Apply for the SEO Clinic

By Daniel Scocco

The Search Engine Journal started a new project called SEO Clinic. They will basically select one blog every week and optimize it. The tips and advice will include link building techniques, site navigation, usability, copywriting, social media optimization and more.

The project is a free service, and considering the expertise of those guys I guess that it could be worth even for established sites. You can candidate your blog for the SEO Clinic through the contact form on the website.


5 Responses to “Apply for the SEO Clinic”

  • Thilak

    Hey, Thanks for the heads up. I’ll go submit my blog. Lets see what they have to say

  • Daniel

    Yeah I submited Daily Blog Tips as well, I am doing pretty good in terms of search engine traffic, but second opinions and expert suggestions are always welcome.

  • Keith

    If you could know where you fall – you would spread some straw (there),

  • Sales Maverick

    Great stuff. Very informative.

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