Google Just Updated the Nominal PageRank

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

I was expecting it to happen early in January 2009, but the Mountain View folks were faster. The nominal PageRanks started changing yesterday, and by today you should already be seeing the updated values.

I am pretty happy with the new numbers. Daily Blog Tips remained a PR6, while Daily Writing Tips went up from PR5 to PR6, and TechCult went up to PR5.

How about you, did your PageRank increase?

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82 Responses to “Google Just Updated the Nominal PageRank”

  • SAP

    My site has just been change to 4.. Thanks god

  • ravi

    I made a blog in late October .i his PR 0. what to do. blog on blogspot made some already have PR 1

  • seo

    my site page rank now 4/10

  • Hypotheek

    Ours went up just at the and of may. We personally don`t believe in updates every few months. We think it an ongoing process.

  • Make money online today for beginner

    Nice job buddy, good blog.

    and you increase your blog rapidly . . .


  • ayman

    my site page rank now 0/10

  • shokoladkin

    I made a blog in late October .i his PR 0. what to do. blog on blogspot made some already have PR 1

  • Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu

    My web site’s Google PR has not changed,it is the same as last updated time.But I see that lots of web sites’ Google Page rank has gone down.

  • Mohamed Beshr

    my site page rank now 1/10

  • Technolik

    Well… my website is new so I haven’t got any page rank but I want to have a minimum page rank of 5 is it possible?Or it depends on how old is the website?

  • Boerne Search

    It’s time again. I heard the next one is April 1st.

    Hope it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

  • chitgoks

    sucks. mine went from 3 to 0 after 2 weeks… what gives? no fair. while my blogspot blogs got theirs intact. i dont see how the blogs in my domain got affected. they should probably be 4 by now

  • Fedrick

    The Keysearch Analytics blog has tips, tricks, advice and case studies for the search marketing industry.

  • Guitar Hunter

    I’m at it a month so far and still a PR of 0. Not sure what I can do to get my blog noticed.

  • pakdejack

    i stoll didn’t understand with google Page Rank metode, cause my blog has so many backlink, but the page rank still 0 🙁

  • Thomas W. Shay

    I checked my page rank and it when up from 1 to 3. I am very happy as I have been working hard for the last 6 months or so.

  • syilpid

    my blog from 1 to 3 😀

  • Amy Warden

    Well, my web store remained the same, but my blog went from PR2 to PR3, so I’m totally happy!!

  • Tomas

    My blog jumped to PR 3, from PR 2.

  • munawar am

    I got PR 2 already. Just at less two months. I believe that Google did it right.

  • Nicholas |

    Yuppy! I just moved my blog to a new domain name 2 months ago.. happy to see i got a PR2

  • albert

    Less than 50 days blogging and my page rank is PR4 already. I could not believe it.

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