So Long Bloglines, Hello Google Reader

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

I confess I am a little stubborn when it comes to technology and software choices. If something is working fine, I will stick with it, and making me change to another platform will take a lot of effort.

Bloglines, the RSS reader, is a good example. I started using it around four years ago, and it worked just fine for what I needed. Then Google launched Google Reader. I created an account there initially, and even used it for a couple of weeks, but then I returned to Bloglines, because I was used to it.

But then a couple of weeks ago I started noticing an issue: apparently some of the RSS feeds I was subscribed to were not being pulled. Probably it was a small glitch on my account, but it was pretty annoying.

That convinced me to try Google Reader again. So far I am liking it. I still believe Bloglines was faster and simpler to use (two features I highly value on any piece of software), but Google Reader has more features and is more customizable.

What about you guys, what RSS reader do you use? Have you tried many of them before settling down?

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55 Responses to “So Long Bloglines, Hello Google Reader”

  • muhyar

    Google readers are one of the important part increasing revenue lately, anyway this is a good tips.

  • xman

    I use integrated RSS reader in Opera browser and its working very well for me.

  • Noelle

    I used to use bloglines, I had the same problem, (where feeds weren’t being updated,) and it even pulled stuff from 2005 and put that in my feeds, (this was 2008.) I ditched bloglines after that and set up google reader soon after. I just recently tried to replace google reader with twitter and couldn’t do it, so I went back to reader. I love it!

  • Karen Marcus

    Google Reader is the only reader I have tried, and I have kept with it because I have no complaints. Like you, I prefer to stick with what works!

  • Ilana

    I use the RSS reader that comes with Mail on my Mac! Puts all my feeds in the same place as my email. Allows me to stay nice and organized!

  • @Bloglines (Unofficial twitter account)

    Bloglines hasn’t been actively developed for over a year now. They’re keeping the site up, but there have always been issues with feeds stopping being crawled and they don’t seem to be keeping on top of it very well.

    I’ve been a long time Bloglines user and I held out for as long as I could but even I’ve switched to Google Reader now.

    If anyone still wants to use Bloglines and a feed they’re subscribed to isn’t updating I suggest you go to the #bloglines irc channel on freenode and make some noise. That’s the only way I found to get a message through to the maintenance staff in China and frankly I can’t be bother to do it any more.

  • Marija

    I can’t believe it, my story is just the same as yours. I had been using Bloglines for years and then a couple of weeks ago I noticed that not all the feeds were working. I switched to Google Reader and have used it ever since. I’m still getting used to it, but it’s ok, even better than Bloglines. I find it a bit more difficult to keep an item is unread in Google Reader.

  • Blake @ Props Blog Reviews

    Sadly, I haven’t switched to an RSS reader yet. I have bookmark folders with all the sites I read regularly, and just open them all in tabs when I’m ready to read. I know a lot of people live and die by RSS, but I just haven’t been able to get into it. Maybe I need to give it a try again.

  • Angela


    I’ve been devoted with Google Reader ever since I have my own Blogspot blog.Guess with the fact that the RSS reader service is integrated with Google,I think,why not? At least,I don’t have to go through the hassle of sign up with another 3rd party services that providing the same thing.

    I have some of my online friends that using BlogLovin…I got tempted because of the name,but neh,I end up decided to stick with Google Reader.

  • Rick L. Lambert

    I have been using Mac Mail. My goal is to get the google reader to match the feeds so I can see them when i’m on the road. Working on switching over. I will be looking to see if there is a iphone app for google reader?

  • Janet/Corn Dog

    I used Bloglines for quite awhile then tried Google Reader for several months. I ended up going back to Bloglines for the simplicity.

  • Zuri

    Been a Google Reader user for a couple years now. Before that, I was using Newsgator’s desktop client. My initial reason for changing was a need for an online service that did the same job. And while Newsgator offered that at the time, it wasn’t integrated with everything else (gmail, etc.) like Reader. I’m hooked not only for its ease of use, but the “trends” and other statistics it keeps, letting me know which of the feeds I follow need to be dumped and how many people are equally following through Reader. It’s really handy for judging some content. For instance Daniel, you’ve got 11,603 subscribers according to Google Reader (I’m positive this varies) and you average 5.8 posts per week. Does anything else do that? I don’t think so.

  • Debil

    Yep, Google Reader has a very nifty feature that lets you follow event sites, that doesn’t have RSS or Atom feeds – G Reader can check then for new content (dunno if it works or not). Anyway, I’m a poweruser (or megauser), following 550+ sites and blogs. I have to chem them every single day.. twice at least 🙂 And that’s why i’m stuck with Google’s FeedDemon – a powerhouse for checking feeds for new content with many options, but it needs lots of system resources to run properly.

  • Eric

    I have been a loyal Google Reader fan for years now. I remember the good old days of Reader Beta. I think you made the right choice. It is great once you get used to it.

  • Arwen Taylor

    I used Bloglines for awhile also because I like the simplicity of it. But then I switched to Newsgator because I liked the way it handled feeds better.

    Unfortunately, Newsgator got rid of its online feed service so I switched to using the feed reader in Thunderbird. So far it’s okay. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t access my feeds when I’m not at home.

  • Mandy Grover

    I started out with Bloglines and found it user-friendly. But switched to Google Reader at the recommendation of a co-worker. I had the annoying habit of clogging up his email with links to great blog articles – not the most efficient method for sharing. So I tried Google Reader and love the social features – you can even share with notes. I’m managing my blog activities more efficiently.

  • Hope

    I used Bloglines too for several years (for work-related blog feeds) and liked it fine. I started using GoogleReader for more personal blogs (the ones I read at home.) I started noticing a lot more errors in retrieving feeds from Bloglines too and eventually (about a year ago) switched the work blogs to GoogleReader as well. I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. No real issues to speak of.

  • poch

    Thanks for the timely tip Daniel. I was planning to add my new website to Bloglines.

  • John Paul Aguiar

    I use Brief a d FF add on and have been happy with it the past year, but I do sometimes notice feeds not being updating automatically..lil annoying, but not ready to jump to g reader I like simple and easy and Brief is that.

  • Hazel

    Google Reader – not because I have any particular “thing” for Google products but I find mousing difficult with my arthritic hands and the Reader keyboard shortcuts are great. Only rarely need to use the mouse.

  • Kaushik

    Google Reader is best without a doubt. Before that I used Newsgator, but they closed. Such as shame. It was a really good online rss reader.

  • Kristoffer

    I use Tabbloid, which is a free service that send the feeds in a pdf file as your own personal news paper. You can select what time it should send out, and what email it should sent to.

  • Octav

    Using Google Reader, easy and fast to use.

  • WebGuru @ Totally Free Web Site Tools

    I just started getting into following feeds, as trying to follow so many blogs without them has become taxing on my Firefox tabs. I heard of Bloglines several years ago, but never got into it enough to see it’s benefits. I started using Google Reader recently to see how it worked, and I had it integrated in my Gmail window with Integrated Gmail plugin (as well as Google Redesigned). Now I’m glad I checked it out, makes scanning blogs so much faster. I wish I would have gotten more into Bloglines before now. I’m going to try double posting to both Google Reader and Bloglines so I can check Bloglines out too, but right now Google Reader has me sold!

  • Wallace

    Google Reader is one of my favorite services by Google,
    i think you won’t switch back to bloglines anymore.

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