Best WordPress Plugins: Chunk URLs


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Ever experienced someone posting a huge URL on your comment section? Those long strings are not only ugly, but they might also break the design of your website on certain browsers.

The best solution for this problem is a WordPress plugin called WP-Chunk. It will basically transform a long URL like this:

into a smaller string like this:

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20 Responses to “Best WordPress Plugins: Chunk URLs”

  • Dimas

    Does it process your existing comments or comments after install?

  • Hikari

    that’s a nice plugin, tnx

    unfortunately it’s offline and I can’t download it 🙁

  • Bergen

    Testing for it

  • David Airey

    Just what I need. Cheers Daniel (and Whoo).

  • Ash Haque

    I wanna try it out:

  • whoo

    “Apparently though some clean IPs are getting blocked wrongly, you might want to check it out.”

    Clean is relative. As I stated previously, I block IP ranges. I am assuming that some of your visitors are from Brazil — ertain Brazilian IPs are blocked — an alternative was suggested by Rishi.

    While I dont approve of using anonymous proxys to bypass rules, I prefer that over having a third party host my work w/o asking permission.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Jake

    Okay, this might be a little picky, but you in the example you gave in the post the last three characters were “86C” where it should have been “56C”

  • Daniel

    Whoo, thanks for stopping by. Alright I will not put the plugin up for download, now the issue is clarified.

    Apparently though some clean IPs are getting blocked wrongly, you might want to check it out.

  • whoo

    Anyone having trouble with accessing the page is experiencing it because I _strictly_ require that you send a proper referer, and yes, I do actively block several IP ranges that are typically associated with being spammy.

  • whoo

    hank you for the kind words however, Please do NOT host my plugins on your site.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with my site.

  • Rishi

    Hey everyone!

    This site is blocked for users from some countries. So to access the site, use any proxy surfing site like etc.

    It will be good then! 🙂

  • Daniel

    The download page is working fine for me. Strange, let me know if you guys keep having this problem and I might upload the plugin on my server directly.

  • Daniel

    Cristi, yeah you can configure the number of characters that the URL must have in order to get chuncked, and how many characters the output will have.

    It is not that easy to customize those numbers though, you will need to edit the php file of the plugin manually. Make sure to backup first.

  • Rishi

    Hey Daniel thanks for the wonderful tip! I’ll be using it very soon but yes, The download page is down … any other alternate source to download?

  • Sridhar

    Something is wrong w/ the homepage of the plugin. All I see is “PISS OFF!”

  • Cristi

    Nice … I was wondering if those URLs were shrunken manually each time. Can you set the maximum length? (I have a blog with a very thin comment box)

  • Daniel

    That is how it will look in the comments:

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