Poll: How Many Blogs Do You Own?

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

I have been running many polls lately on the blog, and I find them pretty interesting because they give us some data on relevant issues. You guys seem to like them as well, so let’s try to make them a regular column. I will release a new poll every other Monday (so twice a month). The only doubt that I have is whether or not I should follow up with a post on the following week highlighting the results. Let me know what you guys prefer.

Anyway today’s poll is about the number of blogs that each of us own. At one point in time I was running six blogs actively. This year I sold some of them, so right now I am running three blogs actively. Notice that you don’t need to write on the blog for it to be counted. As long as you own it, that is fine. Secondly, only count active blogs please (i.e. with at least a couple of posts per month).

Have your say in our poll, and feel free to leave a comment as well.

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45 Responses to “Poll: How Many Blogs Do You Own?”

  • Lyribora

    I have 5 blogs but only 2 remain active. So hard to manage them very well..

  • Jonathan Frei — OrdinaryTime

    3, but only one gets any attention.

  • Lia Qistina

    For me, i own just ONE blog, and that is my only blog ..

    I think owning one active blog is fine, because we can put a lot of focus, energy and passion into it.

  • MorningErection

    I just started my first one and most likely my only one. I struggle with posting every other day and coming up with new ideas for my posts. I guess one day I would like a blog that made some $$.

  • Paula from Affiliate Blog Online

    It’s interesting that (as of today) the poll shows that most people have more than 5 blogs. I have over 20 blogs and as the previous commentor mentioned, it is difficult to maintain that many blogs.

    I think it is a bit of a habit amongst internet marketers to think that the next thing they try will be the one that makes the real money…hence creating one blog after another. We did the exact same thing but realized some time into it that it doesn’t work. Concentrate on one or two blogs at the most and you will have more success. This was the turning point for us and when we finally started making big money on the internet.

  • ixod

    I own 20 blogs with different niche, most are active but not updated. It is difficult to update and manage a lot of blogs but honestly I really like blogging

  • Lee Ka Hoong

    I own more than 5 blogs, but recently I just update my main blog. Seems that most of the people have more than 5 blogs. 🙂

  • nethall.gr

    I’ve got 3 blogs, the one is fully automated and the other two are hand written. The automated gets more traffic than the others 😛

  • Anand Srinivasan

    4+ are all static now as I no longer update..I write regularly only on two of them..

  • Ben

    Currently posting on 4 blogs but plan to go down to 1 that will include the content of the other 3.

  • hokya

    hi, i am currently running 3, all of them are manual blog, but only one of them gave me a revenue because of its English language….

    man, i thought English-languaged blog is the best

  • V.C

    I’m running 5 blogs but I just write 1, the others are autoblog.

  • Eric C

    1 to be 2 eventually.

  • Malini

    I have one active one and 2 dormant ones that could become active as soon as next month. Lets see how it goes 🙂

  • BWI

    Wow. I was a little surprised to see that so far most people own more than five. I only own four myself, but have put up far more than five for clients. In fact the last three website I have build included blogs.

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