Blog Writing Project: 71 Tutorials for Your Delight


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A big thank you for all the 71 participants. There were some very interesting tutorials among the submissions (one of them is even reporting a “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” error; I guess the article was very popular…).

Participants have until next Thursday (January 31) to post a list with their favorite tutorials, and the winners will be declared on the following day.

Now to the list with all the tutorials. Browse around them, subscribe to the blogs you will discover, and have fun!


Health & Lifestyle

Make Money Online

Other Topics

SEO & Web Development

Technology & Software

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83 Responses to “Blog Writing Project: 71 Tutorials for Your Delight”

  • study in china

    Thanks everyone

  • study in china

    Wow great idea and a whole load of great articles

  • marlll

    read through these but the ones

  • SEO Genius

    Wow great idea and a whole load of great articles, its going to take some time to read through these but the ones i already have read through are excellent.

  • Zlance

    This is an amazing list!!!
    I stumbled it and recommended my friends to do the same.
    Thanks for your nice work.

  • Elizabeth O’Connor
  • Ashfame

    Here is my compilation :
    I liked 20 tutorials

  • Rhonda

    Here’s my Top 3 Tutorial list. Click the link on my name!

  • Muhammad Siyab

    thats good daniel, since I’m not able to accept Paypal… But I’ll be able to receive the money thru MB If I win!

  • TioSolid

    Thanks everyone for the “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” 😛

    Anyway, very nice list of tutorials, I will post my list of favorites today

  • Daniel

    Muhammad, Paypal or Moneybookers. Almost all countries in the world are covered between these two services.

  • Aywren
  • Muhammad Siyab

    hey daniel – just this little question: how are you gonna be sending the winners the money? PayPal? And what if the winner can’t accept it that way?

  • Praval Singh

    Hi Daniel!
    I wish to thank you for such an awesome contest. I have tried and read most of the topics. Many of them were very common and one’s I have already known well about. But still, they were very neat. It was tough to decide the top 3, based on my own perception.
    My list of favorites is here:

    Lets see who comes out to be the winner! Ciao!

  • Jacky Supit

    It’s not hard to pick my favorite 🙂
    here my favorite on list Daniel, check it here.

  • vijay Shinde

    Here I have posted my votes to top articles:
    Top 5 Blogging and technology articles

    Thanks Viraj, Shankar, Muhammad, Madhur and Assem for killer tutorials.

  • vijay Shinde

    Thanks for all those listed my article..

    I will soon post my top 3 list…

    A complete guide: How to make your post attractive using images

    Vijay Shinde

  • kRiZ cPEc

    Hi, this is the list of tutorials I voted for. All are so well written that I find it hard to streamline the list further. There’s no restriction, am I right?

  • Zaheer

    Hi Daniel, my list of favorite tutorials is here.


  • Carol

    Hi Everyone!

    There were a lot of great tutorial. It was difficult to narrow my list down to only a few. Lots of helpful information!

    Here is my list of favorites:

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