DarkZen WordPress Theme Released

By Daniel Scocco

Most of our previous WordPress themes used light or vivid colors, so I thought that a darker design was needed on the portfolio. DarkZen comes with a dark header and a gray background, packed on a clean and minimalist design.

darkzen wordpress theme

Here is a complete list of the features of the theme:

  • Advertising Ready: The theme comes with a 468×60 banner spot on the header, as well as six 125×125 ad blocks on the sidebar. The blogger should also be able to insert other AdSense units without problems.
  • Widget Ready: The theme supports widgets. Just drop the ones you use and you are ready to go.
  • Social Bookmarking Icons: Both the Homepage and single post pages already come with social bookmarking icons integrated. You can also remove or add new ones at will.
  • Customizable Sidebar: The sidebar can hold full width and split sections, so that you can customize your fields easily.
  • Search Engine Optimizated: As usual the title tags and internal pages are already optimized for search engines.

If you have any suggestion or question about this theme, just drop a comment below and we will address it.

Visit our WordPress Themes page to download all our themes.

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126 Responses to “DarkZen WordPress Theme Released”

  • Hussein

    WOW. Great theme. It’s good that it is free cause it looks like a premium one. I personally like it. I might use it now in my other blogs πŸ˜€

  • Napster

    Great stuff!

  • Marcos A.T. Silva

    Beautiful theme! πŸ™‚

    Can we edit it color scheme, maintaining, of course, all the credits? πŸ™‚

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Hussein and Napster, thanks!

    @Marcos, of corse.

  • Marcos A.T. Silva

    Thank you Daniel. πŸ™‚


    Again a great work Daniel.
    Really looks like premium.

    But, I have a question…..

    Blog posts will be variable in length…
    Now is that possible to make a theme which shows some extra ads in the right side when a blog post is longer (or when there is more number of comments in comment section) and the usual things when the post is normal or small in size?

    Hope my question is confusing.I am not able to express my point here.
    Please ask me again, if you are not able to understand!

  • Farfield

    Wow I really like this one. It’s clean and simple. As long as it’s not loaded with ads of course πŸ™‚

    I decided to go with a darker theme for my blog too. I really like clean white designs but when I saw mine for the first time I immediately liked it very much!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Satish, that is possible, but would require some PHP customization on your part.

  • MrCooker

    Even though the theme looks nice, I noticed two things.

    1. You mention on your blog and videos that you should make the subscribe area loud and clear. But looking at the theme, all I see is a little rss icon.

    2. The Social Bookmark buttons. In a Video you did recently, you told that you shouldn’t have social bookmark buttons on your front page. And looking at your new theme, it does have them.

    Apart from those 2 points, I think it’s a lightweight and clear theme.

  • Daniel Scocco


    1. On the video I was talking about the subscribe section below the single post page, because the blogger in question made that section almost equal to the normal body text, so it was confusing.

    I like the RSS position on this theme. Most people tend to look on the header when they are trying to find it.

    2. It depends on whether the user has full posts or excerpts on the homepage. On the video review the guy had excerpts, hence why having social buttons on homepage was useless.

    Many people still use full posts on front page though, that is why you have the icons on the theme. If you use excerpts you can just remove it.

  • Michael

    Great looking theme, I absolutely love the header color.

    You know, themes seem to be getting better and better and better, at this rate we’ll be getting custom themes for free in about 6 months!

  • MrCooker


    About the RSS icon. I think the non tech savvy people wouldn’t understand why’d you put a little orange icon on the to right of your screen. So that kind of bothers me. But hey, you’re the professional here πŸ™‚

    And about the bookmark icons. It makes sense, thanks for clearing that up.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @MrCooker, the aim of this theme was to be clean and subtle, that is why I opted for a small RSS icon on top of the header.

    You can’t have a big subscription section on all themes, and sometimes it is not even necessary.


    Please read my comment(@ comment number 6).


    Will you be helping to do this when we buy your premium themes( will these kind of things come under your 30 days support ? ).

  • spidro

    Beautiful theme gonna use it on on of my blogs

  • David

    Excellent looking theme. I am a little new to wordpress customization so forgive me if this is rudimentary but how would one change the header to display an image rather than the title & slogan?

  • Elaine

    I love the theme, but I don’t use the 6 blocks ads. (I don’t know how and for what, and hope to learn it one day). How do I remove it?

  • Elaine

    Oops, forgot to say “Thank you”.

  • Dan Cole


    Daniel is not selling premium themes. This is a free theme and so are all the others he gives away.

    As for your question on comment number 6. Yes it is possible to add ads if the page grows in length, but I don’t think it has been done before and released as a WordPress Plugin. It would require some knowledge in PHP and WordPress Codex to create.

    Hope this helps.

  • FREE One-Way Back-Links

    Your theme is very clean and professional looking!

    I will have to try it out on one of my blogs.


    @Dan Cole, Please visit http://www.dailyblogtips.com/introducing-newsden-a-premium-wordpress-theme/

    Anyway Thanks for your response.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Satish, we provide support for the premium themes, not customization.

    That is, if something is not working as it should, I will help. But if you want to customize the theme that is on your own.


    oh oki..

  • Daniel Scocco

    @David, open the header.php file, locate the part that is outputting the WordPress blog name, and substitute it with an image tag for your image.

    @Elaine, open the sidebar.php and you will see clearly the 6 ad blocks. Just delete that and the header “Advertisement.”

  • a husband

    Wow! That theme is amazing and makes me wish I was using WordPress. But for now, I still can’t beat the free hosting from Blogger.

    But this theme is so cool it makes me want to!

  • Jummy

    This theme is gorgeous, Daniel. Thanks for answering the questions so far…I’ll definitely be downloading this.


  • Marcos A.T. Silva


    Someone knows how to exclude a static page from the main menu?

    I tried to change the code below, on the “header.php” file:


    OBS: where “X” was replaced by the page ID.

    This has eliminated the page I want to elimitate, but the menu is strange now. The first link is above the others, for example.

    Below is a screenshot where you can see this problem:


    Thank you for all your help. πŸ™‚

  • Marcos A.T. Silva


    Complementing my above post, I tried to change:

    php wp_list_pages(‘title_li=’);


    php wp_list_pages(‘exclude=258, title_li=’);


  • Daniel Scocco

    @Marcos, easiest way to do this is to remove that code and add the menu links manually one by one. That way you have complete control over the links.

  • Marcos A.T. Silva

    I understood, Daniel. Thank you very much. πŸ™‚

  • Susan

    Daniel, this theme looks GREAT! I’m considering changing my theme now!

    One question: For the popular articles, I noticed in the php that you have to manually add the links to the “popular” articles. For this DailyBlogTips theme, did you manually add the links or use a plugin for the popular articles?

    I’ve been looking for a good plugin to show popular articles. I couldn’t get Popularity Contest to work on WordPress 2.5.1 despite all the fixes found. Meanwhile, was wondering what everyone else is using to auto-generate popular articles.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Susan, both on this theme and on Daily Blog Tips I show the popular articles manually.

    I have a plugin coming that will do it automatically also though.

  • suresh

    It is simple and wonderful.

  • Loganathan

    Can I use this theme for my private blogs(other than word press).

    In such case what type of modification needs to be done.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Loganathan, what do you mean by private blogs? What CMS do they use?

  • Tom – StandOutBlogger.com

    I am definately giving this one a go on my new blogging project!

  • Muscle Post

    This theme is great!

    Can you tell me how to add an RSS Via Email button to the header next to the RSS feed button? I tried and the formatting gets messed up. I’d really like to put it up there because it is the logical place for it and it will get the most attention.


  • Daniel Scocco

    @Muscle Post, try to copy the same style as the RSS one, and just change the icon with an image of your own (an email letter or something).

  • Chuck Anthony

    Looks great, Daniel. I’m about to take one of my blogs over to WP hosted on my own domain and was checking out some of your other themes as well. Although my WordPress prowess leaves a lot to be desired, I’ll be giving it a try.

  • Secret Affiliate Code

    This is one hell of a free (premium) template. Absolutely stunning πŸ™‚

  • Dmitriy Donchenko

    Hi, Daniel

    Just finished work on translating this template for the Russian language, great thanks for the excellent template.

  • Marcos A.T. Silva


    Someone knows what could be the cause of this “blank space” in the footer, when the theme is viewed on 800×600 screen resolution?

    Below is a screenshot of this problem, that occurs only on 800×600 screen resolutions:


    Thank you very much. πŸ™‚

  • John

    Beautiful theme, and great to see you give such quality work away for free. However, I think you might have a bug in the search.php.

    If you type in a search that doesn’t exist on the blog, you get this error:

    No such file or directory in /home/dailyblo/public_html/demos/wp-content/themes/DarkZen/search.php on line 36

    I would love to use this theme on my blog, but being a wp newbie, I am not quite sure how to fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks the theme!

  • autworld

    great theme!

  • Loganathan

    I am happy to say this, i have created my blog using DarkZen. And its looking good. I yet to implement many.

  • Hammad

    awesome theme mate
    downloading rite now…..
    good job

  • willy

    cool, i like it. i will use it in my second blog. hope to see your new design.

  • Robert Barr

    1st of all, great theme! Really nice lines. I wanted to know where to add a feedburner feed for the RSS button at the top right? I see in the header the code for the wp version, but I don’t know which to replace, the 2.5, the atom, or the 2?

    Where exactly do you put the code to work with that button?


  • Robert Barr

    Also, the links and the comments are very light, where would you change these?

  • Robert Barr

    One last thing I promise πŸ™‚ the Subfooter left/center/right, no matter what I put in there it does not appear. I am assuming it is a fat footer but I can’t seem to activate it.

  • My Blog Posts

    Dear Daniel

    I like DZ theme very much. I used couple of your themes earlier and find them very nice.

    Now I want to use this DZ.

    There is only one problem.

    I have more than 800 posts. Almost all posts have bold text in between. Also there are lot of links

    When I use DZ with it, the text is not visible for the bold text as well as for the linked text.

    I think that is probably the intention. But a favour for me please, just tell me how to change the same in the stylesheet or wherever and I can use it

    Thanks in advance

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Robert, the code for the RSS goes in the header.php, the color for the comments you find in style.css.

    @My Blog Posts, I never saw a similar problem πŸ™‚ . The theme is not supposed to remove any bold text, so I am not sure what is the issue.

  • My Blog Posts

    Dear Daniel

    Thanks for replying so quickly.

    The problem I am talking is this.

    See your demo site in dz theme

    There are no hyperlinks or any bold text so this effect is not there but if you see the posts titled Lets talk about Internet marketing, then you see the hyperlink for “global audience” is very light.

    This is what I want to remove in my blog since my posts contain lot of links and bold text.

    So if you just tell me to make the hyperlinks and bold text same as regular font, I will make the changes and be very very happy to use it.

    Maybe the problem I am stating is by design. but please solve it for me.

  • Robert Barr


    I think My Blog Posts and I still have the same question, which is how do we make the hyperlinks more pronounced. They are very muted and do not stand out.

  • Robert Barr

    Can anyone tell me what the subfooter does? I have code in each widget, but I don’t see anything. Is it supposed to be a fat footer?? Anyone?? Anyone?

  • Robert Barr


  • KLL

    i thought i had already posted this question but perhaps it didn’t go through. the live demo has 9 xhtml errors which you can see by clicking on the xhtml button on the theme. have these been corrected in a later version??


  • Lars Behrenroth

    Hi there Daniel,

    I like the theme and that’s why my wife and I chose it for her blog. I have only two questions ..
    1. when attempting to subscribe to the rss feed the first page I see in Firefox3 on a mac is not showing any of the images from the blog posts or any of the formatting for that matter.
    2. the same happens when clicking on the different categories. No formatting and no images are shown.

    Is there a particular reason for this or better.. is there a solution to change this?

    looking forward to hearing from you.

    thank you ..
    lars behrenroth

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Robert Barr,

    for making the links more visible, you could make them bold or underlined. You can do this on the CSS, finding the “a” classes.

    We also removed the footer because it was causing some design bugs, that is why you don-t see it.

    @KLL, those are minor stuff, but I will take a look to correct them, thanks.

    @Lars, that is a problem on the RSS feed and not necessarily on the theme I think. Try using another theme to see if solves the problem, that way you can isolate the origin of it.

  • Lars Behrenroth

    thanks for the quick reply, Daniel ..
    I tried others and the same happens .. strange .. in Safari it’s all dandy ..

    for some reason the issues w/ the categories not displaying images has disappeared after I finally went to sleep for 6hours .. hahahha ..

    dope theme .. we customized a bit and once my wife created a new header it’s as good as it gets (for now at least πŸ™‚ ..

  • blacksnoopy

    I think that it will be cooler if there is one sidebar left and one sidebar – right πŸ™‚
    And in the middle – content.

  • suwaiz

    if you type in a search that doesnÒ€ℒt exist on the blog, you get this error:

    No such file or directory in /home/dailyblo/public_html/demos/wp-content/themes/DarkZen/search.php on line 36

    to correct this

    open the > wp-content\themes\DarkZen Folder

    create an empty anyname.php file

    open search.php in wp-content\themes\DarkZen folder

    go to line 36 that say

    replace the it with


    Note: if you want you can type anything to show in the anyname.php file to show if the search does not returned anything

  • suwaiz

    if you type in a search that doesnÒ€ℒt exist on the blog, you get this error:

    No such file or directory in /home/dailyblo/public_html/demos/wp-content/themes/DarkZen/search.php on line 36

    to correct this

    open the > wp-content\themes\DarkZen Folder

    create an empty anyname.php file

    open search.php in wp-content\themes\DarkZen folder

    go to line 36 that say

    php include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/searchform.php’); ?

    replace the it with

    php include (anyname.php’);


    Note: if you want you can type anything to show in the anyname.php file to show if the search does not returned anything

  • yofre

    esta interesante este theme pero tengo un problema
    como pongo un anuncio de adsense en la parte advertise here como modifico el sidebar para que me salga en anuncio

  • MacTeP

    Very nice theme I will use it.
    Thanks a lot!

  • I Wordpress Themes

    Think its an exciting Idea

  • Frank Davenport

    Hi Daniel,
    I am new to word press templates and building a blog for the first time.
    How do I swap out the 468×60 advertisement in the header for a photo?

    Thank you.


  • Daniel Scocco

    @Frank, just upload the photo to your server, and then open the header.php file and change the img src=”http://… address.

  • TopThemes

    Very nice simply themes for WordPress. Thank you

  • Dan


    I love this theme, however when I did the demo in Firefox, the header image breaks. Is there a fix is the stylesheet I can add?

  • Dan


    I tested it in firefox and the header seems to break at the edges. Is there a fix in the stylesheet?

  • Citizen A

    Hello ~

    Could someone tell me how to change the comment color on the template?
    It’s very light grey


    How do I change the link colors?
    Mine are too light.

    Thanks much.

  • Hot Tub Chemicals

    This is one hell of a template. Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing. I already bookmarked it.

  • Seo Wordsmith

    Great template, thanks. Using it. Wondering why bullet points are not fully indented, how to maybe fix it. Minor, but it’s there. You can see it on this page:


    The second line is not flush with the first.

  • KR (a newbie)

    I’m baffled. How do I get the code for my Google banner ad into the space for the 468Γƒβ€”60 banner spot on the header?

  • darren

    Love the theme – just downloaded it last night and haven’t stopped tweaking it since – looks awesome so far!

    @ KR – good question, I don’t know how to either

    Another question, as I haven’t been able to find a straight answer above (or at least one I have been able to implement easily) – how do you change the hyperlinks from light grey to blue (so people can actually see them)?

  • Rick

    If i use the search field to search for a phrase that isnt on the blog, then i will get a error messages telling me that says “[function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory”

    Is this an error in the template?


  • Luis

    First of all thanks Daniel for this great theme.

    I want to use DZ for my blog in Spanish and I find that Spanish words with special chars like Ñ, é, etc. are showed badly (for example in sidebar1 h2).
    I have wp2.7 in Spanish

    Any clue?

    Thanks in advance

  • Frank Davenport

    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know why the previous page button isn’t working?
    I just get a “file not found” page.



  • David

    I like the looks of this theme so much that I’m testing it out on a new blog. So far it is very easy to use.

  • John


    I love Dark Zen and am just getting set up with it. I would like to publish a page but not add that page to the navigation. I can’t seem to figure it out. Even when I configure the page to a sub-page of a main page, i keeps showing it in the nav. Is there anyway around this with you theme. Is there a plug-in that allows drop down menus? I’m not even concerned with drop down menus, I just want to be able to build pages (not posts) that do not appear in the nav.

    Any light anyone could shed would be great. Thanks, J

  • cikale

    awesome theme mate
    downloading rite nowÒ€¦..
    good job

  • Ray

    When I click on one of the categories no posts show up. I’ve tried in IE & FireFox. What am I missing?

  • semmy @ Minisite Design Service

    I think I want to used this theme. It’s clear and legit. thanks for sharing!

  • R.G.

    This theme is the best! Thanks guys… I currently use it on my site (http://www.BargainsMakeCents.com). DBT is a great site, I tune in daily… Keep up the good work.

  • Chris

    Will use it in my blog. But I will be customizing the sidebar.

  • Pedro

    awesome template, thank you.

  • Francisco

    How do you manage the ad spaces? or it manually? Thank you. Love the theme!

  • Leonie

    The nextpage quicktag doesn’t seem to be supported (for splitting long posts). Can anyone say how to add it to the template?

  • mark

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the great theme, I’m using it on veggieopolis.com

    I just wanted to know the best way to add a text rollover color change to the blog title in the header to hilite that it is a link back to the home page when on a post/page.

    …and on single-post pages the “previous” and “next” links aren’t displayed – even though the code seems to be in the single.php, any ideas?

    I’m running WordPress 2.8.

    Thanks again for the theme,


  • mark


    Found the first one (i.e. add rollover color to blog title). It was in style.css at:

    h1 a:hover {


  • Leonie

    For others with the same problem, I found the answer to my question (two comments up) here:

  • mu

    hi Daniel and thanx for this very cool theme.
    I use it for my rabbit website but I have many questions.

    – How can I do for the tag cloud works?
    Ive download wp cumulus, actived and now, for the code???

    – How must I do for a new pagination? Ive following the instructions here : http://www.2803.fr/wordpress/wordpress-offrez-vous-un-peu-du-design-de-flickr-1528/#comment-188375 but it doesnt not appear (PS : Im french ;))

    – How can I have comments on my ‘pages’ too (not only on articles)?

    – How can I have a picture instead of the ‘HOME’ text ?

    – the ‘under category’ seems not to work, have you tested it?

    – and how can I do for pictures appears when I clic on my article (not only the begining of the article) ?

    Thank you very much for all this answers !!!

  • Elaine

    Hi Daniel

    I love the your template, and so chose it for my first blog! I’m new to the WP and the blogging world. So, please bear my ignorance.

    For some reason the RSS link isn’t working. Any ideas how I can correct this?


  • Elaine

    I’ve just solved the problem. Not bad for a complete novice!

    I basically removed the word ‘feed’ from the rsslink code in the header.php.

    Hope this will help anyone else who might have a problem viewing RSS on your DZ site using IE7.

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