What Happened to DoshDosh.com?

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

I would guess that most of you guys have been to DoshDosh.com in the past. Maybe not recently, but certainly a couple of years ago. The Internet marketing blog was authored by a friend of mine called Maki, and it was one of the most popular around. In fact if you check the lists with the best Internet marketing blogs you probably find it mentioned.

Around 18 months ago Maki got tired of publishing content on the blog, and decided to take a break. We exchanged some emails about it, and he told me he would focus on his niche websites and on finishing his Psychology degree. Despite that the blog kept received a large amount of traffic from search engines, and given the amount of useful content already published it remained a good resource for people wanting to learn about Internet marketing.

I am guessing that even without any updates the blog was receiving some 200,000 monthly visitors and probably making $2,000 monthly from AdSense and affiliate offers (though it could be more than that). Not a bad asset to have, if you ask me.

Then a couple of weeks ago I typed DoshDosh.com on my browser to see how the site was doing, and to my surprise I found a blank page (that is why I am not linking there, as Google wouldn’t like it). I figured it could be a normal downtime, so I checked again on the following day, and it was still giving a blank page. I checked the domain name, but it was not expired. I checked the web hosting, but it seems that the the website is up, only displaying no content. It looks like someone uploaded a blank HTML page and left it there.

I tried to email Maki, but got no answer, so at this point I don’t know what is going on. I don’t think he would just erase the website, as he could easily have sold it for $100,000 or so if he didn’t want to keep it anymore. I also hope nothing happened to him, but it could be the case.

Anyway I just figured posting about it could help solve the problem, in the case someone knows him or what is going on. Do you?

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51 Responses to “What Happened to DoshDosh.com?”

  • Jacob Duchaine

    This makes me sad. I used to read DoshDosh years ago. I guess at some point it just faded out of sight and out of mind, but the other day I saw a reference to him again while researching a post and I decided to pay another visit. When I got there I thought I had the wrong site, but I see here that it’s been offline for months and months.

    Doesn’t really make sense financially all things considered. Plus there goes all my nostalgia happy. Guess everything fades in time though.

  • SUV Stu

    Dang I really hoped he would come back and share new social media ideas, but looks like he has moved on from online media.

  • Gail Gardner

    I’ve been wondering the same thing and in finally wanting to solve the mystery came across your post. Still surprised to have such wonderful content simply vanish.

  • Slice of Life

    Irrespective of the website, I think Maki is doing OK. Anyone knows of any developments on this?

  • Carla Easley

    I was actually searching for dosh dosh today and found your site on Google. That site was too good to just let it go. The webmaster could’ve easily sold it like you said or requested guest posts from others. Plenty of bloggers would’ve contributed content to the site in exchange for traffic.

  • Shaun

    I was woundering the same thing. I remember doshdosh.com only used to update once and a while and I figured I haven’t been there for like 6 months so I would check it out and see if there is any new info.

    Nothing but a blank screen. It looks like they got hacked, wow. I would have never guessed.

  • Rahul

    Maki’s website made an excellent bed time read for me and I’ve been wondering about the same thing. I even thought his website was accidentally blocked in the Chicago-area, so I asked a cousin overseas to visit his website and it didn’t show up there too.

    I don’t understand why Maki would simply delete his website like this. It’s kinda like burning down a business that you built with patience and hard-work. Even if something did happen to Maki (God forbid) wouldn’t the website still remain in place? Did someone force or threaten him to delete his website?

    We may never know.

  • Dave Starr

    Glad this subject came up. I always enjoyed Maki as a blogger, and I got value from many of his thoughts too … as well as one of the best links ever to one of my sites …

    But about a month or two ago I visited doshdosh.com and saw that the site had been horribly hacked … had lots of unsavory drug ads, links to porn sites, etc. And now it’s gone? So sad.

    I can clearly see taking a break, especially for something as important as finishing a degree .. but just to abandon a property that valuable? Mind boggling.

    A freind who runs a web hosting company once had a fellow who was hosting a motorcycle foum on his server decide to just quit. The motorcycle guy said to my freind, “I’m bored, if you want my URL and site, take it, otherwise delete it.”

    Now, about three years later that mortocycle forum makes about $18,000 a month, way more thna the web hosting company does.

    Quit if you will, but don’t throw away what you already built. is my advice.

  • Charleen Larson

    The content is still out there, of course. It will always be there.

    archive.org, the Internet Wayback Machine.

  • Peter J

    We need to work on a way to bring him back, he was an amazing blogger and i loved his content. I noticed the blank page a fair while back but since he didn’t write any new posts, i expected it, sort of 🙁

  • Charles Caro

    After recently listening to a webinar titled “Social Media and Marketing” that is a core part of a Social Media Marketing Kit now being pushed by HubSpot and Mike Volpe I went to the doshdosh.com website expecting to find a list of social media news websites that had been touted in the webinar, but all I found was the blank screen mentioned in your article.

    Since the HubSpot Social Media Marketing Kit is being actively pushed by HubSpot, perhaps it would be best to edit the mention of doshdosh.com from the webinar.

  • Wallace

    the site was talking make money online previously and then change the topic to internet marketing then.
    without saying the blog is one of the top individual blogs on the web.
    Look like Maki is not keen on monitize his blog…

  • Harsh Agrawal

    @JohnTp If you are on WordPress, you can also use plugin name Broken link checker to find all dead links…!!

    • JohnTP

      Thank you Harsh. Will check the plugin.

      I too noticed that doshdosh.com was deindexed. Will the sites traffic return to normal if the site gets back?

      My blogs lost around 2000 visitors per day for being down for some time once. And then again most of it because the blog is currently inactive I guess 🙁

      • Find All Answers

        Broken Link Checker is a great plugin to keep your site clean of broken links.

        Sorry about DoshDosh, I will create some awareness about this as well in my blog.

        If the site is deindexed, the return of the readership after the site gets back on will be just like any new site. But since doshdosh is already popular people will get back immediately to the site if they know it is online.

        Fingers crossed.


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