StudioPress WordPress Theme Released

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Update: This theme is no longer available in the market.

We have another WordPress theme ready to go. StudioPress is a very clean theme, and it comes with the possibility to integrate several AdSense units.


Here are some of the features of the theme:

  • AdSense-ready: The theme comes with three units integrated already. A 468×60 unit on top, a 336×280 unit on top of the sidebar and a 120×600 unit on the bottom of the sidebar. You just need to copy & paste the AdSense code on the specific php files.
  • Widget-ready: The theme supports widgets, so just drop the ones you use.
  • Comment styling: Comments alternate with a different background, making it easier to follow the conversation.
  • “Welcome” section on the sidebar: You can customize a “Welcome” or “About us” message easily through the form on the “Theme Options.”
  • Search Engine Optimization: The theme comes with title tags optimized, and it already displays only excerpts on archive and category pages, to reduce the duplicate content.

If you have any problem using the theme or any suggestion for improvements just leave a comment below and we’ll try to help.

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388 Responses to “StudioPress WordPress Theme Released”

  • NnpctO

    I need to receive from you mailing “Daily Blog Tips” I has subscribed for mailing and has already passed 4 days and I and hasn’t received anything. Please, look there at itself your post program can doesn’t dispatch the letter in my address? Or you while don’t have at present material for mailing?

  • Melvin


    It is there any way to take off the sidebar for a specific page?


  • Denny

    When adding a new post, is there a way to manually select an older post to remain in the top position?


  • Hardy

    Hey, I’m totally a newbie here. My WordPress is 2.9.2. also installed are advertising manager 3.4.16, Using StudioPress Green 1.0 I have account with Google Adsense setup and its running OK, but there are the images wide skyscraper, imagad and banner still showing on web site. How do I remove those pre-installed images? PS at this time I’m only using two ads with Adsense: wide skyscraper 160×600 and large rectangle 336×280 take a look at it tyvm Hardy

  • Keith

    I just spent about an hour going through these comments and playing around with the theme to get the top menu’s removed from the plug-ins to the header.php hacks and none worked.

    However, @ Terry’s suggestion above worked like a charm!

    So if you have come this far then use his example above to remove the pages you don’t want displayed in the menu.

    It would be nice though if someone could workout how to use a plugin e.g. pageMash as it would be quicker and easier to work with. Maybe I might look into this myself, but I’m no coder just a hacker 🙂

  • Terry

    For everyone that would like to remove pages from the top navigation. Find this:

    get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

    and change it to this:

    get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and ID != “38” and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

    In this example, it will remove page id 38


    • Melvin


      i tried :
      get_results(’select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and ID != “11″ and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

      but all pages got removed, and I want to exclude.

      Can you help?


      • Lisa


        This is because if you cut and paste from Terry’s response into your header.php the last ” at the end of 38 turns into a funky character. Here is what I did.

        Go into your header.php and find the original unedited code. Open up notepad and paste it in notepad

        Then take this code and paste it below the original code

        get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and ID != “38″ and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

        Then just follow the code word for word and make the changes.

        Also for any of you that are not code savvy like me, to remove multiple pages it will look like this:

        get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and ID != “9” “publish” and ID != “11” and post_type = “page” order by ID’);

        Repeat this code “publish” and ID != “9” for each page that you want to remove. Took me a few tries to get it 🙂

  • Jamal

    Thanks for your solution friend that’s what iam looking for

  • Brian Moseley

    @kdogg and other people about the page order problem, here is the solution:

    in header.php on line 47 replace the code with:

    if ( ! $these_pages = wp_cache_get(‘these_pages’, ‘pages’) ) {
    $these_pages = $wpdb->get_results(‘select ID, post_title from ‘. $wpdb->posts .’ where post_status = “publish” and post_type = “page” order by menu_order’);

    simply change the last “ID” to “menu_order”

    Thanks to Jason (post #290)

  • Carmen

    Hey, I’m having one problem with this theme, I have my posts page on a different page other than the home page, and the active state for that posts page doesn’t work, that active tabs work on all other pages except for what ever the posts page is. Does anyone know why and how to fix this.

  • David

    Firstly, I love the theme it’s nice and clean.
    My one issue and I’ve noticed a couple of others have brought this up as well, is the comments on pages don’t seem to work. Any ideas why?
    When I click the (leave a comment) link at the bottom of the page it just adds #respond to the end of the url but nothing happens.

  • FlicksRealm

    The code hasn’t posted again properly. Please delete these last 3 comments and edit the original comment.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • FlicksRealm

    <a href="” title=”Logout”>Logout

  • FlicksRealm

    I have had somebody email me about the code above which hasn’t posted correctly. Maybe the owner of the blog could edit the above comment to:

  • FlicksRealm

    I noticed the logout function doesn’t work properly on my site next to the comments.

    I modified the code in comments.php to logout properly and return to the current page…


    “Logged in as <a href="/wp-admin/profile.php”>. <a href="/wp-login.php?action=logout” title=”Log out of this account”>Logout »”


    “Logged in as <a href="/wp-admin/profile.php”>. <a href="” title=”Logout”>Logout”

    Hope that helps somebody!

  • Paul Dunn

    Love the studiopress design. I’ve forwarded your site to some friends who have also downloaded it. Also thanks to you and the others in the comment stream who have helped me solve an issue with the TABS.


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