Check the Akismet spam folder

By Daniel Scocco

Akismet is a very efficient spam filter plugin, but it is not perfect. Usually it will block 1 legit comment out of 100 spam comments, translating into 1 or 2 legit comments being blocked every week on my case.

Make sure you check the Akismet spam folder once in a while to recover those legit comments, preferably once a week. Should a reader notice that his comment did not appear on the site it is very probable that he will get discouraged from commenting again.


12 Responses to “Check the Akismet spam folder”

  • engtech

    I’ve got a greasemonkey script for Firefox that let’s you see a lot more of the Akismet comments per screen:

  • Anthony

    I personally check mine at least every other day. At about 40-60 comments caught per day, the list at the end of the week is enormous and very hard to find “real” comments in.

  • Mike Empuria

    I don’t check as often as I should so if I find a legitimate comment blocked I email the sender to apologise and explain what happened. It’s useful for them to know that they are being blocked by Akismet and it gives me a chance to open a dialogue with visitors.

  • Daniel

    Engtech, handy plugin indeed, thanks!

    Mike, the sending an email to the visitor to clear things up is definitely a good idea.

  • Fanatyk

    I have to do this every day. Each one I`m delating about 100-150 spam comments. :/

  • D. Psyko

    Good Tip Daniel especially since i found a comment you left in my Spam Folder.

  • Ramen Junkie

    Man that is such a huge chore for one comment. Like someone else mentioned, 50 spam comments a day makes it a mess to look through after more than a couple of days.

    This could easily be fixed with a few more options on the interface. For example, telling it to “delete this page of spam only” would be nice so I don’t have to sift through ALL of them at once.

    Also “Delete all duplicate messages” to get rid of those that appear repeatedly.

    Frankly I wonder if spam is really targeted at pe3ople reading the blog’s comments or the blogger who is looking through the spam filter.

  • Matt

    I just sifted through 200 comments and there were no false positives.

  • resimler


    Thanks Daniel. Great work.

  • Bang Kritikus

    How to delete comments in blogspot ???

  • Daily Good Tips

    akismet good tool but no perfect. no tools perfect.

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