Website Traffic Series Part 3: Leaving Comments on Other Blogs

By Daniel Scocco - 2 minute read

On the first part of this series we talked about how you can generate traffic to your website by getting it featured on Web Design and CSS galleries. On the second part we talked about Blog Carnivals. Today we will cover another basic yet effective strategy: leaving comments on other blogs.


The concept: Blogs are conversations. Most of them, in fact, allow any user to post a comment at the end of every article. Usually you just need to write down your name and email (kept private) and publish your comment.

Most blogging platforms also allow you to insert your website URL, which will then be used to hyperlink your name to your website.

Should people get curious, angry, excited or feel any other emotion while reading your comment, there is a good chance that they will click on the name to see what kind of website you have on the other side. If the blog where you left a comment is a popular one, you could end up receiving hundreds of visitors from a single comment.

Does it work?: Yes, but mainly when your blog is new. You will still receive traffic from blog comments even if your blog is one or two years old, but by that time I expect that your average daily traffic will be too large to be able to notice the blog comments incoming visitors.

There are also some guidelines that you should follow. First of all do not spam as many blogs as possible with as many comments as possible. People will recognize a self-promotional comment miles away, and usually they will just delete it (apart from the fact that it is pretty lame to leave comments just for the sake of traffic).

So first of all make sure that you are adding value to the conversation with your comment. That should be something easy and natural if you comment on blogs that are related to your niche. You should have endless things to talk about the topics you like after all, right?

Secondly, there are certain types of comments that will attract more attention: the first comment, funny comments, thought provoking comments and controversial comments are just a few examples.

Finally, pay attention to the size of the blog where you will be engaging in the conversation, and on how active the community over there is.

How to get started: Just create a selection of blogs that are relevant to your niche and engage on the discussion there. Ideally you should subscribe to their RSS feed so that you can keep updated and follow up with comments as soon as an interesting post is published.

If you don’t know many blogs on your niche just head to Google and start searching, it shouldn’t be difficult to find heaps of them.

Over to the readers: Have you used the strategy of leaving comments on other blogs to generate traffic? How did it work?

Website Traffic Series

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105 Responses to “Website Traffic Series Part 3: Leaving Comments on Other Blogs”

  • Keith Davis

    @Garen – I have found the same.
    Plus you actually become part of the blogging community.

    I also try and find sites with CommentLuv installed.
    Since this displays your post titles… it gives you the opportunity to come up with interesting post titles that people will want to click on.

  • Garen Thoms

    I can tell you when i just getting started i well try to get traffic from all part of the web,

    but guest what i had too much to do, then one day i sat down and look for the best way to get traffic

    you know what,

    i had no money to but traffic so i start to comment on blogs

    guest what.

    traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic

    Garen Thoms

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  • Silence eludes me…

    This is a very helpful article. I have a new blog and I want to build its traffic. I was having doubts to whether leaving comments on blogs is an effective way to generate traffic.

    But now I know that it does count to leave comments on blogs 😀

    Thanks a lot for sharing this 🙂

  • Keith Davis

    The secret to building up links via leaving comments in blogs. has to be… only comment in blogs that you are actually interested in.

    So which ones are they?

    Blogs that deal with your interests or your hobbies, blogs that provide tutorials on skills you are trying to learn or improve, blogs that are humourous blogs that are related to your profession, blogs that are interesting, blogs that inspire.

    And with all the great blogs out there… there is something for everyone.

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