Hold Tight, It Will Only Get Easier

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

Most bloggers that get discouraged and decide to abandon their blogs tend to do so on the first three to six months. Sometimes the traffic is not growing as fast as they would like. Other times they are not happy with the money that they are making.

Personally I think that quitting after such a short period is a mistake.

There are two situations where quitting would be a smart move. One is when the blogger consciously decided to try out a new niche. In that case he must have some previous experience with blogs and websites, and he should know what numbers to expect and how to evaluate if this new blog has potential or not.

The other case refers to blogs that get stuck. If after six months you are still struggling to receive a couple hundred unique visitors daily then you probably are doing something wrong. Under this scenario you should probably stop to rethink your strategies (niche selection, content creation and promotion strategies) and try again.

On all other cases, however, the best idea is probably to hold tight and keep working hard until your blog or website achieves some critical mass. It does not matter how small or big your traffic is, as long as it is growing month after month you are on the right track.

The first three to six months are the hardest, and after that period you will notice that things will flow more smoothly, for several reasons.

First of all your content will achieve a bigger audience, improving the chances of receiving backlinks and traffic. Suppose two blogs, one with 200 daily unique visitors and the other with 2,000 daily unique visitors, publish the exact same article. The second one will have much higher chances of receiving backlinks, because more people will be exposed to its content.

This means that as your audience grow you will be able to spend less time promoting your content and more time actually producing it and making sure that it has quality.

Secondly, the credibility of your website will grow with the time, both for human visitors and search engines. Suppose again that two blogs, one that has been online for 1 year and has a Google PageRank of 5 and the other that has been online for 1 month and has a Google PageRank of 1, publish the exact same article. Even if we disregard the backlinks that each article will receive, the page of the first blog will appear first in the search results because that domain has more trust in the eyes of search engines.

These are just two examples of how allowing your blog to grow and mature will benefit you. The are several others: over the time it will be easier to monetize it, to get favors and support from your readers, to create a network of contacts, to receive freebies and so on.

If you are considering to quit, therefore, my advice is to hold tight a little longer, and then take that decision.

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62 Responses to “Hold Tight, It Will Only Get Easier”

  • medyum

    Thanks for this post. I am new to blogging, and while I am working hard to build up content (I currently have 4 articles), I sometimes wonder if this is all a waste of time. My particular niche is one that I have read is not a very profitable one and this is discouraging to hear. But your article is just what I need to hear right now, so thank you!

  • Patrick Pete

    This post was awesome. I needed it, but it would be great to see a post on ways to find the right niche. I have been told that you need to find something you are passionate in, but if you are trying to make a living through blogging your passion might not be something other people are interested in. I would love some feedback on this issue. Thanks

  • Christian Solei

    Great writeup Danielle. I think competition slows down a bit after the first 3 months of the year for sure 🙂 Just keep plugging away!

  • Alex Griffin

    Good insights man. I am feeling discouraged too at the first few months of writing a blog but now I am quite happy because the traffic to my website is rising steadily, althought not that much.

  • Peter Szabo

    Thanks for this post. I am new to blogging, and while I am working hard to build up content (I currently have 4 articles), I sometimes wonder if this is all a waste of time. Thanks

  • G of Slashdox

    Thanks man. This helped. I’m in my 4th day and its kinda sad getting like 50 uniques a day.

    I’ll hold tight!

  • moserw

    Persistence needs to be the mindset one needs to have to be a regular blogger, otherwise one might as well fold up and give up now itself. Also, you cannot blog just for the sake of keeping the blog going, or for traffic. Blogs should come from within since you want to express yourself and your thoughts or else it will all be in vain.

  • hee-haw

    yup i do agree with this article, but we as human not aliens, its a normal thing to have such decision.

    But i hope all bloggers dont quit doing what you doing, you may pause but not put a full stop to it.

    I myself sometimes do feels like wanting to just leave all behind.But as time goes by, if you do the tracking of visitors to your website or blog, you will notice each month at least there are some new aliens coming from all over the universe.

  • SEO Genius

    Excellent article again, i have struggled in the past to get a large amount of traffic however it has increased monthly since i first began and i think thats what shows you whether or not your website wil make it if it increases monthly hold on to it

  • rake

    What a good point that you have stated! Don’t get down too easy on what we love to do, hold it tight!

  • space code

    I think the problem with many bloggers is that they think that with a blog they can make money easily. Then when they realize its hard, they quit.

  • Fight Videos

    Good point, it is true that sometimes we get discouraged from continuing what we love to do just because of some little mistakes but that is our motivations..

  • Timawa

    I like this article, and realized that if only I didn’t quit with my previous blogs in 2003 I’d be making it bigtime now. 🙁

    But like what you’ve said, i’ll never give up! God bless!

  • Adam Singer

    Great post Daniel – I gotta figure out how you separate trackbacks and comments like this — this looks so much cleaner!

  • Judi

    Hi, Great topic and good to get some validation that readership will keep improving over time. I have been blogging three months about five times a week. I love watching the stats since it is easier for me to write when I think someone is actually out there reading it.

    My readership has gone up to 140 per day and I was thrilled. It isn’t that high everyday but I will keep at it. Maybe one day it will be in the thousands!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for such a great article Daniel, we all appreciate it.

    I’m expecting my first year of blogging to be really tough and I’m fine with that. I block out 30% of my time writing content and the rest of the time I’m learning about marketing and promotion. So far it’s working for me.

    – Jennifer

  • Kevin LeMaster

    Despite strong growth in our local blog scene, I can’t tell you how many have flamed out quickly within the past year.

    A couple of them were promising, but most of them suffered from the same thing – weak or uneven content.

    My advice: Do NOT start a blog unless you’ve given some serious thought to your content, unless you’re just looking to do a very limited personal blog. Many people seem to think that they can write a couple of popular posts and then coast, then wonder why their readership numbers aren’t growing.

    Serious blogging takes work and dedication, so if you’re not up to it I say you should go ahead and quit. But if you’re in for the long haul and have a clear idea of what your blog will be, then definitely stick it out.

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