Confirmed: Google PageRank Update in Progress

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

It looks like the PageRank drops that we reported a couple of days ago (read Google Changing the PageRank Algorithm?) were indeed penalties being distributed to specific blogs.

The reason for the penalties it not totally clear yet, but Darren said that he got confirmations from two sources at Google that the penalties were being given exclusively for paid links, and not for cross-linking inside blog networks.

That would explain why many blogs recovered from the drop, including Problogger itself. Supposedly these blogs were wrongly associated with paid links, and Google reversed their PageRank to the normal level after realizing that.

The Google datacenters are still reporting scattered data, so it is difficult to know what will be the PageRank of some sites involved in the previous penalties (Andy Beard is trying to keep track of them).

The good thing is that most websites are actually seeing the PageRank update now, and many are going up. My other blog Daily Writing Tips went from PR0 to PR5, while Daily Blog Tips stayed PR5.

What about your blog, has it gained PageRank?

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60 Responses to “Confirmed: Google PageRank Update in Progress”

  • travel directory

    My site is waiting for next update, currently it’s zero but 3 of my other sites got pr 3 last update … so happy

  • Cufflinksman

    How long does it normally take for PR’s to increase?

  • yemen

    Thanks for picking the link, your post is also valuable.

    I heard that Google is taking action to correct that difference, but so far I would still use a 301 redirect to be sure!

  • ocean

    nice usefull info mate.. how to increase google back links.. any gud idea????

  • barbaros

    It is Google, no one knows what he does,how and why with page rank.I start believing backlinks does not play any role anymore with pagerank.Some of my websites with high pr backlinks and quality content went down,but some with no backlinks went up so you work out.

  • Jeremy

    My blog still has a PR0 … I’m bummed. My blogger blog has a higher pagerank yet this blog is incredibly better. URG….

  • sunty singh

    hey hi seo trader good tool for checking the PR brother keep up…

  • sunty singh

    the PR 0 factor is screwing up things like anything, well somehow some of the pages of my webiste has been given a zero page ranking like

    could someone say me why has this happend? m worried abt it

  • Your Natural Remedies

    I had TLA in my side bars and I think it really hurt me.

  • Care Bear Kids

    The whole page rank thing is just crazy these days!!!

  • Chester’s Home Remedies

    One of my sites went from PR0->PR3. Not to bad for just writing about what I care about and not for SEO. I just started a new site and I hope I don’t have to wait 5 months for the next PR update.

  • Symbian

    My Blogspot blog got PR5! Now I as cool as! And cooler than TUAW!

  • unclewilco

    My blog up from 0 to 4

    The shed site its part of down from 5 to 3 🙁

  • seeker

    I promise never to think about paid links ever

  • Alpesh Nakar

    I have taken a drop from 4 to 2 and my traffic has gone up! 🙂 Weird.

    I do use TLA, which I might consider in the coming weeks.

  • Vikram

    That might me possible Matt, however blatant selling of links is what Google penalized Bloggers and website for. Sponsored Reviews are a part of it, but its still unclear. Just one post should not make a difference, I guess.

    Like Andy, I have written a Post of Page Rank Update and Possible reasons for Page rank Drop. It is based on Daniel’s list of TOP 25 Blogs about Blogging.

    What do you think Daniel? What do you think are the possible causes for the PR Drop?

  • Matt

    One of my blogs went up from 2 to 3. But another went down from 3 to 2. That last one had a post in it offering sponsored posts.

    Maybe they picked that up?

  • Niralan Bobalan

    Today when I checked my google pagerank, I was shocked. It was an increase from pr 2 to pr 5. I didn’t expect it at all. I thought that my blog will remain at pr 2 or maybe increase to pr 3. I am just shocked!

  • CompuWorld

    yeah..the update is taking place..

    I have PR3 and my URL is just 2 months old. I guess the reason is that I migrated all my posts from blogger to wordpress and this helped me earn good backlinks quickly..

    I promise never to think about paid links ever 🙂

  • arctic

    My blog went from PR0 to PR5 either. ^_^

  • Daniel

    I was expecting a PR 6, but looks like it will stay at 6.

    Hopefully on the next one!

  • Vikram

    Congratulations All of you guys! The lesser known Bloggers are really getting a Good PR Jump this time round!

    Daniel, I am sure your PR would jump up. DBT is an authoritative Blog!

    All the Best!

  • damselseo

    I am so happy for this PR update because all of my blogs went up.From PR 0 to 3..hehhe!!!

  • Brian Auer

    I got bumped up from a 4 to a 5 this time around.

  • Ramkarthik

    Angela, your blogs haven’t got updated yet. There are many blogs which have not got the update. Yours might get it soon.

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