Let’s Follow Each Other on Twitter, Shall We?

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

After reading about it virtually on every single website on the web, a couple of weeks ago I decided to give Twitter a try. I must say that, contrary to what many people claim to, I did not get addicted to it.

It is certainly a useful and interesting application for some purposes, but so far I am using it with moderation. I log a couple of times during the day to check what other people are tweeting about. Once in a while I also post replies, links or ask questions.

I still don’t get some messages that people write, like: “Hello everyone, how are you doing?” or “Going to bed now, see ya.’

That being said usually there are some interesting thoughts floating around, and cool links as well. I’ve read somewhere that Twitter is a middle ground between blogs and instant messaging, and I think that the definition is not that off the mark.

Another point that I like about Twitter is the fact that it enables you to connect with virtually anyone else that is using the service. It is a pretty democratic environment (another day I exchanged messages with Guy Kawasaki, for instance).

Anyway, as the time passes I will try to get more active there. If you want to follow me here is my profile. If you are using Twitter make sure to leave your profile on the comments section as well, I will be glad to follow you and I am sure that other readers will too.

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95 Responses to “Let’s Follow Each Other on Twitter, Shall We?”

  • Chris Justice

    I blog about sales, money and good things in general. I market B2B to Automobile Dealers. The blogging and tweeting is for fun.

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  • @fabulouis

    WHo ever follows me, I will follow back.


  • Arisu

    I just got to understand twitter. Also, I´m not an addict and I don´t like it that much, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that twitter ain´t like a blog nor other social networks…

    Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I don´t have many people to talk with XD So, if anyone wants to twitt I´m available: @little_arisu

  • medyum

    I guess if you don’t have internet stalkers, then it’s alright, but I never used it before I ended up closing my account anyway.

  • Nick

    I like twitter, Its just cool and a lot of people, business and yes even things are using twitter. Its awesome


  • José


    I started using the service not too while ago, since I’m not into social websites and doubt about its usefulness.
    I try to post interesting stuff and sometimes, of course, I do a bit of shameless promotion 🙂
    My profile : http://twitter.com/hushcolours

    Take care,


  • Rajasekharan


  • asep saepul

    i need some folowers too.
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    Nice.. I sure would like some followers


  • Jackie

    I like this idea. Please check me out….. 🙂


  • Nancy D. Brown

    Found this post on your year-end re-cap. If you enjoy travel, follow me. I write about travel on the What a Trip blog.


  • Kashif

    Twitter is addictive! I am very active in these days. Its great idea to increase your followers & help others to increase theirs. 🙂
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    Hope you will also follow me. 🙂

  • infoqueenbee

    just started with twitter..

    happy to follow u

    my twitter : http://twitter.com/infoqueenbee

  • Grant

    Man I’m slow. Oh well. Here we go man.. I’m now ‘following you’, but don’t have much to be followed with yet.

    I’ll make an effort to get into it though.


  • Rahel

    It’s been a long time since I’ve commented here, but I wanted to leave my Twitter profile, along with thanking you for all the tips and recommended reads of other articles. Twitter profile is here.

  • stulay

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  • Diane Penna

    I think I may have already added you, but will double-check. You can follow me at:


    🙂 Diane

  • Mike Panic

    So I’m 3 weeks late to this article… http://twitter.com/mikepanic

  • Jo

    I write about building a freelance career from the ground up, my successes, and my mistakes.

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    Already following those listed here.

  • Katy Castro

    I’m struggling to find my place on Twitter. To answer the question “what are you doing?” seems really boring… However, I’m trying therefore I’m not following you. I’m at https://twitter.com/KatyInLasVegas

  • Mohsin

    Here I am: http://twitter.com/Mohsinn

  • Matt Tuley

    I’ve been using twitter socially for a while now, but am just now trying it out as a professional tool. Follow me at http://twitter.com/LaptopForHire .

  • Dan Hughes

    Was a skeptic myself, but it’s opened up some interesting dialog and discussions for me. Follow me.


  • Alex

    Discussing mainly blog and online related subjects, just like the website.

  • David

    I recently found twitter. It’s a little confusing at first but after playing with it for a couple days or so, I’m beginning to understand it. It’s a pretty creative idea.


  • Linda

    I’ve been hearing all about twitter for a few months. I signed up for an account a month or so ago but didn’t do anything with it.

    Then I went to a garden bloggers convention and a few of them were using it. Since I was among the most technical there I figured I must really be behind the curve if I wasn’t using it now.

    So I begin.


  • lonifasiko

    Why tell everyone about what we’re doing each moment of the day?

    It’s quite a stupid idea, anyway, I love any tech new idea ;-):


  • Claudio

    follow me http://www.twitter.com/claudiojb

    Daniel, siga-me!


  • lee

    I like twitter, but i haven’t been able to harness it towards my blog.


  • james

    I love twitter!! havent used it much for getting traffic but its great fun

    follow me http://www.twitter.com/jp135

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