Scour Pays You for Searching the Web: Could It Work?

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

Update: Two of our readers reached 6500 points, which is the limit to receive the first $25, but they are having troubles to receive the money. That is, scam alert is high for this thing right now.

I know, whenever someone offers to pay you for surfing the web, searching or sending emails around you should be suspicious right? This morning I received an email from a friend inviting me for this new search engine called Scour, which promises to pay you for searching, commenting and voting on the results on their website. It got me curious so I went to check out.

Basically the website works by combining together the search results of Google, Yahoo! and MSN for any query that you run. In addition, users have the possibility to leave comments on the search results, and to vote them up or down on Digg style.

A quick test for “blog tips” revealed on the first result and Daily Blog Tips on the second result, so I guess it is getting the job done!

Anyway, they have a points system in place, and when you reach 6500 points you will receive a $25 gift Visa credit card (or 25000 points for a $100 gift card).

How do you win points? Right after you signup and invite some friends you start with 250 points. Then for every search you win 1 point, for every vote 2 points and for every comment 3 points. The cool thing is that it works in real time, so right after you perform one search you can see your points score going up.

You will also win 25% of the points of the people you refer.

The last part is the tricky one. I am sure the blogosphere will erupt with posts about Scour, every blogger trying to get as many referrals as possible (yes, that is partly what I am doing here…). It could be AGLOCO all over again.

So is the service legit or a scam? At this point I really can’t say. I don’t know anyone who arrived at 6500 points yet to know if he ended up with the money or not. I will test it out though, and when I reach the required number of points I will let you guys know if they will send the money as promised.

If you want to sign up under my referral id here is the link: I might end up donating the gift cards for the readers, we will see.

Update: Playing with their website, I generated around 120 points in 30 minutes (doing searches and commenting). So yes it is not that easy to earn points, but for someone that uses the web a lot I think it is feasible to get 6500 points every month without changing your habits (just changing the search engine). It could pay your server bills if nothing else.

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48 Responses to “Scour Pays You for Searching the Web: Could It Work?”

  • john lee

    Scour is a conduit for the owners (yes, they are privately held) to fraudulently drive traffic to their CPC program. See what is happening here? You get pennies to search for keywords and click without intent to purchase or use the service advertised. Those clicks are charged to the advertiser who signed up through abcsearch/
    The advertiser gets screwed by the very company who is supposed to help them get quality leads and sales. I am one of their victims unfortunately and they got me for thousands of dollars.

  • medyum

    interesting concept… but if you think about it, this is a very efficient way to handle their advertising.

  • What’s Up!

    has anyone been paid by this recently?

  • Salvatore

    Hello! I am using either Scour and another Search engine in order to generate some revenue.
    I must to say I like Scour a lot cause it allows me to search simultaneoulsly Google, Yahoo and Msn all at the same time. I m just using it as I normaly do with a normal search engine.

  • Jamsheer k

    While reading the blog content and the posts i understood that this is not a scam, can make money with it but it will take time

  • Zombie Money

    I got paid by SCOUR today! They have been getting many request payments so they have been overloaded with requests but be patient it is a good site!

  • anna

    I have just signed in,i think that scour is a good server,so why not use it,and gain money at the same time 🙂

  • Abhinav Mishra

    This is not a scam, as far as I know, since I was paid after about 1.5 weeks of applying for the cashout.

    There could be a few things, like wrong method for applyning for cashout, or maybe you might have used illegal methods (talking technically here).

    I am on 12,500 and will be applying for my next cashout tomorrow.

    I advice you to have a paypal account already created, so you can mention that in the email, else they reply back to you asking for it, which delays the cashout process.

    I advise you all to use this format while applying for cashout to make your procedure quick:


    (in the MAIL):

    Username: xxxx

    Country: xxxx

    Points: xxxx

    Paypal Account: xxxx


    Peace OUT :)>-

  • Anoop

    I have earned 9000 points and sending e-mails to cashout by the time I eared 6500 points (Aug 2). Still now I have not received any reply. This is really a scam.

  • Abhinav Mishra

    I advice no one to join that nless you want the other person to get 25% of your points, if you do, plese join it,. but it NOT affect your points, you wont get anything or any privillage more than a common user.

    THE above comment is a peice of bull shi’t.

  • mahaseo – – -Great Link To Join the search engine which pays to the user for their search. Go and join and enjoy the browsing. Its completely free and you will get bonus point of 100 point or more than that. So do not wait go and join.

  • Abhinav Mishra


    I am an Indian citizen, so I received it through paypal.

    At first, when I had reached the payout limit, My account got banned,

    but as you could see on their blog, it was due to some problem in

    their own system, so after replying that i had not done anything

    wrong, they send me the money, and an apology email.

    SO I ADVICE YOU ALL TO GO ON with the searching, and while you guys send the cashout mail, do fill in your paypal account (if you’re out of US), you’re country, and your username.

    Best of luck.

  • kalpana

    It seems working when the points raise for all the searches I make and I reached the limit for a day using shortcuts and when I am back the next day,I am scared that my points are not raising,though they are raising from the friend’s points.But why this happened?I sent a mail to scout support team about this and waiting for the reply.Hope i can start search soon on scour,but I do start search on scour only if my search gains me something!!

  • mini Cashout

    Do you wont to earn Mony just click on Link Given.
    to reffer my point in your account…

  • Adam

    Here’s my personal experience:

    Does not work! After earning 2700 points I all of a sudden lost all my points including my “Friend Points”. I sent them an e-mail 3 days ago and have yet to receive anything back. My bet is they are really scared of too many folks reaching the magic 6500 and cashing out before they make the ad revenue they need to pay everyone. So, until I hear back from them I will go back to google……..or maybe cuil……

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