May 1st RSS Awareness Day: Get Involved



Back in 2005 5% of the Internet users said they were using RSS aggregators or XML readers to get the news and other information delivered from blogs and content-rich Web sites as it is posted online (according to the Pew Internet Project).

Feedburner recently reported that they track around 60 million RSS subscribers. Even if we bump that number to 70 million RSS users (counting people that use RSS with other applications or platforms) this would still convert to a meager 5,4% of the Internet users around the world, as of today.

What is the takeaway message? Only a very small percentage of the Internet population is aware of the RSS format and its benefits.

If you have been using RSS (either to syndicate content or to consume it) you know how useful the format is. It allows users to stay connected with different websites and applications, especially those that are updated regularly.

So it is a pity that such a tiny part of the web users are using RSS. The question that came into my mind was: is there anything we can do about it?

Yes, let’s create an RSS Awareness Day!


The objective of the RSS Awareness Day is to get as many people as possible talking about RSS and its benefits on May 1st. Bloggers and blog readers are already aware of the RSS format, but if enough of them talk about it perhaps the mainstream media will cover it as well, and the general public will get exposed to it.

If people start reading about RSS and how it can help them everywhere, I am sure that some will get curious at least to try it out. Over the time the usage of the format should pick up, and all the Internet users (including content publishers) gain from it.

How to participate

There are several ways to participate (none of them require that you link back here, in fact we will be creating a special site for the event on

  1. Blog about it: on May 1st write a post or article on your website about RSS. You can just mention that it is the RSS Awareness Day and link to some RSS resources, or you can explain what RSS is and teach your readers how they can make the most out of RSS. You can even write a poem about RSS, there are no limitations here.
  2. Use a badge or banner: We will be hiring a company (if you wanna help with the badges let us know) to produce several badges and banners that you can use on your site. You can use them throughout April or just on May 1st.
  3. Help spread the word: see the section below.

Help spread the word and win prizes

Since the goal of the project is to get as many people as possible involved, we thought about giving out some prizes to people that will participate. Anyone writing about the RSS Awareness Day or using one of the banners until April 30 (May 1st won’t count cause that is the event itself) will be included on a random draw for the following prizes:

Update: I will be creating a website on so that everyone can link there on May 1st. I will include information about what is RSS and how people can use it.

Update 2: The prize draw was slightly altered as well. It was prolonger until April 30.

Update 3: I just published a new post updating the list of sponsors.

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225 Responses to “May 1st RSS Awareness Day: Get Involved”

  • Jason Hart

    cool idea

  • Ian

    Great idea.

    Plugged the event here:

  • camelia

    Interesting ideas, i still new in blog world, hoping to learn from you!

  • Tim

    Hey Daniel, just blogged about it here:

    Cool idea 🙂

  • Daniel Scocco

    Yes any language is welcome.

  • nitos

    thats a great Idea.. can it be in spanish??

  • Bret
  • twoluvcats

    I’m in! This is a great idea. Most people just have no clue, but once you tell them, they are amazed at the usefulness.

    This was my post about it yesterday:

  • Roleplay

    Hey, we announced this on our forums! Check out the link here, since our forum doesn’t send trackbacks… (oooh, isn’t that a great idea…?)

  • Daniel Scocco

    The website is pretty much ready to go. I will post about it next week.

  • Steven Snell

    I just posted an announcement:

  • TeasasTips

    I’ll start promoting it tomorrow. My post for the day is done already…this is great!

  • Kyle Judkins

    I am proud to support this!

  • Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants

    Great idea. Off to think about a graphic…

  • Mike Smith

    Count me in 🙂

  • Jacob Cass

    I’ve set a post for May the 1st! May the world get more RSS Aware. I have also sent you an email regarding sponsorship and banners.

  • Erz
  • Daniel Scocco

    Thanks for everyone who is participating. The website should go live within a couple of days.

  • redwall_hp

    In case my last comment wasn’t to the point enough: I’m in. 😀

  • Felex Tan

    What a awesome idea!I am thinking of what to write just now,you give me extra one topic to write.Thanks.

  • Nico

    This is a great idea! I was just thinking of writing a post explaning RSS this weekend, now I’ll post it this weekend and a reminder on May 1st.


  • redwall_hp

    I’m definitely an RSS guy. I even build my own RSS readers (so they fit the way I like to read feeds). And I definitely know what you mean when you say that barely anyone knows what RSS means. I’ve heard countless people say they’ve never heard of RSS, but they recognize the orange icon if I show it to them.

    So I guess I’ll do what I can for RSS Awareness Day, but most of my readers know about RSS already. I’ll try to promote this a bit, and I have a plan evolving for May 1st.

  • PlayStation Heads

    Great idea! I am going to promote the event throughout the month and the prizes sound pretty good as well ;D.

    Anyway, I’m off to write a post about it now. It should be up tomorrow.

  • Rob Eberstein

    Very happy to help out. RSS is fantastic, and I don’t know how I’d survive without it.

    We here at Zebtab are trying to take RSS to the masses by delivering News, Sport and Entertainment content (text, imagery and video) direct to the desktop. The business is 100% RSS, but there are no orange logos!

    Half the problem with RSS is the name / technology – the mainstream want their favourite web stuff delivered to them, but dont want the techno jargon.

  • Daniel Scocco

    Sam, yeah I thought about it later on. Hopefully it won’t affect it, as people will be home anyway, so they should access the web 🙂 .

  • Sam

    only problem is , 1st of May is a holiday in most of countries, i guess.

  • Joliber Mapiles

    This is a great idea.. I will participate on this project..

  • Mercy

    Excellent idea. Will surely catch up with people also hope this will create awareness among the SEO world in particular.

  • Raymond Chua

    RSS really saves a lot of my time and makes my life easier.

  • Martin Jamieson

    Great idea Daniel – I’m in for sure 🙂

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