StudioPress WordPress Theme Released

By Daniel Scocco

We have another WordPress theme ready to go. StudioPress is a very clean theme, and it comes with the possibility to integrate several AdSense units.


Here are some of the features of the theme:

  • AdSense-ready: The theme comes with three units integrated already. A 468×60 unit on top, a 336×280 unit on top of the sidebar and a 120×600 unit on the bottom of the sidebar. You just need to copy & paste the AdSense code on the specific php files.
  • Widget-ready: The theme supports widgets, so just drop the ones you use.
  • Comment styling: Comments alternate with a different background, making it easier to follow the conversation.
  • “Welcome” section on the sidebar: You can customize a “Welcome” or “About us” message easily through the form on the “Theme Options.”
  • Search Engine Optimization: The theme comes with title tags optimized, and it already displays only excerpts on archive and category pages, to reduce the duplicate content.

If you have any problem using the theme or any suggestion for improvements just leave a comment below and we’ll try to help.

Visit our WordPress Themes page to download all our themes.

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388 Responses to “StudioPress WordPress Theme Released”

  • Danny Foo

    There isn’t a display for ‘# Comments’ or ‘No comments’ in the post meta?

    Overall, it looks like a promising theme. Going to download it. 🙂

  • Daniel

    Right now it does not, but should be easy to add that.

    Give me a bit :).

  • Daniel

    OK, comment count is added.

    I am thinking about moving the whole post meta below the post though.

    Although it should be easy enough for anyone to do it if they want to.

  • Dj Flush

    Impressed Daniel!

    Great theme 🙂

  • NasirJumani

    It is the theme I was looking for…..Brilliant job Daniel and dailyblogtips team……….keep it up.

  • Zuffox

    Damn, you guys are good. Consistently adding – not just great but plain – awesome designs.

  • Fat Kid Unleashed

    Amazing theme, Daniel. It looks very premium and professional. Great ad placements too.

  • Steven Finch

    This is a pretty good design. I really need something like this for my site, But with a few changes.

  • Jammed: Full into Capacity

    Hey! Very clean theme. Going to use it in one of my blogs.

  • Jacky

    I like this theme. ^.^

  • Wayne Liew

    Another nice theme from you, Daniel. It is a space allocated for ad panels that I like about this theme.

  • oci

    Another great job, Daniel!

    You can take a peep at one of my blogs

    I am loving it, thanks to you.

    Another blog of mine will wear the Studio press look soon.

    Thanks guys.

  • Daniel

    Looking good oci, thanks for the nice words.

  • Craig

    Hey Daniel – Great Theme! Is there a way we can add a clickable image / logo in the header?

  • Daniel

    Craig, yeah that is possible, although you would need to make it match the background image of the theme.

    Basically you would need to create the image first, remove the blog name text, and add the image there, with proper CSS to position it on the right place.

  • icy1

    I like the idea of moving the whole post meta below the post.

    however I seem to always screw it up when I try this alteration. Any tips?

    Outstanding theme

  • Michael Aulia

    Wow, it’s indeed a very nice theme!

    I’m thinking to change my theme now to this..but I’ve already put so many customizations on my current one 🙁

  • Andy MacDonald

    What a cool theme. i downloaded it and am going to use it on my blog. thanks a lot. Is there any restrictions on how you can modify the theme at all?

  • Patrick

    Awesome theme! This has the look and feel of a custom design. Very nice. 🙂

  • Jermayn Parker

    Very nice!!
    promising indeed!!!

  • Daniel

    Andy, feel free to modify it as will as long as it is for your personal use.

  • Anuj Seth

    A nice and clean theme. Very impressive!

  • Madhur Kapoor

    It looks great. I am going to download it right now.

  • redwall_hp

    Please stop making these cool themes! I don’t have any blogs to use them for, as I generally make my own designs, and I’m not going to change my personal blog’s theme every month. 😀 /joke

  • Showbiz Intriga? Get It From Boy!

    i’m going to use this too in my url above/great demo for this theme (shameless plug)

    jaypeeonline says that this theme does not display correctly in Opera though..but who uses Opera??! ok..maybe some of you…

  • Daniel

    It should be Opera compatible, but I will cross check.

    If you find any bug just let us know and we’ll fix it promptly.

  • Showbiz Intriga? Get It From Boy!

    hi Daniel.

    i’m using this theme right now and it is displaying weird. My layout is f%#ked up. i didn’t alter anything.

    But i’m using a lot of plugins though. My suspect is WP-Cache though because when i looked at my Cpanel, in the WP Cache cache, i looked to a link and it pointed me to a fould out layout.

  • Daniel

    Showbiz, it is your site that is messing the theme.

    I just tested it using on over 20 different browsers, and it is working fine in all.

    You can see it in opera here:

  • Maxio


    Thanks for this theme i know use it for my blog http://maxio.Fr .

    But can we get the .psd of grabrss.gif because my visitors are french so i would like to change this.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Daniel

    Maxio, sent the PSD over email to you.

    If anyone else need to translate the theme let me know and I will send the psd.

  • JJ

    Awesome theme! Had a question though… I have been finding it very difficult to edit the code for the menu (header.php)in order to display only certain pages. I’ve tried a variety of different code but nothing seems to work. Any idea on what I could do?

    Thanks again for an awesome theme!

  • Daniel

    JJ, first locate this class inside the header.php

    <div id=”nav”>

    Then locate the <ul></ul> section inside that class.

    Then you just need to delete the code there and add your own links using <li> </li>

    I am not sure how this will affect the hover effect though.

  • WebProffy

    Daniel, theme’s superb!

    But there are no graphic psd-sources for:

    1) grabrss.gif
    2) search.gif

    I’m from Russia and need to have a russian text there…

    Can you make these psd-sources?

  • JJ

    Yea… that fubars the hover effect. It just puts a text link there. Hmmmm… Ill keep trying. Thanks anyways!

  • himi

    This is a very nice looking theme! I’m thinking of upgrading one of my blogs and could use this one.

  • terra

    I apologize in advance, but came upon this theme, uploaded it promptly and am now trying to make changes as needed to the welcome and ad sense units. Changes fine in the WP dashboard, but doesn’t display when I reload the page…what am I missing, please?

  • luffy

    i like this, but would like to know whether will you release this in different colors? that will make the theme more unique and please a lot of people.

  • PB


    I’m new to blogging and just downloaded your theme. However, I’m not that versed in WordPress, so when I tried to copy and paste my adsense code on the each specific adsense php file, the code is displaying on the blog. Is that suppose to occur?



  • Daniel

    @WebProffy, send me an email and I will send them to you.

    @Terra, make sure your cache is not turned on, use crtl+F5 on your browser to clean it.

    @luffy, 3 more colors are coming.

    @PB, you need to paste the whole adsense code below the lines that are already there (not within the lines).

    This should fix the problem.

  • luffy

    Thanks Daniel, I’m looking forward to it.

    I saw some site that has a section that integrates a few tabs together and the content change when they click on the tabs. any idea how to do that? i saw some samples of this from some of your links to a premium theme sites.

  • Ludwik C. Siadlak

    Great theme – good job, Daniel!

    What’s the license? I haven’t found it in *.zip.

    Warm regards

  • Voice Of Dingchao

    thank you very much, i have tried it in my blog It looks great!

    Thanks again!

  • pb


    I was able to get the adsense images working properly, thanks for the tip. One more thing, when I click on individual post I get a error that states “Fatal error:Call to undefined function the_tags() in /home/moolahmo/public_html/wpcontent/themes/StudioPress/single.php on line 20

    Do have any input on this? Thanks again.

  • Daniel

    Check what is on line 20 of your single.php file. It should be the code for tags, and maybe your WP version does not have that.

    Delete that line and the problem should be solved.

  • dombio

    Thank you for the theme, it looks great!
    I’ve updated my blog with it and now I’m planning some personalizations…

  • Jagermo

    Hey guys, great theme. I’m currently translating it to german. Could you send me the PSD-Files for
    grabrss.gif and

    Would be great, thanks.

  • step1

    ok It is look good

    thank you

  • Lorenzo Chacón

    Great theme Daniel, but I have some problems, look this image:

    And I have some problems too with the size of the text, I edit a lot of times but look:

  • skarld

    You can vote for StudioPress on wpthemez, a digg-like site for WordPress themes.

  • Eric Smith

    Any way to change the header php to only display pages w/out a parent (main) in the NAV bar? I’ve got a lot of pages and the NAV bar looks pretty cracked out. I’d like to only show my primary pages in the NAV bar and not worry about all the sub-pages showing up as well.

  • Daniel

    Eric, remove the code there and add the links to each page manually.

  • nicejob

    Hello daniel

    Thanks for your work

    We have the right to try to adapt this template for dotclear?

    Thank you for your answer

  • Daniel

    @nicejob, you can adapt as long as you credit us.

  • nicejob

    Sorry but I does not understand well your answer
    you say “as long as crédit us”
    you talk about money or of not to remove the links and copyright of the author??
    Thank you again for your answer.

  • nicejob


    I hope to say –> “lol”!

    thx Daniel and good job again 😉

  • Cesar

    Hey Daniel what i have to say might be kind of complicated but try to understand me. Ok here I go. :

    I am using this theme with my domain. And am trying to create at least 9 static pages, you know. I don’t like that everytime that I create a new page, a new tap comes up on top of the design. I am using the WIDGET CALLED PAGES so that I can have all the pages on the side bar under Technology Articles. The only taps that I want to have are News, About, and maybe one more. But that’s it. How can I make it work to the point that everytime that I creat a page I can only put in the side bar and it does not come up on the top, as a new tap.

    Hope you can help me with that men I really love this design.

  • Sridhar Katakam

    @Cesar: What you need is

    @Daniel: Thanks for the theme. I am using it at

    One suggestion: get_links function in sidebar.php is deprecated. wp_list_bookmarks() should be used instead.

  • Cesar

    hey Daniel and Sridhar Katakam i just download and activate the plugin you guys told me to do but still, everytime that i create one page, it automatically creates a new tap on the top. i am trying to keep it simple on the top, if you take a look right now that looks ugly with all that on the tabs.
    Hope to hear from you soon. thank.s

  • Cesar

    I also noticed that the plugin works because it excludes the pages from the side bar that i created that is called PAGINAS. I still can manage to avoid everypage created to appear in the top of the desing. HELLLLLPPPP!!!!!>…… that is killing me.

  • Daniel

    Cesar, can’t you do that manually with some HTML?

  • Cesar

    Daniel if i could i would have already done it. can you let me know where ? in what line,,,,,, i have tried differents times and can’t get any thing. If you could tell me where and what tag to modigy….i am not really good at that but i know that if you guide me a little bit i can handdle it.

  • Sridhar Katakam

    Ceaser: The code that displays the tabs at the top is in header.php from line 42 to line 77.

  • Tim Weston

    Great theme! I’ve implemented it on my web site and noticed that in the footer, the link to DailyBlogTips was missing the closing anchor tag. Without it, the page doesn’t validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

  • Cesar

    function list_all_pages(){

    $all_pages = get_the_pa_ges ();
    foreach ($all_pages as $thats_all){
    $the_page_id = $thats_all->ID;

    if (is_page($the_page_id)) {
    $addclass = ‘ class=”current_page”‘;
    } else {
    $addclass = ”;
    $output .= ‘ID).'” title=”‘.$thats_all->post_title.'”>’.$thats_all->post_title.’‘;

    return $output;

    echo list_all_pages();?>

    This is what you are talking about but i try to change the function that shows all the pages and i mess up the page.

  • Paul

    I’m having the same problem as Cesar, in trying to exclude certain pages from the nav bar.

    Here is how WordPress recommends:

    But the coding you use is not like that and is unlike any I have seen before, so I can’t figure out how to accomplish this.

    Any suggestions on how to take the “WP official” code and convert it to what you used?

    This is a great theme and I’d love to be able to keep using it, if I just figure out this one thing.


  • Nisha

    please please help me as soon as possible…

    How to add that read more option like this website.

    please tell me in detail….

  • Cesar

    Nisha when you are creating the post you clikc on the icon that looks like a page broken in have. you have to put the coursor where ever you want the text to stop and say READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY> ,

  • Cesar

    OK guys, last question. What i am doing to sxclude the pages from the top is this, i create pages and set them up as a private, then i created a blogroll NAMED Tecnological Articles, of course i have it in spanish but there i created links to this private pages i created.
    My big concern is, are this pages going to be indexed by the search engines or because they are private the search engines do’t see them?

  • Cosimo

    Hi, may I have the psd? I need to translate the rss image. Thanks!

  • Phil

    Love this theme….how would I change the area that is black in teh header to either a different color OR add a picture banner??? Possible?


    1)Please open this link
    using FireFox… the second post, the urls and the contents moves out of the boundry….please tell me who can I fix it.

    2)And I want to have only short contents of my blog on the front page and want a Read more option, clicking which my visitors must get the full blog post.

    3) And at the top of the theme I want to add Email subscribing option, beside RSS Feed.

    4)And please tell me the way to integrate the forum into the theme.I am using bbpress. I want to integrate it like that of in

    I just want to get username and password entering fields in a different box in the sidebar.

    5) I want to put my adsense search box at the top of the theme instead of the search you have provoided….and let the result disply in the same result page that you have created.

    6)wp-cache not working with this theme….

    7) And a great problem is………I want to change the permalink of my website.Currently its /index.php/%category%/%postname%/ and I want to change it to /%category%/%postname%/ but its not at all working..If I change it to /%category%/%postname%/ then no webpages are displayed..
    I also used a plugin called Dean’s Permalinks Migration, but that too failed to work for me.

    Please sir, I beg you.Please answer to all my above questions.Hope some of the questions asked here may not be directly related to the theme you have provoided us.But still sir, please you are the only one and this is the only one place hope I will get answers to all my questions.

    Please help me for all these…I am a daily reader of your blog, just because you have lot of things in your brain which I want to learn.
    Your wordpress theme which I am using in is fentastic, and to tell the truth, its more than a premium theme.
    Thanks for the theme and your goodness for provoiding it for free…

    Thanks a looooooooooooooooooooooooooot……

    Your fan
    SATISH.B from

  • Nisha

    Hi Cesar,

    thanks for your reply.

    And I visited your website, its very nice and I also have decided to use the same theme.
    And I have some problem in using it…..

    Just read the comment of Mr.SATISH
    and I too have some of the same problems…

    1)Please open this link
    using FireFox… the second post, the urls and the contents moves out of the boundry….please tell me who can I fix it.

    3) And at the top of the theme I want to add Email subscribing option, beside RSS Feed.

    I am using a plugin called [red]custom-function-widgets[/red], so please tell me, how can I put the email subscription in a box in my sidebar..

    4)And please tell me the way to integrate the forum into the theme.I am using bbpress. I want to integrate it like that of in

    I just want to get username and password entering fields in a different box in the sidebar.

    5) I want to put my adsense search box at the top of the theme instead of the search you have provoided….and let the result disply in the same result page that you have created.

    6)wp-cache not working with this theme….

    7) And a great problem is………I want to change the permalink of my website.Currently its /index.php/%category%/%postname%/ and I want to change it to /%category%/%postname%/ but its not at all working..If I change it to /%category%/%postname%/ then no webpages are displayed..
    I also used a plugin called Dean’s Permalinks Migration, but that too failed to work for me.

    Thanks in advance!

    Actually I got many doubts after reading his comments….

  • Cesar

    Hey NISHA it nice to hear from you. I have not figure out my problem with the TABS. If you could see on my comments. Anyways I don’t know much about this but I will try.

    And I visited your website, its very nice and I also have decided to use the same theme.
    And I have some problem in using it…..

    Just read the comment of Mr.SATISH
    and I too have some of the same problems…

    1)Please open this link
    using FireFox… the second post, the urls and the contents moves out of the boundry….please tell me who can I fix it.
    I believe that you probably inserted something on the coding, and therefore you get that error, If I were you I will go to the zip file where the theme is and open it in note pad, get that code and then go and open the theme editor and paste that code over the one you have, you should correct the problem with that. It pretty much seems to me that you put some code in……

    3) And at the top of the theme I want to add Email subscribing option, beside RSS Feed.

    I don’t really know about this one. I will think that there should be a plugin about this. If you go to the images floder you can see the GRAB OUR RSS image, you can modify it if you know about that and include that on the top of the page. I believe you should know little bit about coding.,…..

    I am using a plugin called [red]custom-function-widgets[/red], so please tell me, how can I put the email subscription in a box in my sidebar..

    you should try another rplugin I bet there should be one that allows you to do that.

    4)And please tell me the way to integrate the forum into the theme. I am using bbpress. I want to integrate it like that of in
    I have not try this so, don’t know much about it.

    I just want to get username and password entering fields in a different box in the sidebar.

    5) I want to put my adsense search box at the top of the theme instead of the search you have provoided….and let the result disply in the same result page that you have created.

    6)wp-cache not working with this theme….

    7) And a great problem is………I want to change the permalink of my website.Currently its /index.php/%category%/%postname%/ and I want to change it to /%category%/%postname%/ but its not at all working..If I change it to /%category%/%postname%/ then no webpages are displayed..
    I also used a plugin called Dean’s Permalinks Migration, but that too failed to work for me.

    Thanks in advance!

    Actually I got many doubts after reading his comments….

    I have many doubts too. If you have any ideas about my problem with the tabs let me know.

  • Dave

    I get this error on every theme I try to use… any ideas?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: the_search_query() in /home/search4/public_html/wp-content/themes/StudioPress/searchform.php on line 3

  • mayooresan

    Im using your theme it’s clean and cool!!
    I don’t wanna use category but by default it’s in the side bar!!! 🙁
    how to remove it?

  • Daniel

    @Cesar, we will consider adding the changes you suggested, thanks.

    @Dave, it might be related to your WordPress version, are you using an old one?

    @Mayoresan, just go into the theme editor, then sidebar.php, and delete what you don’t want there.

  • PB


    Thanks for the feedback, when I upgraded my WordPress version I no longer received the fatal error… site is definitely coming along.

    I know this is an ez fix, but how do I add tabs to home page along the top where About us, and Home are located. Thanks again

  • Sridhar Katakam

    PB: When you create a new page in WordPress, it gets added as the tab automatically.

  • Edy

    Best theme

  • Massimiliano Badolati

    Hi Daniel, nice theme! Could you send me PSD for an Italian translation?

    Thank you!

  • Nisha

    Hi guys/girls,

    i thank cesar for answering my previous questions.And i have not at all changed any codes in any of the files in wordpress, but still my some contents(like long urls etc) are going out of boundry(like this one-
    Pls anybody suggest me a solution.

    And anyone pls tell me, how to integrate bbpress into this theme, just like in
    And another important question, how can i put wedgets into the post?
    Because, i have created another page called popular posts,where i want to disply all my voted popular posts.I have installed the plugin to get the popular post, and i know the function names etc, but stil i am not able to disply the popular post titles in the middle of the page(in the place of post{content}).

  • Daniel Scocco

    If you need the PSD email me please.

  • Web Proxy

    Wow! I love this theme. Just downloaded it, am gonna use it for a blog on

  • Steve

    Hello, I just installed this theme. I am having 1 issue…all of the new pages I create (like the About section) all load up the home page, rather then their actual page. Can anyone help me? thank you all.


  • TopDog

    Hey Daniel,
    Awesome themes. Both, this theme and the red one, have a small error…
    In your footer.php file, you are missing the closing </a> tag in your site link, causing it not to validate. Other than that, great themes. Thanks for making them. 😉

  • TopDog

    It looks like the green and orange StudioPress themes are also missing that closing tag. Just thought you’d like to know.

  • PB

    Hey Daniel,

    How do I capitalize the first letter for each page I create. Example About, Contact. Everytime I create a new page I’m unable to capitalize the first letter.

    Also where do I add my rss feed code so readers can get my feed.

    Thanks Again,


  • Nisha

    Daniel, pls answer me.

    1) I want to add a page in the theme, and there I just want to display my most rated, most popular topics names(links), at the center of the page(where we usually write posts).
    I am using some plugins to get most rated,popular article lists.

    2) And I want to display some html and java script codes in between my posts…how can I do it?
    When I post those tags, they just start executing.

    3) And please tell whether to put tag somewhere in the footer.php .I will not do any changes to the theme, until you say it here.

    4) I read your recent posts about new release of WordPress and then wanted to upgrade it.I just copied everything except the wp-content folder.After that I got some data base error.It asked something like connect the data base(I am not sure, what was the message).I just clicked it, and now everything is working good..My old posts are again showing.
    Now my question is– was that the correct method for upgrading word press?

    And finally, thanks a lot for this theme.Its really looking great.
    If possible please include my email ID in your gmail or Gtalk…I want to have a small chat with you!

    Thanks a lot.


  • Daniel Scocco

    @Steve, looks like a local bug on your WordPress.

    @TopDog, will fix that so the theme will validate, thanks!

    @PB, to capitalize the page headers you will need to tweak the code on header.php that is creating them (I will try to get the exact code and paste it here).

    The RSS code goes into the header.php also, look for the html code of the RSS image.


    1. Just create a page manually and add the links there. If you need a different layout create a new page template, something like newpage.php and drop it with the theme files.

    2. You need a plugin for that, try exec-php.

    3. Sure

    4. Check this page for upgrading WordPress

    Send me an email with your IM contacts and I will add them.

  • arin2u

    great theme 🙂 looks fantastic. I liked the ‘theme option’ to add welcome note. but the feed url at the top is not working in IE . It directs to wrong url. ‘feed:http//’

  • Tim

    Has anyone figured out how to get tabs to display in this template for only the top level pages (not all sub-pages as well). I have messed around with the header.php file without any luck

  • Ben

    Hey Daniel, Great theme!

    Just a nudge on finding a workaround to get the navigation tabs to display only the pages we want… None of the 3 available plugins have any affect, and I’ve spent several hours trying to tweak the header.php to no effect whatsoever. I can get close, but then the tabs disappear, leaving just the links…

    Tried changing

    but it throws everything out. I’ve never seen ‘get_the_pa_ges’ used before?? Appreciate your input. Many thanks.

    @arin2u — in ‘header.php’ about line 32 look for:
    and delete ‘feed:’ so it looks like this:

    You’ll have to do the same with the RSS feeds in ‘footer.php’ line7:

    “>Full RSS“>Comments RSS

    Delete: ‘feed:’ in 2 places, but be sure to leave the double quote as is… “>

    You’ll be good to go!

  • Ascony

    Please can someone help me out. I want to replace my current wordpress theme with this one. This theme is really da bomb. I cant wait to have it. Someone please help.

  • southafrikanse

    Hello. In the last 2 months I’ve been doing some tweaks in your theme. I just lauched the new look in my blog:

    And yesterday I found this problem:

    It’s when I submit a search word and I get this. Can you help me fix this?

  • Mike

    Any idea if this theme is 2.5 compatible?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Tim and Ben, I will get a coder to look if he can find a workaround for the pages issue.

    @Ascony, what problems you have doing the change?

    @southafrikense, it is probably some changes you added to the theme, because on the demo version the search function works fine.

    @Mike, I will test, but should be.

  • Ben

    Hey Daniel,

    Many thanks for doing that. Be great if it’s possible…

    All the best,

  • Virginia

    Hello Ben, hey i noticed you were having the same problem with tabs. I tried to fix it too but i never got any luck. I am leaving you a commente here so to verify that the only thing that i have to do is to delete from line32 de word FEED? and from line 7 in footter.php only the word Feed?
    Now is this going to correct the problem that when i create a page it automatically gets displaid on the navigation tabs…..????? i wanted to create like 6 pages of articles and all the tabs were compiled on top so the design looked ugly.
    Just let me know so iam sure and don’t mess it up.

  • Chip

    Theme not working w/ WP 2.5. Lost the white background and sidebar. Any ideas?

  • Marcos A.T. Silva


    Regarding the above mentioned pages issue, I have found a solution through a friend’s suggestion, on a Brazilian WordPress Support Forum:

    The solution was posted by “danillonunes”.

    What you have to do is edit the “header.php” file of the theme, and change the line 129, as described below.


    $output .= ‘ID).'” title=”‘.$thats_all->post_title.'”>’.$thats_all->post_title.’‘;


    if ($the_page_id != PAGEID) $output .= ‘ID).'” title=”‘.$thats_all->post_title.'”>’.$thats_all->post_title.’‘;

    Please change “PAGEID” with the correct id of the page you want to exclude from menu.

    Hope this helps you. 🙂


  • Kdogg©

    Great Theme!!

    I am new to wordpress and my problem may be simple. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I want to be able to show the first paragraph or so of long posts with a “Continue reading” link at the end that leads to the entire post. I have tried using the “more” tag. it works but it moves both sidebars to the bottom and screws up the footer. I tried tried using the “excerpt” function but it doesnt seem to have any effect. i’m sure I must need to edit some page in the “Theme Editor,” I am just not sure which to edit. Can anyone point me to the right direction.

  • Kdogg©

    I just figured out that if I edit home.php instead of index.php I can get the ” ” to work without messing up the sidebar. The only problem is that it doesn’t put a link to the full post at the end. i wanted a link similar to “more…” at the end so that the reader would understand to click to get to the rest of the post.

  • Kdogg©

    that was supposed toread:
    I can get the php the_excerpt to work without messing up the sidebar

  • Daniel Scocco

    Thanks a lot Marcos!

  • Marcos A.T. Silva

    You are welcome, Daniel!

    Thank you for the great themes you offer for free. 🙂

  • Ascony

    I am not able to log in to my wordpress wp-admin area. i always get the following error message.

    Not Found
    The requested URL /wp-admin/ was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/2.0.63 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.63 OpenSSL/0.9.7a mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at Port 80

    Please what do i do about this? Help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  • patrick

    Great theme – thank you for it.
    One question – how do I change the feed URL in the Grab Our Feed section top right? It points at my site’s default feed, but it needs to point at Feedburner.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @ascony, themes do not affect your admin area. The problem is coming from somewhere else.

    @patrick, open the header.php file, and find the code for the rss icon. You can insert your feedburner URL there.

  • Chris

    Great theme! I have featured it on my site Themes that don’t suck!

  • patrick

    Thanks for the reply. You said
    @patrick, open the header.php file, and find the code for the rss icon. You can insert your feedburner URL there.

    That is what I initially thought to try – problem is, a search for ‘rss’ in that file returns nothing. I don’t see where anything RSS-related is mentioned …

  • Paul

    @Patrick – it should be around line 63 – change
    feed: ? php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); ?
    to your feedburner feed

  • patrick

    Paul – there is no Line 63 when I download the header.php file to edit it. As per my previous comment, doing a find on ‘rss’ returns nothing at all!

    Think this is because the downloaded file contains an odd document sort of symbol, which is an editable link relating to RSS – but if I edit that, it converts the file to .rtfd and seems to make it unrecognizable for upload.

    That leaves me only with editing the file in place in WordPress and I don’t like that – tried finding your string and replacing and then got a 404 error on clicking the RSS button.

    Can you explain why the header.php file will not allow me to find any string with ‘rss’ in it? Or how I can edit that safely???

  • patrick

    Any further thoughts on my questions above?

  • Marcos A.T. Silva

    Hi! 🙂

    Someone knows how can I eliminate the “border” that appears around all images and smiles on StudioPress Theme? The border color is #CCCCCC.

    Thank you in advance for your help. 🙂

  • Jean

    RE: Marcos with image border issues…

    I had been struggling with that one for days! This theme looks nice but it took a lot of understanding how the CSS was coded to be able to tweak it. With that border, it also shifted the smilies around and looked weird. I gave up on the theme and started tweaking others when I discovered what another did on their css for the img tag.

    If you look on the style.css at line 381, you’ll see something for postContent img. You need to change it to take out the border and the pixel size for the margin. I’m not even sure why it’s in there the way it is because all my photos ending up with that border around them which is not attractive at all. You line should look like this, if it shows properly on this comment:

    .postContent img {
    border: 0px none #FFFFFF;

    It is amazing to me how that little change makes it look soooo much better with the smilies aligned more with the text instead of being scooted off to the side with an ugly grey border around it.

    This theme works great if you leave it as is with the background images but if you’re looking to customize and tweak it, be prepared to spend days on it if you’re not super savvy, which I can’t say that I am. It took me all evening long just to figure out how to get my logo graphic in the header. Good luck!

  • ascony

    Daniel. pls i need ur attention here pls. its been over a week now since i started using studiopress and since then i have not been able to log in to my site admin area.
    I have posted o n this problem b4 and this was ur reply

    “@ascony, themes do not affect your admin area. The problem is coming from somewhere else.”

    Now i am confused and frustrated bcos this problem started immediately i upl;oaded and statred using studiopress. i dont know where else this problem might be from.
    Also i asked one of my mentors and this was his reply

    “I can guess the problem is with the theme you use. It is probably not
    up to date with the latest version of wordpress version 2.5.

    Anyway, you should be able to login through

    But i tried login in and still to no avail. could it really be that studiopress does not support wp version 2.5 or what?
    Please help me out here. its really urgent that i get thjis site ready as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • Paul

    @ ascony – Theme should not affect your login. If you are convinced that it does, simply use your ftp client to delete the theme. WP will revert to the default theme and if you still can not login, you will know it was not the theme. If that is the case, as I suspect it will be, you would be best served by a fresh install of WP.

  • Kdogg©

    OK, I have 6 pages completed now but I am unable to change the page order. I have a “pages” widget in the sidebar that is ordered correctly. I gave each page a number in the Manage->Pages->page Order. However, the tabs at the top remain in the order that they were created. I have a feeling that this has something to do with the page id. I am just unsure where to go about changing it. Any suggestions? If you can point me in the right direction I should be able to figure it out. Thanks.

  • Marcos A.T. Silva

    Hi Jean,

    Thank you very much for your help. Now all is working fine in my Blog/StudioPress Theme. 🙂

    I have changed the block you have suggested, and it is now as described below:

    .postContent img {
    margin: none;
    border: none;

    I have eliminated the margin and the border.

    Thank you very much. 🙂

  • Luke W Parker

    Thank you Daniel for an AWESOME theme. I had exactly two minor issues with it and the rest is golden. I’m using it on my new blog right now.

    Jean figured out one of the issues for me, the Border… I saw that line but merely setting them to 0 didn’t help, I had to say the color should be white too in order to make that border go away.

    The other problem is the one you said you’d eventually get around to for PB… The lowercase letters in the Tabs… Why would anyone ever want those to be lowercase? -Oh well, to each his own… Any headway yet on how to change that?

    Thanks again!

  • Daniel Scocco

    Hey Luke, it was my designers choice to go with all lowercase. I think it does integrate with the design, but yeah having capital letters there should be an option.

    I will take a look at the code to see what function is defining the lowercases, give me a day.

  • Daniel Scocco

    OK, just locate on the CSS “text-transform: lowercase” and remove it.

  • Luke W Parker

    Wow, 2 minutes is a very quick Day! Which planet are you on?

    That did the trick, I should have seen that before… I looked but didn’t know what to look for.

    Thank you very much and again, I LOVE the template. It’s working perfectly now except for a small widget glitch… (Just a text widget that won’t die… The “Edit” link on the widget is missing so I can’t delete it from sidebar 1.)

    I don’t know if that’s a template issue or not, but feel free to look at the page:

    It’s the bottom-left widget titled “Have you seen SSS Lately?”

    Thanks again!
    Luke Parker

  • Kdogg©

    Anyone ever figure out how to change the order of the page “tabs”?

    Also where is “The Loop” located. I want to add a post separator bar(I think its called a horizontal rule) between posts. i think I want to add this code: at the end of the Loop.

  • Kdogg©

    So far I am 3 for 4 in answering my own questions. I added “class=”postTags ” to the end of the loop in my home.php file. This created a tag line that works as a separator. I was able to change the color by modifying the stylesheet. Imagine that, a couple of weeks ago I didn’t know what a stylesheet was. I still have two questions:

    1. How do you change the order of the pages as they are listed in the tabs across the top. I also want some of my pages to not show up across the top at all but rather as a link in the header, footer or sidebar.

    2. I was able to move the “comments” link and image to the end of the posts and right above my new separator bar just like I wanted. However I am unable to move them both to the center like I want. Right now they are neatly left justified. I have success moving them individually using the stylesheet (p.comments ) and adjusting the padding. Am I in the right place? Any idea on what I am doing wrong?

  • WilsonC

    Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for the theme.

    I’ve been doing some editing here and there but what I can’t seem to figure out is how to move the nav bar to the top like what Lorenzo (comment 48) did with his.

    Also, how do I modify the post-meta in a way that the top meta info shows only “Posted by” and the “date” whereelse the bottom meta would show the “categories” and “comments”?

    I can’t seem to figure this out.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Kdogg, let me know if you manage to alter the tab orders. I am trying to play with the code as well to see what I can come up with.

    @Luke, I think there is a maximum size for the headlines on the sidebar, else it wont fit on the image.

    @WilsonC, for the tabs on the top section, you would need to place around with the CSS, but better to ask Lorenzo how he did it to save you some time :).

    One suggestion, download the web developer extension for Firefox and take a look at his CSS and source code.

    For the post meta, take a look at index.php for a section that looks like this:

    <div class=”postMeta”>

    <span class=”date”><?php the_time(‘M.d, Y’) ?></span> in

    <span class=”filed”><?php the_category(‘, ‘); ?></span>


    <div class=”postContent”><?php the_content(‘[Read the rest of this entry…]’); ?></div<

    <p class=”comments”><?php comments_popup_link(‘Leave a Comment’, ‘Comments (1)’, ‘Comments (%)’); ?></p>

    You can play around with each field, moving it above or below the post. “the_content” is the post itself.

    Remember to change that on single.php also afterwards, and possible on archives.php.

  • WilsonC

    Ok great… Thanks Daniel. That Firefox tip will help a lot as well. Cheers!

  • Kdogg

    In the CSS
    change “text-transform: lowercase;”
    “text-transform: capitalize;”
    to make the first letter of each page a capital letter.
    use “text-transform: uppercase;”
    to make every letter uppercase

  • ersin

    very beautiful.. thank you vert much. I will make a blog like this.

  • Luke W Parker

    Hi Daniel,

    I realize that it is too long, but I have no options to change it… There simply is no “edit” link for me to click on inside my widget panel, that box can only be moved up and down but not accessed at all.

    The only thing I can think to do is search for it in my SQL database… That would make me really nervous though! -Does anyone here have any better idea?


  • güvenlik

    I am just unsure where to go about changing it. Any suggestions? If you can point me in the right direction I should be able to figure it out. Thanks.

  • jake

    amazing theme

    I would like to change the header to have a logo image instead of text.. i kind of saw how to do it but can you give me more help? i am not good with CSS! I also am not sure how to do it in a way taht it will blend in well with the background.. thanks!!!!!

  • nba video online

    very good!

  • Estella

    Thank you for this WP theme! I’ve been looking for something similar for months but never found anything like StudioPress before. Congrats & thanks again!

  • hero

    hey daniel this theme is great but with firefox it shows perfect. (sidebars )

    But while seeing in IE .6 It is messed up check i have it on . Please help how should i fix it 🙁
    between also send me source psd and all 😀

    hero dinei

  • hero

    soory i forgot to mention i am using WordPress 2.5.1


  • Dean Saliba

    Is this download no longer available?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Hero, I will take a look.

    @Dean, thanks for the heads up, the download link is working again now.

  • André Baars

    Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for this great theme!!!!! I changed my old one directly when i saw this one!

    two questions:

    1. how can i add the name from the poster to the post? (like : Posted by…) I have different posters on my blog.
    2. When im “grabbing the feed” it shows a wrong adres: http://http:/ How to resolve this?

    Thank you in advance.

    André Baars
    The Netherlands

  • Brad

    For anyone else wanting to remove a page from your header tabs follow these instructions:

    1. Open up header.php from your StudioPress directory
    2. Find this section of code:
    if (is_page($the_page_id)) {
    $addclass = ‘ class=”current_page”‘;
    } else {
    $addclass = ”;
    $output .= ‘ID).'” title=”‘.$thats_all->post_title.'”>’.$thats_all->post_title.’‘;

    Replace it with this:

    If ($the_page_id ‘9’) {
    if (is_page($the_page_id)) {
    $addclass = ‘ class=”current_page”‘;
    } else {
    $addclass = ”;
    $output .= ‘ID).'” title=”‘.$thats_all->post_title.'”>’.$thats_all->post_title.’‘;

    Just replace the 9 with whatever page ID you want to exclude from the tabs at the top of the theme.

  • ed


    How come when i use the More tag, the sidebars go down? Is there a way to correct this? I dont want to use excerpts since it does not include the photos


  • trustadvert

    please can you send me the psd file?
    i need it for a german site.

    thank you

  • Saeed

    Hi there, Daniel.

    My jaw literally hit the floor once I came across your theme…it was the “PERFECT” theme I had in my mind for my blog. Thank you very much for sharing it with us all. 🙂

    I have a bit of a problem when using it on my blog though. I’m using WordPress 2.5. I’m trying to add the author tag, so that with the meta data, it also shows “Posted by [author name]”. However, it never makes the change.

    Moreover, I can’t change literally ANYTHING in the theme. In index.php, where you have coded as:


    When I change the text “in” to “under the category”, it again makes no changes on the site. I have even tried making the same changes to page.php and archives.php but with no success.

    The Theme Editor seems to be working fine, because when I change the theme back to default (as it is now), I can make all sort of changes.

    Could you kindly help me out here and guide me as to where am I going wrong and what changes need to be made? Being a doctor with very limited knowledge of HTML and PHP, I am sort of lost and would be very grateful for your help.

  • Saeed

    Sorry, it seems to have gobbled up the code which I had pasted. Here it is, with ‘
    (span class=”date”> in
    (span class=”filed”>

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Saeed, I see the author tag working fine on your site, one of them was posted by Saeed, and the other by admin.

    For making changes, make sure the file permissions are set correctly.

  • Saeed

    Thank you very much for responding promptly, Daniel. Yes, I kept on tinkering around with the code until I got it right.

    There’s one small thing – if you could help me on it. When I open the author page by clicking on the author of an entry, it gives this wierd quotation mark along with the name of the author on the top of the browser (Firefox). Any idea what could be wrong there and how I could fix it?

  • tc

    Thanks for the theme. I have started using it on my blog @
    I have tweaked it a little bit for my own needs.

  • ph


    in my header.php there is code :

    if (is_page($the_page_id)) {
    $addclass = ‘ class=”current_page”‘;
    } else {
    $addclass = ”;
    $output .= ‘ID).'” title=”‘.$thats_all->post_title.'”>‘.$thats_all->post_title.’‘;

    so there is need for different edit?

    it’s really ugly to see so much topics on pages in header …

    and is there a way to change color on theme, is so dark in header?

  • ph

    And how we can put ads IN post or page, for example, in the middle of a post?

  • Cesar

    ph @ brad,
    Hey man i think you are having the same problem or concern that i had and never got an answer for. I am the kind of person that likes to create pages instead of post for SEO if you know what i mean. So if you ever figure out how to fix that please let me know. I have try many possible suggestions but i am not an expert on this.
    Check out how my Ads are layout on my site and let me know if that is what you are looking to do.

    I also notice that the newer version of wordpress messed up the picture insertion. If you want to insert a picture to the write and wrapped up around the text, it won’t work. i used to do it with my old posts and now it’s gone.
    it really sucks

  • ph

    Cesar, if you answer to me i can say this:

    i’m not programmer, i’m not designer. On all of these questions should answer theme author.

    If i see that this theme author doesn’t support problems with his own theme, i won’t use this theme anymore.

    as simple as that. 🙂

    there is so much other wp themes with good support for it.

  • Cesar

    Hey PH i agree with you., I know there are so many other wp themes but none with this clean design. Anyhow, good luck and if you know of any other adsence ready and SEO theme let me know.

  • Miltski

    I’m trying to modify the StudioPress Orange Theme. And I have been messing with the code (trial n error) all day trying to remove the 3 adsence ad areas. But I just seem to do it. Please some one advise.
    It’ll be much appreciated.

  • Tropper

    Great theme – have been using it for about 3 months and received great feedback.
    I am having trouble with my feedburner. I need to be able to manipulate the feed code that was automatically established with the theme but I dont know where to look in the theme editor.
    Can you help??

  • Saeed

    I agree with Tropper. I am having a similar problem with Feedburner. I’m using the FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin with WordPress 2.5 but it is not directing the default RSS URLs to Feedburner, as the plugin should actually work. I’d be grateful for any help in this regard. 🙂

  • ph

    ok cesar 🙂

    where we can put google analytics code when there isn’t body tag?

  • Cesar

    Hey to insert google analytics, i pasted on the footer.php file and it is been working fine for me.
    the way i do it, i paste the code right after the default code.

    _uacct = “XX-XXXXXX-X”;

    This kind of how mine looks like. It is easy, hope you understand my amateur explanation. Keep in touch man.

  • Cesar

    Hey PH to insert google analytics, i pasted it on the footer.php file
    , i paste the code right after the default code.

    _uacct = “XX-XXXXXX-X”;

    Good Luck @ph.

  • Cesar

    PH for some reason the comment i posted did not show correctly. e-mail me and i will let you know how i did it. you can contact me trough

  • Robert

    There are two posts above that indicate the code required in order to exclude any desired page from the header…both examples very slightly it seems if you look carefully, and neither worked for me. I really like this theme, but I wish this would be made easier with respect to this excluding a page issue. Can anyone please post back clear instructions on how to exclude a page. Also…I assume the only way to know the exact page number to exclude is to hover over the page link in the manage section, and view the number in the bottom left browser window, right??? THANK YOU!

  • Brian

    Really like the look, however can’t figure out how to add “Posted by [author]”.

    Anyone figure this out?


  • Homeworker

    I have spent all day fiddling with this great theme, then ended up here to try to find out how to do two things:
    1] Remove some tabs from the top
    2] Reorder the tabs

    At the time of writing there doesn’t seem to be a solution.

    I wish you all luck, but I might have to choose another theme for now.

  • Robert

    Dont all answer at once.

  • Saeed

    @ Brian:

    Yeah, I figured this one out. You’ll have to add some code in the appropriate space in the codes for home.php, archive.php, single.php etc. I tried posting it here but it doesn’t appear properly. I’ll try it anyway, once again:

    Posted by

    For further reference, see


    I’m sure you’ll understand what to do.

  • Homeworker

    I’m still keen to get this working. Tried another 4 themes since last night … it’s a nice theme. But I do NEED to be able to pick which are tabs are which aren’t.

    Using the exclude plug in removes items from the menu, which I don’t want.

    I want to be able to use the menu on the widget bar, but restrict the number of tabs.

    Shame. Best I’ve seen for what I had in mind.

  • Saeed

    @ Homeworker

    I’m not sure if I am understanding your problem correctly, but as you can see on my blog, I have only the “home” tab at the moment. The tabs are actually pages. If you don’t want a particular tab on top, simply unpublish the page from the Manage>Pages menu.

    Hope it works for you.

  • Homeworker

    If I unpublish it, it won’t be seen will it?

    e.g. I have a structure of:

    – cats
    – dogs
    – fish

    – swallow
    – eagle
    – robin

    If animals, cats, dogs, fish, birds, swallow, eagle, robin are all pages then that would create 8 tabs.

    If I unpublish cats, dogs, fish, swallow, eagle, robin, then there would be the two tabs I want left at the top, but no way to link to them (they won’t show up on the menu any more I presume) and if I link to them in my posting, because they are unpublished, will the visitor get an error?

    I would like, say, the two tabs at the top for the top level pages of animals and birds. Then use the widget to show the full Pages list showing all the page names so people can go straight to dogs from the home page because the link for that would be in the Links Widget in the sidebar.

  • Saeed

    @ Homeworker

    I’m afraid you have me stumped there, my friend. I have nothing more to offer that is different from what has already been posted above.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @mitski, did you manage to remove the adsense areas? You just need to find the php file that is insertin them, and remove the code.

    @Homeworker, I will ask for the coder of the theme to see if he has an answer for that.

  • Fred

    Is there a way to change “Blogroll” to another link category name? It seems like when I switch to this theme it goes back to Blogroll although all links are set to something else.

  • Robert

    Any answer yet to Homewrecker & my questions regarding how to leave out certain pages from the top of the header area? There has to be some sort of wiz out there who can give clear instructions on how to do that.

  • Robert

    lol – home worker…not homewrecker….sorry!!!

  • Dax

    I’ll add my compliments to those above and say that Studiopress is a great theme.

    I am having the same problem as most others in that I don’t want all my pages to be displayed as tabs. I notice that most of the themes on seem to operate in this way.

    Some people have suggested ways of exluding certain pages, but I have many pages and only want 3 or 4 of them to be tabs. It seems it would be a worthwhile upgrade to these themes to have a method of selecting which pages become tabs.

    In the mean time, I will attempt to work around it with my non-existent php/css skills.


  • Daniel Scocco


    The easiest way to do this is do remove the script that calls the pages now, and add the links manually to each page you want there.

    In order to don’t lose the styling, add the links on the following way:

    <li><a href=”#” rel=”nofollow”><span>Home</span></a></li>

    Let me know if this does not work for you.

  • Dietrich Duke

    Ok, well, in firefox that fix works great…after a few tweaks of the margins. However, since we have this other browser that tends to break when margins are played with, in IE, it shows up way out of whack. Any ideas?

  • Virginia

    Hey Dietrich Duke or somebody who have already done what Daniel Scocco said on August 20th, 2008 12:53 pm. Can you please tell me what lines did you remove because i trid and i blows everything up.
    Its hard to paste the code on here so can you, IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME OF COURSE, e-mail me the code at this e-mail.
    You can just copy the whole code on that file. i think is the header.php and send it to me after the fix. I will appreciate it so much.

  • Dietrich Duke

    Ok, I just had this problem myself and it seems to be because I forgot to put the tag before the …..stupid error i know, but i didnt even think to check on it.

    Try that and lemme know how it goes (dietrichmd at att NETwork

  • Dietrich Duke

    I also don’t know if anyone has had this problem, post fix, but now my links are all enclosed in quotes….and no matter what i do to try to remove them, they remain in quotes. For example:“?page_id=8”

  • Brian

    I’m using WP version 2.0, version 18, will StudioPress work on 2.0? When I select it in the WP admin area I get a blank screen. I then need to delete the file from my host in order to even see the WP admin login screen.

    Any thoughts?

  • Gravity

    awesome theme… using it for my blog for sure =D

  • Larry

    My site is now showing up well in firefox
    any suggestions or fixes?

  • Larry

    sorry it is NOT showing up well in firefox

  • Nual

    Hi there, great work but i’ve got a problem with nextpage quicktag. It seems it doesnt work in this theme. Is there any way you can fix it? thanks

  • Aksesoris Murah

    Big Problem!!!
    Why in the category view image not showed cause i want image show in it too.
    an thanks for this great theme

  • Amit

    Thanks for a very nice theme.
    I found another issue when I applied the theme to my blog :
    I use WP 2.6.1 , where I have a “welcome page” (static page ) at and the blog itself is on
    I get 3 tabs :
    1. home (which when clicked bring me to but the ‘active’ tab appear to be “welcome page”)
    2. Welcome Page (which bring me to )
    3. Blog (which brings me to but the active tab is “home”).
    Where did “home” came from ? I’m a WP beginner , am I doing something wrong ?

    Thanks again for a great theme.

  • Dietrich Duke

    So how do i enable a comment form on a page, (like the one’s on a post)

  • David Lamb

    Thanks for the great theme. I’ve had it on my site for a while now, but it doesn’t seem to work on IE. It seems to glitch and the posts don’t appear.

  • Brian Gallagher

    I recently loaded the Studio Press theme. I’m having trouble getting my RSS feed to work. I tried signing up to my feed at Google’s reader but it kept saying that there was no feed.

    I signed up with FeedBurner and their feed now works in Google reader (I can get my posts) however I don’t know where to update my settings in the admin area. In other words if I’m setting my feed to FeedBurner don’t I need to put the new FeedBurner link in my admin area somewhere? Do I need to go in and update the header code? The reason I’m asking is I have a “Grab Our RSS Feed” link at the top of my page with the original WordPress feed link “feed:” (which still does nothing) and I would like it to update to the new FeedBurner link.

    I’m Lost, any help would be appreciated.

    Also, my host had WordPress version 2.0 on their server. I updated to 2.6.1 and had major problems when I tried to add a new theme (I got a white screen and couldn’t access the blog or the admin area) so I then removed 2.6.1 and installed 2.5.1. At least the Studio Press theme is able to run now. Anyway, thats why I’m still using version 2.5.

    Is there any major reason I should be using version 2.6.1?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Dax

    Thought I would share my temporary fix for SELECTING which pages become tabs rather than EXCLUDING pages.

    In the SQL Statement that selects all records which are pages and ae published, I made it also select only those by a certain author. Then I created another author and changed those posts to that author.

    It seems to be working for me, not sure whether it would be considered a good fix or not. For those that don’t want to have another author, you could do the same thing with any of the other fields, eg. all published pages were page count is = 0. Or if you have no unpublished pages, you can unpublish the ones you want as tabs and select records which are pages and unpublished.

    Hope this helps someone.


  • BStrong


    I am trying out your StudioPress theme. It looks great. One question though — how do I make the RSS button in the top right of the page connect to my feedburner account (or any other RSS generator for that matter)?


  • Merrypic. Free Image hosting and Share Photo

    very good

  • Audun

    I got exactly the same problem as Brian. In WordPress 2.6.1 this Theme causes all pages to be completely white, and without content whatsoever.

  • Philip James

    This is a great theme that seems really well put together, but the major problem I’m having is the lack of favicon support. Using the tutorial at
    I was unable to get this theme to display the favicon. Any help?

  • Saim Baig

    Awesome one.Waiting for its Blogger version.

  • Tanya

    Having trouble with the “Welcome” section on the sidebar. When I go to Design–>Theme Options, type a greeting and click “update options”, I receive a page that says, “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” When I click “Please try again”, it takes me back to the “Theme options greeting page”.

  • Gravity

    awesome skin. i was wondering if i could change the post title font. help plz.

  • ramsay

    I need to know what code to replace with what you suggested – Home. I tried putting it in a bunch of different places in the header but it did not work for me. Please let me know what this needs to replace or where it needs to go in the header. Thanks.

  • ramsay

    Sorry – wasn’t thing that it would create the link. I was referring to excluding page titles from the header and your post about —> Home

  • Brian

    I love this theme.

    Is there a way to get the “more” tag to break to the next line. The display “Read the rest of this entry” sometimes gets broken in half depending where it’s placed. Any thoughts?

    Also, could I possibly get the PNG file of the RSS button on top? I’d like to change the color if possible.

    Let me know. Thanks for a wonderful theme.


  • Brian

    Is there a way to change the Meta RSS Feed and RSS Comments feed from the default WordPress feeds to Feedburners?

    I looked at the Studiopress Meta code in the sidebar.php and didn’t see any reference to either of these links. I only see the meta links I have added myself.

    Let me know, thanks.

    P.S. I love the theme

  • David Lamb

    Does this theme not work with Internet Explorer for anyone else.

  • Matthew Bowler

    I am having some fun with your theme. Thanks.

  • David Lamb

    Also, not to be a pain, but I can’t get the “categories” to go away from my sidebar even though it’s not added as a widget.

  • Sean Grimes

    For some reason, I can’t get the search widget to show up in this theme. It simply will not display for me.

  • Saeed

    You’re right, Sean. I’ve never needed the Search widget, but when I tried to enable it, it wouldn’t display on my side either.

  • Cesar

    Hello David Lamb how are you man. I just read your comment about the site not working on internet Explorer. Please lets try to do something about this problem because my site does work on internet explorer either.

  • David Lamb

    Hey Cesar. I definitely feel your pain but I have no idea what we can do. I don’t see many other people saying it doesn’t work with IE for them, so I wonder what we’re doing differently. I’ll tell you if I come upon a solution. Otherwise best of luck.

    P.S. for the time being you can get a “download firefox plugin” to load a dropdown banner when someone tries to load the page with IE. That’s all I can do for now.

  • Cesar

    David Lamb I think that started happening after the last update of wordpress. I hate what the did with the way we upload images. They fix someting and screw something else. I hope to hear from you soon. Best of luck

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Larry, is looking fine for me on Firefox.

    @Amit, the ‘home’ tab is included automatically and it links to the homepage of your blog.

    @Brian and BStrong, you just need to open the header.php file and put the link to your feedburner feed around the RSS image.

  • Sean Grimes

    There is a feedburner plugin for wordpress that can do this also.

  • ph

    I also have problem with working my site on IE.

    Earlier everything seems fine but now, i don’t have shown sidebar on right side???

  • Cesar

    Hey PH i also have problem with my site.
    If you see on IE i can only see part of it. It happened
    recently. i don’t think we are doing anything wrong.
    I hope not.
    If find a solution please post it here

  • Esther

    Im in the process of building this website and I have come across a small glich. It has a “about” tab at the top of the page and I do not want that there. Where can I find the code to delete this option. As you can probably tell Im a bit of a novice at this so all assistance will be appreciated.



  • Virginia

    Daniel I thought that you might be the only one to know this. If you take a time and please view my site using internet explorer you can see that it is not visible on internet explorer. It was fine, i did not mess with anything and i tried one day to open it on IE and it looks like it does right now.

    Tips de Tecnología

    Any advise will be very appreciated……

  • Virginia

    DOn’t worry about it Daniel i figured out what i was.
    I was pasting the text stright from Word.

    An Advise for the people who are having the same problem that i had which was that haft of my site was not showing up is because i was pasting the text from word. Paste it from note pad so that no format is within it.

    Good Luck

  • Jason


    Great theme!

    Whats the easiest way to remove the adense blocks and replace with my affilaite banners???

    Tried inserting code within adsense.php pages but no joy, it just disapears and no banner at all.

    Many thanks

  • Jason

    No worries sorted! Affiliate code was wrong 🙂

  • ph

    It doesn’t mater if you copy text from word or other editor ….

    See picture, it is my site viewing in IE…

    Problem come with wordpress 2.62 i guess, so no one else up to theme author cannot correct problems in this theme because its his theme and he should know where is a problem …

  • Andre

    1. How do I imit the number of posts on the home page?

    2. How can I change the ‘Home’ menu name?

  • Saeed

    Hey Daniel, any thoughts about the issue highlighted above, about the search widget not showing on the theme?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Esther, check comment 175 for that.

    @ph, try tweaking the .img classes on the style.css

    @Andre, 1) open the index.php file and locate the line that is setting the number of posts

    2) on the header.php file

    @Saeed, the theme comes with a search box from scratch. Just copy and paste it if you want to move the search box around.

  • ph

    “@ph, try tweaking the .img classes on the style.css”

    how to do that?

  • Andre

    You wrote:
    @Andre, 1) open the index.php file and locate the line that is setting the number of posts 2) on the header.php file

    I don’t see any place where I can specify the number of post. On what line?

  • indratopklik

    nice theme, i want it

  • mike

    daniel, can you please help me make this theme work on Internet Explorere ?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Mike, it does work in Internet Explorer. Send me screenshots and IE version if you want us to take a closer look.

  • ph

    It doesn’t work properly with IE!!!

    I already post a screenshot and you didn’t offer any understandable solution!

  • ph

    it doesn’t work proprely with IE!

    I already post a screenshot and you didn’t offer any solution!

  • don

    oops sorry. didn’t realize i’d copied/pasted so much extraneous text.

  • Dave

    Is there a way to remove the “Comments Off” on the home page?
    Where it has Date>> Category>> Comments Off
    over the individual posts list…


  • Fabio

    Hi Daniel! Awsome theme! Can you send me the PSD files for translate to portuguese? Thank you!

  • André


    I just love the theme, however, i also have the issue with the tabs. I have tried some of the solutions in this post but i can´t get it right.

    If I try to change the code in header.php I get an error. One suggestion was to “change the number 9” or something like that, well, if I have more than one page that I want to exlude, how do I do that (changing one page didn´t work either…)?

    Has anyone found a good solution for this issue?

    I really hate to abandon this theme, but if all of my subpages are showing in the top menu tabs, i´m afraid I have to…

  • Martin

    Here’s a tip for all the people looking to remove some tabs from the top of the page:

    First, find out what the ID of the page that you want to remove is. The easiest way is going to the page editor and opening the relevant page; the URL will contain the parameter post=XXXX. Remember this number.

    Then, open the file header.php in your StudioPress theme directory. Find the line that starts with $these_pages = $wpdb->get_results. Near the end of this line, you’ll find this piece of code:

    and post_type = “page” order by ID

    Add the text ‘and ID XXXX’, substituting the page ID you want to hide for the XXXX. So for example, to hide page 689, the entire line would become:

    $these_pages = $wpdb->get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and post_type = “page” and ID 689 order by ID’);

    You can hide multiple pages by repeating the “and ID ” part.

  • André


    Great tip! However, i think you mean that replace the XXX with the pages you want in your tabs since the code tells wp the ID of your shown pages. All other pages will be hidden.

    Am I right?

  • André

    Oh…one more thing…adding a second “and ID = xxx” doesn´t work…

  • André

    Got it! you have to add “or ID = XX” in order to make multiple choices.

  • André

    Theme doesnt work with IE7.

    Can someone take a look at my site using IE6 or 7.

    The site doesnt look right, any suggestions?

  • kenneth


    Do you plan to update this theme for wordpress 2.7.

    Because threaded comments can’t work.

    Thank you.

  • Mark

    On Firefox, the feed button acts up.
    When you try to put your mouse over it, only certain parts of the button is clickable. Do any of you noticed that?

  • Saeed

    Yes Mark, you’re absolutely right. It does the same with me in firefox as well.

    By the way, Daniel, is there possibly gonna be any update of this theme? Perhaps a quick fix as to how we can enable threaded comments which comes as part of WordPress 2.7?

  • Pastor Cortés

    Great Theme Daniel, I adopted it to my blog. Could you please send me the psd of grabrss.gif in SPANISH.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Marc

    Anyone got this going with Gallery2/WPG? I’d be very interested in the ease or pain of doing such.

  • René

    Another way to exclude pages from the tabs at the top of the page is to exclude sub-pages, you do this by only generating tabs for pages with no parent. All other pages must be sub-pages of one of the top pages.

    Change these lines in ‘header.php’ from:

    if ( ! $these_pages = wp_cache_get(‘these_pages’, ‘pages’) ) {
    $these_pages = $wpdb->get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and post_type = “page” order by ID’);


    if ( ! $these_pages = wp_cache_get(‘these_pages’, ‘pages’) ) {
    $these_pages = $wpdb->get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and post_type = “page” and post_parent = “0” order by ID’);

    What I have done is to add ‘and post_parent = “0”‘ to the SQL-query so it only returns pages on the top-level, then you don’t have to edit ‘header.php’ every time you want to add another page-tab.

    I hope that helps somebody.

    But another problem is that the theme is totally messed up in Internet Explorer 7, I hadn’t checked that until I read it here, as I mainly use FireFox.

  • ph

    Is this theme compatibile with wordpress 2.7?!

  • Sridhar Katakam

    Pages can easily be excluded from the page list using the pagemash plugin.

  • Jane


    I just installed the blog (have a few problems to still fix with images, etc.) but my main concern is:

    I don’t like how the “Comment” shows up near the post title. How can I move the “Comment” down to below the post and additionally have all of the comments showing up below that post??

    Hope you can help.

    Thanks for a great template. One of my resolves for 2009 was to change my theme and this one fit the bill (with the exception of this comments issue).


  • Mustafa

    hi i’m using wordpress 2.7. This admin pane permalinks problem.

  • Thomas

    Hi Daniel,

    Great theme!

    I have a problem with the “Grab our Rss”-thing.
    I placed my feedburner url around the image like u said, updated but when I click, nothing happens.


    <img src=”/images/grabrss.gif” alt=”grab our rss feed”>

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanx for help!

    Best regards,


  • Thomas


    In here it seems to work but not in the theme. Is there something else I should edit?

    Best regards,


  • Thomas

    I noticed that also the links in the footer don’t work.
    How can I fix this problem? Any idea’s?

    I have this problem only in the header and the footer.

    I really want to use this theme so any help is welcome.

    Best regards,


  • iArtisan

    I’m baffled as to why there isn’t an easy option to change the page menu tab order at the top. I see possible fixes for excluding certain pages, but why no fix for changing the tab order?
    PageMash only works for the sidebar menu.

  • Nathan

    We recently moved to a new site with bluehost and imported wordpress, we are using this theme and like it. The problem is the issue with IE. We cannot get it to load in IE. What can we do to fix this situation?

  • Sohail

    Great theme…….like it 🙂

  • susan michaels

    I love this theme however I am having a little trouble. I have two additional pages that I do not want my sidebars to show up in-I am new to this and the last theme I was using actually had a link for me to eliminate sidebars on the pages I chose. I don’t see that this is possible with ease on this one. I am not a techie, so please, step by step instructions would be best. So many useless answers out there for those of us who are not familiar with writing code. Thanks for your help.

  • Sridhar Katakam


  • Adam @ Checkbook Diaries

    Hi. I really enjoy the look and feel of this theme. I just viewed by site, and noticed that all except the two most recent posts appear on the home page as bold and italic when they hadn’t before. When you click on the title to go to the article, they appear without the inadvertent bold/italic as they should.

    Have you seen this before or know what I need to do to change the text back to plain?

  • michael

    Will this be update for WP 2.7


  • Jordan

    Great Theme…

    1: I was wondering if anyone has an example of code to change the header to include an image either as a complete background where the black is or between the title and the rss feed. I feel that this is the only thing missing from the theme. I’ve tried to replace some of the images, but it never looks good because of the way it was written.

    2: Anyone figure out an exact code change to limit the number of posts on the main page?

    Thanks to anyone that takes the time to help me out, I am almost satisfied with the theme except for these last two items I can’t figure out.

  • Tim

    Can anyone tell me how to limit the number of postings on the first page to only 8 instead of the 15 that currently show.


  • Kushal Koolwal

    After couple of months, I found out that this theme uses home.php file instead of index.php file. All this while I was trying to use index.php and no matter what I changed, nothing use to happen.

  • moti

    There is a problem on internet explorer 8, The theme doesn’t loading.

  • Michael

    IE 8 needs a tag line adding to header, this for every website and yet another example of MS ignoring web standards.

  • Julian

    Hi. I’m testing this theme on a test domain ( and it looks real good! 🙂

    But are there any plans of language support?

  • moti

    Thanks for help,

    I was replace all the wordpress file to a new version.
    And now its work 🙂

  • Dennis

    Hi! I tried to replace the adsense blocks with clickbank banner ads but the size of the merchants banners don’t fit in the blocks. How would I get around this to make it fit? I’m a newbie to all this so sorry if the question sounds stupid to some people. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

  • papabear

    can we change the template to use index.php instead of home.php. I have a program that would only run if the code is installed on index.php.

    please help

  • Kushal Koolwal

    Yes papabear. Index.php and home.php are the exactly the same file. If you simply delete/rename home.php WP will automatically use index.php. I have done that with my installation and it works great.

    I am very puzzled as to why the author had two exactly same files.

  • djrico

    I love this theme! I wanna use it but it would be better if I could have the PSD files. Thanks Daniel!

  • oscar

    amazing theme. using it right now. thanks 🙂

  • Eric Wong

    Hey Guys,

    Great theme, I love the design. I think I’ve found a bug though.

    I’m using a Plugin called ‘Page Link Manager’. What it does is allow you to not show Pages that you create in the navigation area.

    The page I don’t want shown is ‘Registration Confirmed’ at the top of my page. I’ve unchecked it in Page Link Manager, but it still shows.

    Also – centering images is an issue.

    Any ideas?



  • Mário

    Having problem with text around the image, it was fine, but with this great theme I does not look good.

  • Mário

    found the solution, thanks, I saw somebody also asked so what I did was ading this code to the css file.

    img.alignleft, div.alignleft {
    margin:0 0.5em 0.5em 0;
    img.alignright, div.alignright {
    margin:0 0 0.5em 0.5em;
    img.aligncenter, div.aligncenter {
    margin:0 auto;

  • real estate

    Well done because Studiopress has to be one of the most professional generic templates around. It could suit literally thousands of different topics which is precisely why I’m downloading it

  • Kirk

    Is it possible to place a logo on the StudioPress blog, say in the upper right hand corner instead of having the RSS Feed message?


  • Chentsol

    I wonder if someone can help – i.e. if possible, please?

    Basically, within the Meta area in the sidebar, there is this link to that I’d like to remove. I have gone into sidebar.php and removed line 49, which I thought was the reference to it, but this appears to have had no effect.


  • Chentsol


    That was “Server”, Not “Saver”

    And off course It’s Step (6) from 5!

    LOL! LOL!

  • Chentsol

    @275 KIRK,

    FIRST: In your StudioPress folder within your server, or before you upload, locate the folder called “images” and inside it find the file “grabrss.gif.”

    This is the image file for that RSS graphic, and you will basically need to place your logo in here and ask the “header” code to point to your new image.


    (1) If you don’t want to use this graphic anywhere at all, then delete “grabrss.gif”

    (2) Upload or place your logo image file (e.g. “Newlogo.jpg”) inside the “images” folder.

    (3) From your admin dashboard look in your “header.php” and go to line 31, and the next few lines underneath, which look like this;

    <a href=”feed:”>
    <img src=”/images/grabrss.gif” alt=”grab our rss feed”>

    (4) DELETE this line:

    <a href=”feed:”>

    That line of code controls the link to the RSS feed.

    (5) In the line “<img src=”/images/grabrss.gif” alt=”grab our rss feed”>,” Repalce “grabrss.gif” with your new image filename, i.e. “Newlogo.jpg”

    (6) Make sure to replace the alternative text as well, i.e. replace alt=”grab our rss feed” with alt=”your new text for logo.”


    However, at Step 4, I think you would have to EDIT instead of deleting the line:

    <a href=”feed:”>

    and replace


    with your link URL (e.g. to your home page).



    I am also trying to stop it underlining all my links, but I don’t know how to do this.

    Your help would be very much appreciated.



  • Chentsol

    DBT are strange; basically my correction appeared before the text I was correcting did… I wrote (278) before (277)

  • kath


    im using wp2.71 and uploaded the theme studiopress1.2 i initially installed 1.0 but wordpress says there a new version 1.2 but when i tried the option “upgrade automatically” installation failed so i jsut manually downloaded and uploaded the 1.2 version and activated it.

    anyway, on both versions im having trouble with the widgets thing. it seems that no matter how i change the widgets on my sidebar 1 and 2, and even tried to empty it all, when you view my page the categories widget always appear on top of the sidebar 1. how do i remove that there and make my sidebars show only the widgets i put in?

    also how do i change my rss feed link on the “grab our rss feed” on the upper right corner of the page?

    please email me if you have answers to my questions. i’d really appreciate it. thank yo so much

  • Ari

    This is an incredible and I am using it to develop a new site.

    How can I replace the header text with a logo image? I am a bit tech savy but I am certianly not a coder.

    Any help would be greatefully appreciated!

    Thanks – Ari

  • Eamon

    I am having trouble displaying the two side bar adsense when a posted is directly accessed. It is fine on the home page but when accessed directly the post will only show the top adsense bar and not the two side ones. Kinda strange….

  • quocvuong

    I can’t see comment in the pages same the posts when i changed this template.
    Help me

  • thunderclap82

    I’m trying to get the pages in the nav bar (header) in a specific order. The WP code doesn’t seem to apply as others have pointed out here. The code that seems to be the culprit is

    echo list_all_pages();?>

    Is there a variable to have it sort the page order by the number assigned in the WP Admin Panel?

  • Csaba

    Very nice theme. Thank you.

  • seven

    I am trying to activate de subpages in the nav bar.I am using and I don´t know how to do it.
    I want to have subpages in the nav bar whit diferent content

  • Peter

    nice theme, best for seo

  • ดูหนัง

    I love this them. I will use it on my next blog. Thank you.

  • Jason

    Haven’t been able to get the exclude page plugin to work on studio press. A new page which is selected to be excluded still stays as a tab. Has anyone managed to get it to work. Or has anyone found a way to add posts without them being displayed in catagories or blog.

    In short I need to be able to have some pages of content which are not in any menus from the readers point of view.

  • Jason

    off another site. How to solve the page order issue

    In line 45 of header.php change “ID” to “menu_order”.

    $these_pages = $wpdb->get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and post_type = “page” order by menu_order’);

  • Kye

    Hey Jason.

    I tried that small tweak and it does not work for me. Pages set in hierarchy are still showing on the main header.

    Any more tweaks to try will be very welcome. I love this theme but i cant have this page issue.


  • Jason

    someone else tried it and it didn’t work. You sure you are editing the correct line and bit. You just change the last “ID” to menu_order.

    Obviously afterwards you have to go through each page and a edit the number so 1 will be top left and 2 next etc etc. I am not at all good with html stuff so can’t really offer any adivice.

  • Jason

    im still looking for a widget to display recent posts. The one that I have found seems to double post it and does not stay in a single column. There is one to display posts in specific cats but I would like one for all recent posts in all cats. Anyone?

  • Simon

    Hi everybody,
    I just know the basics of html and editing php.
    So my Question are it possible to change the top menu.
    I want it to show the categories instead of the pages.
    I tried to rewrite it but i failed many times.

    2.Am I allowed to edit the images of the Theme if i (of course) leave ur credit in the footer?

    Thank u very much!
    And by the way: Love the Theme 🙂


  • Lena

    When I click the #respond (leave a comment) link at the bottom of my pages, nothing happens. How can I fix that?

  • Zero Gaming Alliance

    Tried to post a working fix for the header . php excluding pages problem but it didnt seem to work. I made a post about it over at Zero Gaming Alliance. Don’t mean to advertise, tried to post it but didn’t work – it can be found at:

    Good Luck!

  • DJSlim

    in the wp_list pages in the header, is there a way to make the first letter capitalized on the tabs?


  • Jamal

    Hai I think iam a late user of studio press its alright thanks to creators of this superb theme.

    two 1.question i want to put a new file i manually created ex time.php i want it to place in studio press themes folder it shows
    500 cannot check for file extension
    What may be the problem how to fix it
    2.When I click the #respond (leave a comment) link at the bottom of my pages, nothing happens. How can I fix that?

  • Russ

    Hey, just a quick question: I’ve been using and enjoying the original version of StudioPress, but just noticed that there’s an upgrade – to version 2.1.

    What’s the quick, down and dirty way to upgrade without losing any of my current formatting, display, appearance, etc?

    Since I’ve had this theme for a few years, I sure don’t want to lose all the tweaks I’ve made during that time.

    Hope you can help and thanks for such a nice theme!


  • islandfun

    Hi: I’m a newbie here and just downloaded this theme. Can someone tell me how do I edit the footer to include my disclaimer, privacy policy and contact pages?

  • Paul Dunn

    Love the studiopress design. I’ve forwarded your site to some friends who have also downloaded it. Also thanks to you and the others in the comment stream who have helped me solve an issue with the TABS.


  • FlicksRealm

    I noticed the logout function doesn’t work properly on my site next to the comments.

    I modified the code in comments.php to logout properly and return to the current page…


    “Logged in as <a href="/wp-admin/profile.php”>. <a href="/wp-login.php?action=logout” title=”Log out of this account”>Logout »”


    “Logged in as <a href="/wp-admin/profile.php”>. <a href="” title=”Logout”>Logout”

    Hope that helps somebody!

  • FlicksRealm

    I have had somebody email me about the code above which hasn’t posted correctly. Maybe the owner of the blog could edit the above comment to:

  • FlicksRealm

    <a href="” title=”Logout”>Logout

  • FlicksRealm

    The code hasn’t posted again properly. Please delete these last 3 comments and edit the original comment.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • David

    Firstly, I love the theme it’s nice and clean.
    My one issue and I’ve noticed a couple of others have brought this up as well, is the comments on pages don’t seem to work. Any ideas why?
    When I click the (leave a comment) link at the bottom of the page it just adds #respond to the end of the url but nothing happens.

  • Carmen

    Hey, I’m having one problem with this theme, I have my posts page on a different page other than the home page, and the active state for that posts page doesn’t work, that active tabs work on all other pages except for what ever the posts page is. Does anyone know why and how to fix this.

  • Brian Moseley

    @kdogg and other people about the page order problem, here is the solution:

    in header.php on line 47 replace the code with:

    if ( ! $these_pages = wp_cache_get(‘these_pages’, ‘pages’) ) {
    $these_pages = $wpdb->get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and post_type = “page” order by menu_order’);

    simply change the last “ID” to “menu_order”

    Thanks to Jason (post #290)

  • Jamal

    Thanks for your solution friend that’s what iam looking for

  • Terry

    For everyone that would like to remove pages from the top navigation. Find this:

    get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

    and change it to this:

    get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and ID != “38” and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

    In this example, it will remove page id 38


    • Melvin


      i tried :
      get_results(’select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and ID != “11″ and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

      but all pages got removed, and I want to exclude.

      Can you help?


      • Lisa


        This is because if you cut and paste from Terry’s response into your header.php the last ” at the end of 38 turns into a funky character. Here is what I did.

        Go into your header.php and find the original unedited code. Open up notepad and paste it in notepad

        Then take this code and paste it below the original code

        get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and ID != “38″ and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

        Then just follow the code word for word and make the changes.

        Also for any of you that are not code savvy like me, to remove multiple pages it will look like this:

        get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and ID != “9” “publish” and ID != “11” and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

        Repeat this code “publish” and ID != “9” for each page that you want to remove. Took me a few tries to get it 🙂

  • Keith

    I just spent about an hour going through these comments and playing around with the theme to get the top menu’s removed from the plug-ins to the header.php hacks and none worked.

    However, @ Terry’s suggestion above worked like a charm!

    So if you have come this far then use his example above to remove the pages you don’t want displayed in the menu.

    It would be nice though if someone could workout how to use a plugin e.g. pageMash as it would be quicker and easier to work with. Maybe I might look into this myself, but I’m no coder just a hacker 🙂

  • Hardy

    Hey, I’m totally a newbie here. My WordPress is 2.9.2. also installed are advertising manager 3.4.16, Using StudioPress Green 1.0 I have account with Google Adsense setup and its running OK, but there are the images wide skyscraper, imagad and banner still showing on web site. How do I remove those pre-installed images? PS at this time I’m only using two ads with Adsense: wide skyscraper 160×600 and large rectangle 336×280 take a look at it tyvm Hardy

  • Denny

    When adding a new post, is there a way to manually select an older post to remain in the top position?


  • Melvin


    It is there any way to take off the sidebar for a specific page?


  • NnpctO

    I need to receive from you mailing “Daily Blog Tips” I has subscribed for mailing and has already passed 4 days and I and hasn’t received anything. Please, look there at itself your post program can doesn’t dispatch the letter in my address? Or you while don’t have at present material for mailing?

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