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A big thank you for everyone who is participating in the project. We had a total of 122 submissions (make sure that yours is listed because it might have been blocked as spam).

The “Tips & Tricks” topic was pretty interesting, and I am sure that you will learn a bunch of new things reading through the articles.

Participants have until next Tuesday (September 25) to post their favorite entries. Feel free to post the whole list as well if you want to share the link love.

The project is sponsored by BidVertiser, a pay per click advertising network where advertisers bid against each other for the advertising space. With BidVertiser bloggers are be able to customize and have full control of their ads, and the payments are sent directly to your PayPal account with a minimum payout of $10. They also offer $20 in free clicks to all new advertisers, so check it out.

Good luck to everyone!


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96 Responses to “Blog Writing Project: Tips & Tricks Final List”

  • Steve Chandler

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  • Paul Counts

    Learn all about the joys related to child sponsorship, and keep up to
    date with the happenings around the world.

  • Kai Kromat

    Domain Name News Weblog for Webdesigners and Beginners

  • Darryl Caldwell provides readers with links to martial arts articles and news from around the Internet. We cover all disciplines and everything from history and current events, to philosophy and insights found in news sources, blogs, and article archives. Since 1999, is your first destination for news from the world of martial arts.

  • Marc

    The developers and designers at Jupiter labs will not only help your business keep pace with change but we do it with flair.

  • Chester’s Clean House

    I have put my fav list up at

  • Susan Flemming
  • Samir

    Thanks for the link.

    It was great fun writing my article for this project, and the list above contains some very good reading material … I should know, because I have looked at all 122 of them! 🙂

    My selection of favourites is posted on my blog.

  • Dean @ Technical Itch

    Thanks for including my submission. I will start reading through the list later to pick my favourites.

  • Business

    A very helpful list. Thank you.

  • unclewilco

    Great list the newbie ones very helpful.

    I wish this site was called as it’s so useful…..


  • Daniel

    Rajaram, I will fix that.

    Nathan, in order to vote you need to write a post on your blog with your favorite entries.

    This method incentives people to link around to the participating blogs, and every one wins (readers, backlinks, etc).

  • Nathan Rice

    How are we going to “vote” for our favorites? Do we do it in a blog post at our web site? Or do we vote here in the comments or via the contact form?


  • 6 tips & tricks to take great photos at Music Concerts – Rajaram S

    Daniel, Can you please rephrase the title of my listing from “6 tips to take great photographs” tp “6 tips to take great photographs at Music Concerts”. This is because my article is kind of specific and I don’t want readers to expect a more general guide.

  • Dee

    There are so many great posts!

    Good luck to everyone 🙂

  • HairySwede

    I entered my favorites! Good work everyone. Some great peices of writing.

  • HairySwede

    Great list. I’m narrowing it down to my favorites. There are some good ones!

  • betshopboy

    That’s a huge list of entries there. I think my post “Shot Through The Glass Ceiling” is more suited in the Business and Career category rathan than Blogging category.

  • engtech @ internet duct tape

    Doh! Forgot to post for the contest.

    I knew there was some deadline for tuesday I was forgetting.

  • Brian Auer

    I just noticed too, my title is missing the phrase “Warning: ” at the beginning — any chance of updating it? It just doesn’t have the same appeal without it.

  • Susan Flemming

    Thanks for including me in the list. I wasn’t sure if my entry had gone through.

    Good luck to everyone. I look forward to stopping by and reading your entries.

  • George


    Sorry I missed this. I have been swamped lately, haven’t stopped by in a few weeks.

    Congrats on all the submissions. Looks like some good reading.

  • Karthik

    Thanks for including my submission Daniel. Glad to see a lot of submissions.

  • Daniel

    Stacey, just fixed it.

  • Lori

    Wow..the list is loooong! I looking forward to reading some new blogs though:)

  • Stacy

    Thank you for including my post in the contest! Any chance you can correct the title, though? It should be 5 Tips for Saving Money on a Colorado Ski Vacation.

    Thank you!

  • Brian Auer

    Great level of participation! I’m so glad to see a few other photography articles in there this time around.

  • GnomeyNewt

    Whew, quite a dang list! Going to take a while to get through them all but luckily I’ve read a lot of them already. :c) Goodluck everybody!

  • Contest Blogger

    Great project, Daniel, thanks for providing such a great service to the blogosphere! Can’t wait to start reading.

  • Mohsin

    Kewl list, and thanks for including my submission.

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