5 Ways to Make Your Website More Professional

Mark Zeni

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Getting started online is pretty easy. All it takes is a domain name (which costs $10), web hosting (which costs $5 monthly or so) and a content management system like WordPress (which is free). That is why we have million of websites today.

What if you want to grow the audience of your site, transform it into a business, or use it to promote your exiting projects? In this case you will probably need to up your game and make your website look and feel more professional. Below you will find 5 tips for that purpose.

1. Get Fast Web Hosting

While shared web hosting is totally fine for getting started, as soon as you have larger goals for you site, you should consider getting an upgrade. With a shared hosting plan your site will probably be a bit slow, and it might go down occasionally, when other users on your shared server to something wrong. Both of these facts will negatively affect your Google rankings.

The first upgrade you should consider is getting a VPS, which is faster and more stable, and won’t cost a fortune. It is possible to get decent VPS plans for $30 per month or so.

2. Get a Professional Web Design

Getting a professional website design is paramount. Visitors will usually take only a couple of seconds to decide whether or not they want to stay on your site after visiting it for the first time, and the design and layout will directly impact that decision.

It is important to develop a brand, so pay attention to your logo design, colors, typography and so on.

3. Hire A Professional Writer/Editor

Your content is just as important. Even if people like your design, they will just leave your website if the content is boring, not useful or full of grammatical mistakes.

Hiring professional writers and editors is very easy these days, and it can also be affordable if you look in the right places. Sites like Freelancer.com and Upwork.com, for instance, allow you to post a job and get quotes from hundreds of writers from around the world.

4. Optimize for Mobile Devices

The world is mobile today. The vast majority of sites already get more visitors from mobile devices than from desktop ones. This means that your site needs to be optimized for smartphones and tables.

Google offers a very useful tool you can use to test how mobile friendly your website is. After running the tool, identify the key problems you have and make sure to fix them!

5. List Your Contact Information

Have you noticed how shady and amateur websites almost never have contact information available? On the other hand, have you noticed how business and established sites have a lot of contact information (e.g., phone numbers, address, email, social media accounts, etc)?

Guess what, providing contact information is one of the easiest methods you have to make your website look more professional, so why not do it?

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2 Responses to “5 Ways to Make Your Website More Professional”

  • Anil Agarwal

    Really, Mark, starting a professional blog isn’t more than this. This is the most basic guide about starting a blog I have read on the internet. And this is no fluffing…trust me!

    To start a blog, you only need to get a domain, get a fast and relaible web host, host your blog via the WordPress free platform and tweak the blogs design…load up contents on it. That’s it.

    But you have to make sure the blog is brandable and you are ready to put in the work to update the blog on almost a daily or weekly basis with evergreen posts that catches the readers attention from the word go..

    These are the things guarantees success as a blogger. Not so?

    Thanks for sharing this man. ia m sure newbie bloggers will find it useful and as well helpful. 🙂


  • Ravi Roshan Jaiswal

    Hey Mark,

    This is what I was looking for a long time ago. Very useful information to setup your site to look and work more professional. It is very easy to choose a domain name and hosting plan and then start blogging. But the quality of site can be categorized by it’s speed, design of your site, content and responsive design. The perfect knowledge of all these things, look your website awesome.

    This is very useful and seems like written only for me to boost my knowledge on website development. I am so grateful to you for providing a complete knowledge on the development of website, we must think before trying to look a site complete professional.

    Mobile responsive websites are good for visitor who browse the site through mobile devices. Also, Fast web hosting always matters to your site. Thanks for sharing.
    – Ravi.

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