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Update: The first edition of the Blogging Idol is over. You can see the winner here.

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  • Gary

    With a few exception, most of the sites in the top 10 are sites which had high RSS numbers to begin with. I think it is much easier to get your second 100 RSS subscribers than the first 100.

    Also, going from 500 to 600 is a 20% increase where going from 100 to 200 is a 100% increase. I think that is something which might want to be considering in future contests. A 2 year old blog will have a different set of challenges and opportunities than a brand new blog.

  • Life is Colourful

    Here is the latest list of Top 10 today

    (Past rank->Current rank) Blog | Increase

    (1 From 1) #2 stockmarketindia – 953 -> 1437 = 484

    Stready increase as usual!

    (2 From 2) #8 homedesignfind – 89 -> 300 = 211

    Steady increase again!

    (3 From 3) #105 stockmarketguide – 559 -> 763 = 204

    Good jump today, retaining 3rd position.

    (4 From 10) #58 inspiredology – 829 -> 1002 = 173

    Outstanding jump from 10th position to 4th position with 50+ increase in a day.

    (5 From 4) #23 everything-everywhere – 435 -> 603 = 168

    Going steady!

    (6 OLD) #23 jobmob – 684 -> 838 = 154

    Yesterday, the feedburner sneeze pushed it out of the list, for today’s return!

    (7 From 6) #1 standoutblogger – 30 -> 177 = 147

    Need to push more!

    (8 From 6) #108 bloggingisnotacrime – 0 -> 145 = 145

    No increase today!

    (9 From 8) #91 solidsmack – 780 -> 920 = 140

    Can do better!

    (10 From 7) #3 theuniversitykid – 417 -> 551 = 134

    Went down from 7th to 10th, due to 1 subscriber down

    Alright guys, that’s it for now! See you tomorrow!


    Indian stock markets gained more than 20% in the last 1 week. Boosing investor sentiment changed my blog fortunes. I hope Indian stock markets will continue to gain to improve my blog ranking. Afterall sentiment rules everywhere.

  • Life is Colourful

    I am sad to see Rome going off the list today. He has been always leaving me in an aww everyday. I was proactive to check his RSS count even on the dates when I was not updating the analysis. That leaves us behind with some believable growth pattern blogs. [Rome’s was really unbelievable with legitimate number of RSS subscribers]. So let me update you.

    So here is the list of Top 10 today

    (Past rank->Current rank) Blog | Increase

    (1 From 2) #2 stockmarketindia – 953 -> 1413 = 460

    After Rome, Stockmarketindia is leading the group with steady increase in RSS subscribers. But there is good competition coming from blogs like homedesignfind and everything-everywhere. Keep in mind guys, anything can happen in this last week. So cheer up!

    (2 From 3) #8 homedesignfind – 89 -> 304 = 215

    This blog is going steady as well and crossed milestone of 200 yesterday.

    (3 From 7) #105 stockmarketguide – 559 -> 739 = 180

    Awesome jump! Stockmarketguide almost breached the Top 5 and entered into Top 3 as he claimed yesterday.

    (4 From 4) #23 everything-everywhere – 435 -> 596 = 161

    SMGs jump did not allow E-E to take benefit of topper’s exit.

    (5 From 5) #108 bloggingisnotacrime – 0 -> 145 = 145

    One subscriber less today, wass up!

    (6 From 6) #1 standoutblogger – 30 -> 169 = 139

    Going good bro!

    (7 From 6) #3 theuniversitykid – 417 -> 552 = 135

    7 Subscribers left TUK today bringing him down in the list. Whatsoever, this is one of my favorite blogs along with Dailyblogtips.

    (8 From 9) #91 solidsmack – 780 -> 911 = 131

    One position up with solid strength.

    (10 NEW) #58 inspiredology – 829 -> 954 = 125

    I am really sorry but this blog was ignored for last few days. I was actually updating a list of some 25-30 same top blogs and missed this for long. Sorry fella! He or she stood at 10th position and it would be interesting to track a new blog from today.

    So that’s it for now! Would you wait for my next update :D?


    Wish that I would have come across this earlier … it is July 23rd today … 23 days too late. Then again not sure how many new subscribers I would have managed to pick up … my readership seems to be favorite/bookmark returnees.

    What a brilliant idea to give some exposure to bloggers and readers alike. You know … looking for some fresh stuff to read … well … here it is! I am definitely going to check some of these blogs out 😀

  • Rome
  • Tom –

    I am not giving up. I just had technical dificulties over the weekend (keyboard died) – will be getting straight back into it!

  • Julie N (

    Is it just me or are others experiencing the up and down rollercoaster ride with subscribers? I’ve been told there is a way to see the email addresses of subscribers, but where do you look?

    Ok off to write a post about all the birthday freebies and discounts that are flooding my email box since my birthday is next Monday!

    Anyone want to subscribe as a birthday gift to me? LOL!!!

  • Life is Colourful

    I think you are 7th rank today, how did you break the Top 5? 😕


    I broke top 5 position. I am now targeting top 3 but i am stunned by seeing the growth of number one blogger. Good competion but my suggestion is prize should be given to atleast top 3 winners.

  • Life is Colourful

    Wow, it has been almost 6 days I did not do a running commentary of this contest. I was really busy in lot of stuff, was not online for most of the times and when I was, used to be busy in getting out the list of winners of my colourful blog anniversary contest. Finally, I could announce the winners of the contest worth $3000 in cash and prizes few hours back and now free for analysis of this contest :).

    So here is the list of Top 10 today

    (Past rank->Current rank) Blog | Increase

    (1 From 1) #66 romeuy – 759 -> 1941 = 1182

    Enormous increase. It’s almost going 200% increase in a month :O – no comments!

    (2 From 2) #2 stockmarketindia – 953 -> 1377 = 424

    I shall not say but initialy it looked like this blog will be tough competitor for Romeuy, but no noticeable spikes in RSS subscribers with on an average 20 new subscribers added up everyday compared to Romeuy’s 80 to 100 of increase everyday, brings this blog in mentionable blogs in this competition with the steady increase.

    (3 From 3) #8 homedesignfind – 89 -> 293 = 204

    This blog is going steady as well and crossed milestone of 200 today.

    (4 From 6) #23 everything-everywhere – 435 -> 589 = 154

    Coming back into action, this blog jumped from 10 to 6 and now at 4. Bravo!

    (5 NEW) #108 bloggingisnotacrime – 0 -> 146 = 146

    A new entry in last lap of competition. Good luck buddy!

    (6 From 8) #3 theuniversitykid – 417 -> 559 = 142

    TUK entered in the list last week with and going with speed. Let’s go where he can reach by end of this month.

    (7 From 6) #105 stockmarketguide – 559 -> 694 = 135

    Little down from last week’s position but still strong.

    (8 From 4) #1 standoutblogger – 30 -> 157 = 127

    With marginal increase of 10 subscribers in last 6 days, my friend slid down 4 positions this week. Don’t lose your hopes dear!

    (9 From 9) #91 solidsmack – 780 -> 900 = 120

    Retained his last week’s 9th position though there are lot of changes in the list.

    (10 OLD) #58 dev102 – 394 -> 500 = 106

    Why old? Because it’s an old entry – re-entered in the list. Welcome back fella!

    I hope to see some action in last week, and will try to update you as often as I can even if not possible everyday.

  • Umar in Dubai

    guys, I need help. Please subscribe to my blog, it’s not that bad… its about Dubai, the fastest growing city of the world. I am sure you will enjoy reading whatever’s happening in Dubai. If not you can unsubscribe anytime (after July 31, of course 🙂

  • David Shaw

    Anyone who the latest scores?

  • Debi Zylbermann

    I think that we can let Daniel handle this his own way.

    I know that I’m mainly in the competition for the learning experience, since I’ve only been blogging for less than 1 month.

    Speaking of which, if you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, take a quick look at my SEO give-away competition (it’s the latest post on the blog) – just 9 hours left till the end of round 1 !!


  • Kristen (bookclubclassics)

    Just a thought… Maybe the next Blogging Idol (please do it again!) shouldn’t have prizes? Maybe if the prize was intrinsic, some of these (alleged) issues would resolve themselves?

  • Rome

    Hey guys, its me Rome 🙂

    @Life is Colourful
    Thanks for everything!

    Don’t worry man. Daniel knows what he’s doing 🙂 Everything will be cleared soon.

  • Gary

    Obviously it is his contest, but if he doesn’t say or do something, 1) he is going to look really bad, 2) it will legitimize this sort of behavior, and 3) he is throwing the money of his sponsors down the toilet.

    The contest was done with all good intentions, and 98% of the people who entered are playing fair, and honestly, really would like to increase readership for its own sake.

    The lack of rules, and the large prize has made it an easy target for scam artists.

    All this drama aside, it would be nice if Feedburner could provide some additional information in its data. Unique IP’s, percentage of readers vs email subscribers, etc.

    Normally, if you fake your RSS numbers, you are only making yourself look bad and are ultimately hurting yourself by spoiling one of your best performance metrics.

    If Daniel does a contest like this again (and I think it would be a good idea), he should use RSS as one of several measures. You can set anyone up to see your Google Analytics numbers, so you could require everyone to do that as well.

  • Life is Colourful

    You have a point to say, but the hits are not always needed to be above the subscriber count. I myself don’t check so many blog email subscriptions that I opted for many times due to lack of time. And that let me think that there may be many like me who don’t even bother to go to the website just looking at the title of the post.

    Does it count a hit, if I just read it in the mail, and don’t bother to visit the blog – I believe No! That was the only reason I was saying not necessarily the hits should be the parameter, in my humble opinion.

    But yes, if someone is gaming the system – that is not acceptable here. And even if we have hands on our ear, that does not mean Daniel has. He must have been doing his ground work – so I was just saying there is no point in discussion until Daniel comes up with something.

    I am right now not in favor or against of anyone! What say?

  • Gary

    @Life is colorful

    I don’t know why we should put our hands to our ears and go “LA LA LA LA LA” and ignore what is happening.

    I agree that increasing traffic is its own reward, but someone is clearing trying to do it to scam money. It would be wrong to sit back and do nothing.

    It is so obvious that Romeuy is cheating, it is the 800 pound elephant in the room. Everyone can see it, but no one wants to say it. I don’t think you can show me an RSS graph in the history of the web that shows a trend like his site has shown.

    Romeuy is a shady MMO site operator who runs a gaming website on the side. For obvious reasons, he entered the gaming website instead of the MMO website he runs (which share the EXACT same design). We are supposed to believe that he has increased his subscribers day after day without any pause or drop, without links or traffic to his website.

    This contest was a good idea, but it was done without any rules or guidelines. When Feedburner shows subscribers greater than hits, that should be ground for elimination.

  • David Shaw

    Hopefully I am getting close.

    My aim is to break into the top 10 on the final week!

  • Life is Colourful

    Well, I think we should focus more on increasing the RSS subscribers than pointing out at each other. Let Daniel do that job! Your job is to get the RSS count higher.. or my live coverage won’t see any ups and downs, and that won’t be fun – right!! 😀

    So guys, mess up with the top 10 list and let me see who can be a “NEW Entrant” this time 🙂

  • David Shaw

    I do think his rise in subscribers is odd, considering his site does not seem to get any traffic, no comments etc.

    Will leave it with Daniel to sort out! Alot of people have put the blame on Daniel for the cheating of a few individuals, it is not Daniels fault that some people want to cheat. Lets let him get on with running the contest.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Grizzly, I am investigating it don’t worry. This weekend I will get in touch with him to perform some analysis.

    You analysis is not conclusive though. It you take a look at the graph, the number of hits did rise with the number of subscribers indeed, didnt it?

  • Grizzly
  • David Shaw

    I think I am pretty close to the top 10 now!

  • Kristen (bookclubclassics)

    Personally, when Daniel wrote: “Remember that I will be strict in evaluating the tactics used by the winner, and one or more people could get disqualified, so even the third and fourth runners up have a chance” and when Jill pointed out in the comments that someone was paying for RSS subscribers, it didn’t affect my morale at all!!

    My point was, I think most of us are doing this just to get exposure to other bloggers and to get the word out about our blog, so even if the allegations are true, it wouldn’t affect my experience at all.

    My comment was actually the opposite of your interpretation, so I’m glad I could clarify in case others felt the same way!!


    I feel great if my blog stood in top 10 by the end of this exciting contest. This is the first time I am participating in an online contest. New blogs need these types of contests for encouragement. Thank you.

  • Life is Colourful

    Kristen, kindly donot use the words like “even if some blogs are “gaming the system.”” – if it’s not proved yet. That would bring moral of people down for no reason.

  • Kristen (bookclubclassics)

    Hi fellow competitors! I didn’t realize folks were leaving comments here (I should have) since I just check my reader, etc…

    I’ve gained 16 new readers and I’m thrilled since I had plateau-ed a few months ago. I know my bump is due to implementing the great ideas I’ve heard about through this conversation. Plus, I’ve been really transparent about this contest and some of my readers have enjoyed the journey.

    When you do this in the future, I hope to enter my brand new blog. I hope you keep it really laid back, Daniel, even if some blogs are “gaming the system.” The prize wasn’t my motivation to begin with — I’m just thrilled to get new, valid readers.

    As I’ve told my high school students for years, sacrificing your soul for points, a grade, or even money will catch up with them eventually… I’m just really glad you did this!! Thank you!!

  • Debi Zylbermann

    Hi everyone,
    You may remember my post on breaking all the branding, SEO and Blogging rules, about how I ended up with 2 blogs, and a prize advert that I didn’t know what to do with?
    Well, I sorted it out (I think!) 🙂
    I’ve created a new blog, with all the posts and comments and stuff from my old blogs.
    I’ve also given it a new layout. I prefer it, I hope you will.
    I’ve changed it’s name so that it’s not just about QA, but also about SEO, Business, Work and just Life in general. The “Who am I” has changed (both the link and the content)
    You can access it at Debi’Z Blog (which in URL terms is
    All subscribers have automatically been redirected to the feed of the new blog.
    I’m putting this feed on both the old and the new blog, so you may recieve it twice. If you do, that means that all this worked !! If you don’t, it still may have worked (if you received it from the new blog) ….
    I’m also putting this as a comment on all the blogs that I commented on, so if you also commented on the same blog, please note my new url.
    Now all I have to do is to get all my links from the world redirected to the new URL 🙁

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