Google PageRank Update in Progress

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

It looks like Google is rolling out a PageRank update. I woke up this morning and some of my sites were getting a new PR. Online Profits, for example, went from PR1 to PR3.

Are you guys seeing the changes too? Let me know how your PR fluctuated.

It looks like Google is getting a regular schedule for the PageRank updated again though. The last one happened in the second week of January, so that is more or less one PR update every three months or so. It would be good if they kept that pace constant.

Let’s see if in the middle of July we will get another update.

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107 Responses to “Google PageRank Update in Progress”

  • rizwan

    Hi, When will be next PR update from Google.My site is new and could not post continuously so My site lost Pagerank in April update. I got PR3 in January.

  • Quarter Pie Interactive

    Im hoping that I will also move up one step at-least in next update so eagerly waiting the update which is about 6 weeks to go.

  • MAtt

    My site has lost all it pagerank….

  • Mihai Banica

    I think the update period is around 3 months.

  • Globinch

    Can some one tell me how frequently Google updates pageranks statistics?

  • Namit Gupta

    My blog is 5 months old, when i checked its PR on 3rd this month it showed no update I was a bit disappointed, but when I check it today morning I was surprised as my blog got PR 1, something is better than nothing. I am happy 🙂

  • Mihai Banica

    One of my sites also moved from PR0 to PR1 on 1st of April!

  • Mediation Ebooks

    My blog went from PR2 to PR3 this update

  • Anil Gupta

    My blog PR moves from zero to 2 in this update

  • expertinn

    I think google is aware of April Fools day to update pr on Ist April.
    You may seen there are some tools available to check the pr.
    These tools are basically set to measure only a few variables while as google measures are several times sophisticated. NO tool can tell you exact prediction even there are some websites tools which show very high or very low results.One you mentioned is showing pr10 is just set to display that while some of them are set to display zero. If you want to see reliability of the tool just check their own site for pr or some known site and you will see how the trend is set by so called tool masters.(say I have given subject for article on the issue)

  • Matt

    My PR has moved from 0 to 1 in the last 2 weeks.

  • Mihai Banica

    My site has started in summer 2008, in October it got a PageRank 5 and in December it went to PageRank 4.

  • Porn Tube Webmaster

    12-31-09 my website finally went from a PR0 to a PR1, site has been live since first part of November, hope this keeps up 🙂

  • Sem Services

    Today google has updated PR. 2 to 3 PR.

  • Derf

    Still at pagerank 0 after 90 or so days.

    This so-called pagerank adjustment certainly hasn’t happened yet, even though a few keywords/phrases are returning high places in search results, as well as organic backlinks are being created daily.

    What gives?

  • Mike

    Yes but this time, Google is updating after an interval of three months. It is assumed that next pr update will occur in last week of September…..

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