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I love rankings, what can I say. After I published the “Top 25 Blogs About Blogging” list I thought that someone would replicate it for the SEO sphere. But no one did, so here we go again.

This list was made using pretty much the same algorithm (only small modifications were made, mainly due to the fact that SEO blogs are more popular). Once again the list should be useful because it is based on objective factors. There are many “Top SEO Blogs” lists around the web, but most of them are based on the preferences of the author.

The Top 25 SEO Blogs list, instead, ranks the blogs according to their Google Pagerank, Alexa rank, number of Bloglines subscribers and Technorati authority. Each factor has a score from 0 to 10, and the maximum score for each blog is 40. Details about the algorithm can be found below the table.

#1 Search Engine Land
7 10 9 10 36
#2 SEOBook 6 10 10 10 36
#3 SEO Moz 5 10 10 10 35
#4 Matt Cutts 7 10 8 10 35
#5 7 10 10 7 34
#6 Search Engine Roundtable 7 10 8 8 33
#7 Search Engine Journal 7 8 9 8 32
#8 Online Marketing Blog 6 7 7 10 30
#9 Pronet Advertising 7 7 5 10 29
#10 Marketing Pilgrim 7 8 6 8 29
#11 SEO Chat 6 10 4 6 26
#12 Search Engine Guide 7 8 4 6 25
#13 SEO Blackhat 6 8 6 5 25
#14 Stuntdubl 6 6 6 6 24
#15 Graywolf’s SEO 6 7 4 7 24
#16 SEO by the SEA 6 4 5 5 20
#17 Link Building Blog 5 5 5 4 19
#18 Jim Boykin 5 6 4 4 19
#19 Gotch SEO 6 5 4 4 19
#20 DaveN 6 5 4 4 19
#21 Bruce Clay 5 7 3 3 18
#22 Magnafi Blog 4 6 3 4 17
#23 Tropical SEO 5 5 3 4 17
#24 SEO Refugee 5 6 1 3 15
#25 Small Business SEM 5 4 3 3 15

Blogs considered: the list considers only blogs that have a high percentage of SEO-related content. Topics might range from SEO news coverage to general SEO discussion and link building.

Google Pagerank (0 to 10): the actual Pagerank was used on the algorithm.

Alexa Rank (0 to 10): Ranges were determined based on the Alexa Rank (i.e., 100k and up, 80k-100k, 60k-80k, 40k-60k) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 10).

Bloglines Subscribers (0 to 10): Subscriber ranges were determined (i.e., 1-50, 50-100, 100-150, 150-300) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 10).

Technorati Authority (0 to 10): Ranges were determined based on Technorati’s Authority rank (i.e., 1-125, 125-250, 500-750,750-1000) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 10).

Top 25 Series

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299 Responses to “Top 25 SEO Blogs”

  • Darren McLaughlin

    Interesting list. You have forums on there, etc. LOL.

    I guess I’ll take your word these are the best SEO blogs around.

  • Amanda

    I wonder if pjmommy will ever make the list. I guess we’ll have to expand on our blogging content!

  • lior

    Hey Daniel,
    I love this posts. I will also be happy to see other “top blogs” like “how to” blogs or business blogs

  • Your Search Advisor

    Great list of sites and a good reminder to update RSS subscriptions. Thanks!


    Very nice list indeed!

  • Daniel

    Yeah I considered him, got 14 points or so.

  • Manish Pandey

    Very nice list indeed!

    But I didn’t find John’s blog there! He might not have that much buzz…

  • Cristian Mezei

    Old lines, old habbits.

    It’s 15% about SEO, since SEO is mostly about anything in the technical field.

    Plus, I’m like in the 3rd page for “SEO” 😛

  • Daniel

    Right. Perhaps you should change the title though if you want to avoid confusion hehe.

    Currently it is: Internet Marketing and SEO Blog.

  • Cristian Mezei

    I think there’s no A list blog that deals strictly with SEO anymore.

    All of the most known blogs dealt just with SEO at the beggining then varied the stories to make it more interesting for their audience.

    Moreover, SEOPedia is just my personal blog , not an industry website like SEJ or SeoMoz.

  • Daniel

    Yeah I am aware. It is very difficult to cut a clear line on what is an SEO blog and what is not, so I just considered blogs that have a “great” part of their content related to SEO (that is very flexible, I know :)).

  • Cristian Mezei

    As Alex reminded me in my own blog, and as Lee said about his own, SEOPedia is not “just” about SEO too.

    So thank you for the honour to be in this top..

  • eMule

    23 .COMs! 1 .ORG! 1 .UK!
    The remaining portion of the world does not have SEOS?


  • Daniel

    Nice Lee, thanks for sharing that. I will check how many of the 25 display feed count and consider using it as a factor.

  • Lee Odden

    He Daniel, thanks for including Online Marketing Blog! Along with Andy, we’re not exactly all about SEO, but that’s certainly a big part of our content.

    It would be interesting to factor in RSS subscribers for those with Feedburner Feedcounts turned on.

    Here’s a list of SEM blogs by RSS subscribersthat might be useful.

  • Alex Ion

    Oh yeah, but I guess he can answer some questions via e-mail easily 😉

  • Andy Beal

    I barely have enough time to keep up with these comments. 😉

  • Daniel

    Alex, no worries, I always appreciate different points of views.

    I might try to do something like that in the future, but usually these guys are very busy and I doubt they would have the time.

    Aaron Wall charges $500 for 1 hour of phone consulting… that speaks by itself :).

  • Alex Ion

    I also agree with you Daniel, and I want you to know I don’t want to be rude or anything like that.

    To improve those numbers I think everyone should be mailed and asked. Maybe an interview with all the candidates? That would be really nice!

  • Daniel

    Alex, it is quite difficult actually to use what you mentioned.

    SERPs may vary depending on what region we consider (Google US, Google UK?).

    RSS subscribers? There is no way to access that number for the blogs, unless they make it public (and most don’t).

    Traffic? Again, how can you know what kind of traffic someone is getting? You would need to ask them directly, and then again how would you make sure they are telling the truth?

    I am open for suggestions to improve the rankings, just let me know some feasible ways :).

  • Alex Ion

    I would use MUCH more filters to decide top25. SERPs, RSS subscribers, traffic!

    For me this is not the actual Top25 😉

  • Daniel

    Andy and Sheila, thanks for stopping by. You did an outstanding job with the blog, it is no surprise you making it to the Top 10.

  • Sheila

    I’m married to the Marketing Pilgrim. We have fascinating conversations about blogging over dinner and wine. 😉 Is it healthy for our marriage for me to have blog envy over my husband’s blog? 😉

  • Andy Beal

    Thanks for including Marketing Pilgrim on the list! We’re one of the youngest sites on the list – less than 2 years old – but glad to be in such great company.

  • Ash Haque

    Very nice list

  • GnomeyNewt

    Thanks for this list. I have been looking for a really good SEO blog for a while. A lot of blogs cover SEO but are not dedicated to it. Going to check these out!

  • Daniel

    Yeah in fact I thought about including the SERPs as a ranking factor :). Perhaps I will add it on the next update.

  • Mike

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to just do a google (msn, yahoo) search on ‘seo’ or ‘seo blog’? Wouldn’t that tell you who the best seo is?


  • Daniel

    Yeah lately Pronet is focusing more on social media, but they have a lot of SEO content on the archives.

  • Ramkarthik

    Great work Daniel. I thought Pronet Advertising was much about Social Networking as I found most articles on that. All interesting blogs and must read blogs.

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