like:

  • The chosen topic and title.
  • The overall structure of the post.
  • The writing style.
  • Grammar mistakes and typos.

If your post is chosen, you need to be happy with:

  • At least some of the text of your post being quoted on DailyBlogTips. If your post hasn’t previously been published, we’ll normally quote the whole thing.
  • Editorial feedback, including suggestions for improvement, being published alongside your post.

Important: I can only edit one post per week … so please don’t be upset if yours doesn’t get picked. You’re welcome to resubmit your post for consideration the following week.

If you’ve got any questions, just leave a comment below. Remember, to take part, you need to send your post to me,, with “Writing Clinic” in the subject line.

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7 Responses to “Announcing Writing Clinic: Get Your Posts Edited (Completely Free)”

  • Joshu Thomas

    Thanks Ali, As always you continue to contribute to better writing through your tips. Thanks again and looking forward to be a part of the writing clinic initiative.

  • Ali Luke

    Thanks guys! We’ve put the Writing Clinic on hold for a couple of weeks (after the first “pilot” installment last week) but will be throwing all your posts into the hat soon… 🙂


  • Helio Tavares

    Hi Ali,
    Thank you for the offer about editing of posts.
    I’ve set up my cleaning business in Perth Australia and would like my front page professionally written. I guess, I admit I’m not a writer and this offer made me jump at the opportunity. I sent you the article as instructed to you email address.

    I hope it gets pick.

  • Raspal Seni

    Ali – Very nice idea and a nice way to help new bloggers and writers.

    Though there aren’t many comments on this post, I can already see your mailbox being flooded with ”Writing Clinic” e-mails. 🙂

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Matthew Eaton

    Fantastic idea! I think this will help open some eyes.

  • Amiti

    Hi Ali,

    This looks like a great idea, and I would be surprised to see someone that is against participating. I will check back in later this week to see how the first one goes.

  • Carrie Kitkat

    What a great idea Ali!

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